By Kelly

I don’t know why but this guy gives me the heebie jeebies…

It might be that he never looks at the camera or just his demeanor but it doesn’t feel right to me.

You probably saw the internet take over that this kid got yesterday when he scaled Trump Tower in New York using suction cups. He got about 21 stories high when the NYPD pulled him in to the building.

His name is Stephen Rogata and he’s 20 from Virginia. Pretty much all we know right now.

People have been asking why exactly he was doing it- to get attention for himself, Trump, he was just bored…no one really knew.

So naturally when I saw this video this morning, I had to share. It doesn’t answer ALL of the questions but it does show that he is in fact a Trump-supporter.

He mentions in the video that he wants a private meeting with Donald Trump and what he has to discuss with him is VERY important- or he wouldn’t have risked his life trying to get Trump’s attention.

So I’m going to need Donald Trump to grant that meeting and hear this kid out- he pulled a Spiderman on the side of your building, that’s kind of the least you can do.

And for anyone who thinks Stephen’s stunt was a smart one- it wasn’t- he could have hurt himself or someone else. There are other ways to get attention. I’ll leave it at that.



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