"Every day I wish I could hear a new song from her," Adele said in Boston.

 By Hayden Wright

Adele took a time-out during her Boston show this week to pay tribute to the late Amy Winehouse, a major musical influence who would’ve turned 33 on Monday. As she sees it, there could have been no Adele without Amy.

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“I feel like I owe 90 percent of my career to [Winehouse],” she told the crowd. “Because of her, I picked up a guitar and because of her, I wrote my own songs. The songs I got signed on were the songs that I wrote completely on my own – if it wasn’t for her, that wouldn’t have happened.”

The 25 hitmaker added that she wishes Winehouse was still alive and making music.

“I used to see her on TV or in magazine shoots with a pink electric guitar and I used to think she was the coolest motherf—er on the face of the Earth,” she said. “I’m obviously completely happy with all the music that she left behind because it’s all genius. But every day I wish I could hear a new song from her.”

Watch Adele’s gracious tribute here. Warning, mild language.

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