By Rahul Lal

On the latest episode of Loveline with Amber Rose (subscribe to the podcast here) Amber brought her friend Branden King onto the show. During the show, he mentioned that he is a virgin.

While he maintained that he has been in many sexual situations with women and has frequently been on the giving and receiving end of oral sex, he has not experienced penetration with a woman.

Amber’s co-host Dr. Chris Donaghue, a licensed sex therapist, disagreed with classifying him as a virgin: “My definition is that you have had sex… I don’t believe in legitimizing [of only penis and vagina penetration] as ‘real sex.'”

Since this episode was broadcast on Facebook live, interested women can have a look at Branden, who is 6’2″ and, as Amber notes, “Doesn’t have any STDs.” (And you can follow him on Instagram here.) Amber and Chris discussed hooking him up with someone, perhaps another virgin, although Branden expressed that he does not wish to experience penetration until he is married. He asked why it’s such a big deal, anyway.

Amber explained, “You just want to get slaughtered sometimes.” Listen to her full podcast here.



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