Support “Hope for the Holidays”, a Christmas Gift Drive For Project STAR of The Childrens’ Institute.  Project Star serves local foster and adoptive families of children with special needs or circumstances.  These gifts maybe the only thing these children have as part of their new life in Foster Care.

Look through the families’ stories and wish lists, then call 412-353-1141 for John or 412-353-1151 for Michelle to donate an individual item or sponsor an entire family or child. The deadline to bring in donations is 5:30pm on Wednesday, December 14.

Gifts must be brought, unwrapped, to:
651 Holiday Dr.

Pittsburgh, PA 15220

Project STAR at The Children’s Institute of Pittsburgh promotes the right of all children to grow in safe, nurturing, lasting families. We do this through family placement services, family preservation services and family enrichment services.
 Programs focused on adoption and foster care help build families while in-home services strengthen families who are at risk.

All of our programs give parents the knowledge, skills, support and hands-on training that they needed to meet their child’s special needs. Many of our Project STAR families are dealing with extremely difficult issues. Homelessness, mental illness, drug and alcohol addiction, medical disabilities, lack of transportation and extreme poverty are not uncommon for the families we serve. While they struggle to provide even the most basic necessities for their families, they also want to make sure their children experience a joyful holiday season.

To learn more about The Children’s Institute and Project STAR go to

*** The names of these families have been changed to protect their identity.


The Willy Family
This Mom and Dad are working diligently to reunite their family.  They are working with multiple providers to ensure the emotional and physical well being of all the children in their home.  Maureen is a loving, intelligent and creative ten year old who enjoys painting, sculpting and cooking.  Adawna is an energetic and gentle six year old who like to play with baby dolls art and crafts, and gymnastics.  Kruz is a curious one year old who is learning to walk and loves musical toys.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Maureen F 10Yr Size 10 girls Hatchimals, Barbie made to move, Bubble Bubble ball, Rubik’s cube game, Shopkins Happy Places décor pack, Winter clothes, Cra-z-art shimmer N sparkle spa salon set, Simon Air, Bike Helmet, Sew cool deluxe blitter sewing studio, Science deluxe crystal growing kit.
Adawna F 6yr 6/7 winter clothes, Don’t break the Ice or Mouse Trap game, Barbie flippin fun gymnastics playset, Talking Pikachu, hair accessoies, Bratz Stylin Head, Little Live Pets my dream puppy, FurReal Friends (set up and gogo), You and Me so many babies 5 pack doll set, Doggie do
Kruz M   12-18 Months winter clothes, Fisher Price little people ,seen say farmer Eddie, V-Tech drill and learn tool box, V-tech drop and go dump truck, Leap Frog Learn & Grove counting masaras, Leap Frog My Pal scout, Fisher Price Bright beat dance and move box, Fisher Price baby’s first blocks, V-tech roll & surprise animal train, activity cube.


Brady Easor
Brady is an 11 year old boy who has suffered severe trauma in his young life.  His father is incarcerated and he was taken out of his mother’s care due to her drug addiction.  Brady loves basketball, dirt bikes, and playing video games. Brady’s grandparents are so thankful to have him in their care, but need help this Christmas to put presents under the tree.


Name Age Gender Size Wish List
Brady 11 M 14R pants       12 shirt iPhone, Large dirt Bike, Stef curry shoes, clothes, game stop gift card, Playstation 3 games


Busher Family
This single mom has recently come home after being in Drug and Alcohol treatment for 2 months. She has remained sober, but is unable to work at this time due to the intensive treatment that she is receiving to remain clean. Her four children are currently in foster care and are able to visit Mom frequently. As soon as Mom is more mentally stable, she is hoping to find a job to provide for herself and her kids. She is doing everything she can to get her kids back home for Christmas and would be so grateful for your help and support!


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Adrianne F 5 Clothes 5-6  Shoes -10 Sweat clothes, My Little Pony figures, games stuffed animals, My Little Pony blanket, arts & crafts, coloring books, markers, paints, Nintendo DS/pink, Turtle game, Mario Bros. game for DS, hat, gloves, boots, leggings, fashion boots, My Little Pony PJ’s, Ninja Turtle clothes /pj’s
Karen F 1 12-18M Winter clothes, size 4 diapers, footed winter sleepers, Peppa Pig school bus player, V-Tech Sit & Stand learning walker/pink, Fisher Price Little people, Disney Princess Carousel, Little people surprise sounds home.
Carson M 6 Clothes 8-10  Shoes 1 Ninja turtles /any action figures, has none, Pokeman figures, Ninja turtles PJ’s, Ninja Turtle Sweat shirt/t shirt, Ninja Turtle Legos, Ninja Turtle Blanket, Nintendo DS, turtle games, Minecraft game, Mario game for DS, Ninja Turtle boots, hat, gloves
Lee M 2 size 3T winter clothes/ PJ’s , Fisher Price Little People, city skyway, cars, trucks, V-Tech GoGo Smart wheels, lift and fix repair shop, Paw Patrol toys & figures, Books, Paw Patrol plush Blanket


