By Amanda Wicks

Katy Perry and Taylor Swift both attended Drake’s 30th birthday party on Sunday (Oct. 23) without incident, but if fans thought that signaled an end to the feud between the two pop stars, think again.

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Perry attended Kanye West’s show in Los Angeles last night (Oct. 25) for her 32nd birthday, and she took a moment to Snap herself dancing along to a certain “Famous” lyric. You know the one.

A Katy Perry fan account captured her Snapchat and shared it on Twitter. In the video, Perry sways from side-to-side while West can be heard leading up to the infamous “Famous” lyric about Swift. As he delivers it—with the crowd loudly repeating “I made that b—- famous”—Perry pulls the camera up close to her face, widens her eyes and smirks.

It’s not the most damning piece of evidence that the grudge is alive and healthy between her and Swift, but it’s pretty clear how Perry feels.

Earlier in the day, to launch her birthday celebration, Perry cast an early ballot for Hillary Clinton.

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