M-Train is a nickname her brother gave her.

Meghan Trainor Posts Cute Photo with Her Brother

By Robyn Collins

Meghan Trainor doesn’t go far without her bro by her side. And that’s the way it’s always been for the truth-telling, chart-topping pop star.

Ryan Trainor is touring with her now and he’s been her partner in crime since the beginning.

My tour buddy by my side since day 1💖 @ryan.trainor #tbt

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Ryan Trainor is currently following her travels and filming her life; as Trainor told the Daily Telegraph, “I feel like it’s important.”

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MTrain, a name her brother gave her, spreads the love, often tweeting and sharing about her family and including them in the ride.

She danced with her Daddy on a stage in Phoenix, in her song “Dance with your Daddy”

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