Holland Family
Ian was previously living with his father, but had to move in with his mother since Dad was not caring for his needs. Ian struggles with mental health issues and often doesn’t sleep at night. Mom is doing her best to give Ian everything he needs, even though they live on a very limited budget. Mom would love to give Ian a Christmas he will enjoy and treasure.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Ian M 10 Men’s Med   32/30  ,22 youth, 7-1/2 shoe Splatoon Wii  U controller, Mutant Ninja Turtles, Super Smash Brothers, Paw Patrol, Minecraft, DVD, Finding Dory


The Holly Family
While Mom is working a part-time job, her 17 year-old son has been picking up some odd jobs in order to help out with the daily expenses. Since he is still in school, however, he has limited hours and pay. Any help you can give to this family would be so appreciated by both the mother and her son.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Eriha M 17 Xl-XXL clothes

13 shoe

clothes, shoes, socks, tools, fit bit watch, hygiene products, cologne, hair clippers, gift cards, for shoes,( Finish Line, Footlocker), gamestop gift card, wal mart gift card, Hard DVd, Magnificent 7 Dvd, air mattress, straight outta Compton Dvd, Quad copter Dvd
Cheri F 38 Mom M clothes

8/5 shoes

clothes, shoes, cleaning products, hygiene products, gift cards for food and necessities for the home, bowls/plates set, silverwear, comforter/bedding (queen), make up, hair accessories.


Dandy Family
This family of 6 was uprooted from their home to move in with and care for their maternal grandmother who is physically disabled and needs 24 hour care.  Both parents are overwhelmed with the responsibilities of taking care of their own nuclear family as well as their grandmother. Their youngest son is Autistic and requires assistance from several developmental services.  Please help this family feel less overwhelmed and provide an awesome Christmas for their four children!


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Nellie F 17 Tops/ L;XXL Frogs sheets, comforter/bedset, gel pens, t shirts (men’s XXL short sleeve), ankle socks (mis-matched), Amazon gift card, coin rolls, rubber bracelets, frog or bear pj/s (shorts), hair gel, notebooks, eyeliner (any color)
Aleta F 6 4T/5T Paw Patrol bedding (queen), Toys R us gift cards, 16″ bicycle, warmer clothes, alarm clock, piggy bank, children’s books, walmart gift card, target gift card, any gift card, Window curtains
Roger M 3 2T Warmer clothes, any gift cards, Thomas bedding (crib), piggy bank, toy card/trains, leaning toys, window curtains, magic tracks (toy), socks (2T-4T)
Griffin M 4 2T Warmer clothes, Paw Patrol bedding (crib), piggy bank, toy cars/ trains/ coloring books, crayons & pencils, childrens books, any gift cards, Magic Tracks (toy), Socks (2T-4T)


The Hoyt Family
Mom is a single parent of four young children and has a learning disability that hinders her ability to work outside of the home. Due to her lack of a steady income, she can only pay her monthly expenses. She and all of her kids would so appreciate your help in making this holiday season a little brighter!


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Delia F 10 10-12 Batman DVD, Superman vs Batman DVD, Ghostbusters DVD, Macys gift card, Target gift card, Star Wars DVD
Dallen F 3 3T-4T jeans, sweaters, dolls, age 3-6 developmental toys, Ghostbusters DVD, learning DVD
Talma F 16 0-3 size gift card to WalMart, Macys ‘gift card, Target gift card, Theater gift card (all $25 each)
Dion M 2 3T trucks, card, age 2-5 development toys, jeans sweaters, socks, pajamas, Batman, Ghostbusters DVD’s


The Checker Family
This family is a blended family of 6 children. 5 year old Hugh was just recently diagnosed with Autism and most of the children struggle with mental health issues. Dad is a fireman and Mom stays home to manage all of the children’s appointments and needs. She also has her own mental health issues that she is struggling to balance. Both parents are very supportive of their children and do everything they possibly can to give the children everything they want and need. Mom has even completed several parenting programs to help her manage all the children’s behavioral needs. Would you help alleviate some of their stress by helping them buy Christmas gifts this year?


