By Amanda Wicks

Even though Lin-Manuel Miranda has been involved in other projects since leaving his smash musical success Hamilton (namely the upcoming Disney film Moana) many are still wondering what he’ll do next when it comes to Broadway. Well, now we have the answer.

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Miranda teamed up with Moana‘s star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to produce Millennials: The Musical, which debuts on The Rock’s YouTube channel November 29th.

In a mockumentary preceding the tongue-in-cheek musical’s debut, Miranda explained what drew them to producing this latest Broadway masterpiece. “When a brilliant young artist named Michael Pelomar DM’d us on Twitter with his vision for Millennials: The Musical we couldn’t say yes fast enough,” he said. The Rock added, “That’s right, I mean, I love pitches under 140 characters.”

In the eight-minute behind-the-scenes look at their new musical, Miranda and The Rock focus specifically on how important choreography is to any musical. The Rock admitted he nearly took over that role since he has such sweet moves.

Watch the making of Millennials below.

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