By Amanda Wicks

Over the last year, artists have found increasingly innovative ways to turn music videos into interactive experiences. Now, The Roots have teamed up with beer producer Stella Artois to create the first music video you can taste.

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Stella Artois worked with creative services firm Sid Lee to cultivate specific sounds that people associate with specific flavors based on scientific research. “Sounds can influence your sense of flavor,” said Dan Chandler, executive creative director at Sid Lee. “We found fruity pineapple notes, for instance, and then asked people what sounds they represent. All of the sounds were then added to the video, to bring out the fruity or sweeter notes, or the bitter notes that come from the hops in the beer” (via AdWeek).

The Roots then created two different tracks, each called “Bittersweet.” One contains a higher pitch to bring out Stella’s sweet flavor, and the other contains a lower pitch to bring out its more bitter flavors. As listeners drink a Stella Artois while listening to each track, they should be able to “taste” the music, or at least have it transform the beer’s flavor.

More than just listening to the tracks online, though, the attempt to pair music and taste comes as part of a multi-sensory experience put on by Stella Artois called Le Savoir. Held in Montreal earlier in August, in New York this week, and in Buenos Aires in September, the event features a four-course meal with beer pairings and a live performance by The Roots.

Listen below and see if you can taste the difference.

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