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Samuel M 12 Shoes-7 Shirts 16/18 Pants-16 Pokeman cards, bike, bike helmet, twin bedding (Call of Duty or Pokeman), coat, hat, gloves, boots, soccer ball, Pgh Pirates, pencil box, watch Nerf gun, legos, toy guns, tether ball, Movies (Walking Dead, Goosebumps, Dead Pool)
Emma F 10 Shirts-10 Pants-10 Shoes-4 bike, bike helmet, coat, hat, gloves, boots, arts & crafts, horses, porcelain dolls, makeup, shopkins, hair access, emojis, bath & Body, Amelia Bedilia Books, Dear Dumb Diary books, Walking Dead, puppies and kitties-twin bedding
Nora F 9 Shirt-12 Pants-12 Shoes -4 Descendents TV show, Baries, Bath & Body, nail polish, diary, art & Crafts, cat, dog, bike, bike helmet, girly bedding/twin, princesses, boots, coat, hat, gloves, hair accessories
Angie F 3 Shirts-5T,Pants-5T, Shoes -10 Doc McStuffins, Doll House, Peppa Pig, fairtrucks, bike, bike helmet, baby dolls, wally Kazaam , PJ, Masks, Twin bedding (Shimmer & Shim TV show, pretend play food, art & crafts, Dr Kit, Sofia the First, scooter, Paw Patrol, coat, hat, gloves, boots
Hugh M 5 Shirt-5/6, Pants-5/6, Shoe-13 Firetrucks, fireman, dress up clothes, matchbox cars, trains, trucks, Spiderman, Paw Patrol, PJ Masks, arts & crafts, hat, gloves, boots, rain boots, firefighter bedding (twin) , bike, bike helmet, magic truck , scooter
Troy M 14 Shirt-Mens L Pants-31 or Mens L, Shoes-10 Winter coat, hat, gloves, boots, Walking Dead, Pokeman Go, twin bedding, bikes, bike helmet, shaving kit, Call of Duty-x-box game, Google play gift cards, gamestop gift cards, Dunhams gift crds, Axe Cologne



Franks Family
Ms. Franks has four young children, all under the age of 6.  She is currently attending a vocational school as a full-time student in order to provide for her family and ultimately create a better life for her children.  Due to the cost of her schooling, there isn’t much money left over after paying bills for Christmas presents. They would be so grateful for any help they are offered this holiday season.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Marian F 5M 6-9M          Shoes size 1 Winter Coat, Shoes, mittens & hat, walker, activity mat, circular baby gate, play yard, Summer infant Lil Luxuries whirlpool bubbling spa & shower tub, bouncer
Amy F 6 6t-7t         Shoes size 11 Winter coat, winter boots, hat, gloves, pants, shirts, shoes, Real Live baby doll, Frozen toys & dolls, Bedset, Bike w/training wheels
Andrew M 3      4T-           boots size 11-sneaker-/size 11 Winter coat, boots, winter hat & gloves, pants , shirts, shoes/sneakers, Superhero action figures, Big Wheel (trike), trucks & cars, Batman bedset & Lamp
Allen M 2 Size 2T- Boots & Sneakers-size 7 Winter coat, winter hat, gloves, scarf, boots, sneakers, shirts , pants, Leap Pad with educational materials, Educational Light-up toys, Educational toys, Superman toddler bed set


Small Family  
This family of 7 could really use some extra help this holiday season.  The family consists of a single mother, her 5 children and her newborn grandbaby.  The family fell on hard times last year when the mother had to leave an abusive relationship.  The family now lives in a shelter and they are trying to get back on their feet.  The family has been working hard to get a place of their own, but it has been difficult to find a place big enough that fits in the budget.  The task of finding a new home has become even more important and difficult since adding a new baby in October.  All of the family’s extra money is going into saving for a new home, but the children could really use something to smile about this holiday.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Jacob M 17 32-33 pants  Adult XL shirts, size 13 shoes X-box games, NBA 2K17, Madden 17, Addis NMD’s shoes, socks clothes, Gift cards, X Box One live, Full size blue bedding, clothes, winter.
Presley M 17 32-34 pants Adult M shirts, size 10-1/2 shoes Clothes, t-shirts, Nike clothes, American Eagle clothes, college supplies, backpack noteooks, etc,  Blue/Black bedding (college Twin XL), Gift cards, Target, Dicks, Walmart, College Dorm supplies
Dillan M 12 Adult shirt M  29-30 pants Size 10 shoe Lego kits (12-16 yr old kits), Kynex (any kits), Minecraft edset twin, tablet, clothes (no Cartoon clothes), basketball ,basketball hoop, American Eagle goft cord, X-box 360, Minecraft, Bike and helmet
Evelyn F 16 size 10 boots      9/Shoes       16 pants         XL Shirts Troopale-Black Gold or similar boots, Steven Madden boots, holister gift card, walmart gift cards, black and white bedding (full), tablet, sandels with a zipper on back, anything Steve Madden, clothes
Barry M 10 14 Reg pants   Sm adult shirts               7-1/2 shoes X-Box 360, games (Lego games, Combat games, Dinosaur bedding (twin), Godzilla Action figures, bike and helmet, Godzilla movies, Walmart gift cards, Toys R Us gift cards, Game stop gift cards, board games, clothes
Baby M 1M 3-6 M diapers, wipes, blankets, clothes, snowsuit, light up/music toys, books, bumbo seat, activity mat, crib mattress and bedding


