Jack Black went straight to Westeros for this homage.

By Hayden Wright

The wait for more Game of Thrones is long and maddening, but HBO ran a novelty “election” to determine how fans feel about the game’s potential “winners.” Jon Snow, Sansa Stark, Daenerys Targaryen and Cersei Lannister ran a four-way race which Snow won in a squeaker finish.

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To celebrate, Tenacious D’s side project Valyrian Steel released “Ode to Snow (A Campaign Trail Song)” in recognition of Snow’s close victory. Then again, Jon Snow victories are always close, aren’t they?

Lannister won just 2 percent of the popular vote but her record of getting things done speaks for itself. In any case, Jack Black and company are Team Snow and want to make sure you know it. Their composition is strictly instrumental, borrowing elements of the show’s theme song with a bro-rock edge.

Listen to “Ode to Snow” here:

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