By Amanda Wicks

Glamour named Bono one of its honorees for Women of the Year, and he gladly–if humbly–accepted the award at the magazine’s ceremony in Los Angeles on Monday (November 14th).

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Comedian Amy Poehler introduced Bono, who used the opportunity to call attention to the flack he and the magazine had received for including a man on the list. “Thank you very much,” Bono told the crowd. “It is a bit ridiculous, and I know how ridiculous it is for me to be on this stage accepting this award, but if I didn’t know how ridiculous it was I did have the blessed internet to remind me. I kept some of the best ones.”

Bono pulled out his phone and began reading tweets he’d received after Glamour made its announcement. “Out of all the women alive, #Bono is my favorite. It’s just so inspiring how she overcame the adversity of being a millionaire white dude,” he said, laughing.

But the last was his particular favorite, even though he admitted it hurt. “Sure, Glamour named Bono ‘Women of the Year,’ but in their defense the transition lenses do make him look like a 75-year-old lady from Miami,” he read.

Check out the full clip below.


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