By Amanda Wicks

Kanye West launched his Saint Pablo Tour last night (August 25) in Indianapolis, where fans were treated to a floating stage among other impressive moments that took his live show to the next level. And that’s not all the rapper and fashion mogul has planned.

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Speaking with E! News, West discussed creating an experience for fans that defied their expectations. It took at least eight months to bring everything to life, and that involved “traveling around the world and meeting with the best stage designers on the globe.”

“I just wanted people to get into it and have a fun time,” he explained. “Take the concert experience to another level. It’s not just about what you’re seeing on the screen or what you’re seeing me doing up on the stage, but what you and your friends are doing.” West credits watching Bob Fosse performances and opening up for big bands like The Rolling Stones with helping him develop his vision for Pablo.

He added, “I want people to come to the Pablo shows and know it’s just going to be the best time they’ve had in their life.”

The full interview airs tonight on E! at 7 p.m. ET.

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