During her appearance on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night (Sept. 20), Sofia Vergara talked about her husband Joe Manganiello and his obsession with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Jimmy Fallon started it off by saying, “Your husband is a big football fan.”

“He’s not a fan. He’s like obsessed. He’s like a sick person,” Vergara said jokingly. “It’s on of the most important things in his life. Not just football, it’s the Steelers. The Pittsburgh Steelers.”

Fallon showed the audience a photo of Joe in his Steelers jersey and socks. “That’s nothing,” said Vergsara. “Sometimes he has the pants too, the underwear, the hat, the bandana. He has a section in his clothes that is all Steelers outfits.”

She said he even wears it when they’re watching a game at home… alone. “Even when he’s along to watch the game, he’s in his whole outfit. I’m like, nobody’s here.”

We don’t see anything wrong with that. 😉


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