Even the cops want to 'JuJu' in the new clip.

By Amanda Wicks

After performing their hit “Juju On That Beat” on Ellen’s Halloween episode, Zay Hilfigerrr & Zayion McCall have released the official music video for their surprise hit today (Nov. 3).

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The video finds the Zays and their friends throwing a major house party after moving into a quiet neighborhood. When two adults who live next door stop by to introduce themselves during the day, the Zays tell them not to call the cops if they have a noise complaint, but to call them.

The kids start out by partying on the lawn, each one showing off their interpretation of the song’s dance moves, before taking things inside to a blacklight party that gets going. Things inevitably get out of hand, and once their daughter ends up at the party doing her best “JuJu On That Beat,” the neighbors break their promise and call the cops.

But things don’t exactly go as they planned. Once the cops show up, they immediately join the fun and start busting a move.

“It’s amazing because we broke down genres and barriers,” said Hilfigerrr about the song’s massive success. “It’s not just hood or pop. It’s both. It’s also all kinds of people showing their talent by doing the dance.”

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