Link Family
This single mom raises her two daughters alone and could use some help this holiday season. Her 7 year-old daughter suffers from several health issues, which has resulted in numerous hospitalizations and developmental problems.  Mom is disabled, unemployed, and suffers from depression and anxiety.  Each month it is a struggle to pay her utilities and provide the basic essentials for her children.  Please help this mom give her beautiful children a special Christmas this year!


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Yvette  F 7 Size 6 DVD- Hotel Tranyslvania 1&2, Gift cards (walmart, target, payless, footlocker), Frozen sheet set, Gift card (Burlington, K-Mart)
Jayne  F 11   Gift Cards (target, walmart, Burlington, justice, payless, foot locker)



Bartley Family
The Bartley family is made up of a single mother trying her best to raise her young son and daughter.  The past few months have been difficult for this mother.  With the fathers of her children in prison and her children abused by a boyfriend, this mother has had to overcome many obstacles in getting her children back into her care.  She recently became employed, working full time to support her and her children.  She is also beginning to start courses in college to become a healthcare professional in order to provide her children with a better life.  The family could use some joy and happiness this Christmas season!


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Jarad M 3 3T pants/shirts  size 10 shoes Lion guard action figues, dinosaurs, hot sheels cars, paw patrol action figures, leappad and games, Paw patrol or dinosaur bedding (toddler), movies, paw patrol, dinosaurs, holly kazem, blaz and monster trucks, Clothes (winter , jeans, snowsuit, jackets, gloves, hats, socks, pj’s, gift cards (walmart,Toys R Us)
Daisy F 15M 12-18M Little people, baby dolls, Little Tikes first slide,Fisher-Price, Brilliant basics, Styled Walker, Movies(Disney Princess movies), Leapfrog My pal violet, clothes, winter clothes, snow suit, jacket sleepers, Owl or elephant crib sheet sets, sippy cups, kid plates & silverware,Gift cards (walmart, Toys R Us), car seat, baby towels, heavy blankets, Wagon with sears for kids


The Brads Family
The Brads family consists of two grandparents who have become the primary caregivers for their teen grandson.  Their grandson has a long history of getting himself into trouble and found himself being sent to a therapeutic group home.  However, he is doing excellent in school and in his therapy sessions these past few months.  These grandparents, who have put their entire lives aside to help their family, are expecting their grandson to come home to them this December due to his good behavior.  The family may not have a lot of money to provide a perfect holiday, but they have a lot of love.  Please help them make his homecoming one to remember!


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Harold M 15 shirts-large 34X30 pants         10 shoes Clothes, shoes, winter coat, Taco Bell gift card, plastic storage drawers, socks, underwear, Axe body wash/spray, Bedding/twin, personal DVD player, popular Dvd’s for teens, boxing gloves, boxing helmet


The Carr Family
Ken is 15 months old and slightly developmentally delayed. He is working very hard on crawling and will support himself sitting. Ken’s mother was struggling with addiction and was incarcerated. She has been doing everything she possibly can to reunite with Ken for the past year. She has made a lot of progress in recovery and maintaining a stable lifestyle and she would love to be able to celebrate and give Ken a great Christmas this year.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Ken M 15M 12-18 M Paw Patrol, Elmi, developmental toyss, diapers size 4, Aldi gift card, Shop n Save gift card, pots & pans, toddler plates, baby gates, car seat


Colt Family
Ms. Colt has 4 children and just recently suffered a miscarriage. She is currently homeless and is staying with other family members until she can get back on her feet. Any extra support would be hugely appreciated so that this family can enjoy a happy holiday season!


Name Age Gender Size Wish List
Ms. Colt


      Pots, pans, toiletries, towels, rags, silverware, curtains


Jake 6 M Shirt-8 pants-8 Shoes-3 Light-up Toys, puzzles, building blocks, learning toys, winter coat, hat, gloves, boots, bike, Avengers bedding/twin
Chris 5 F Shirt-8 pants-8 Shoes23 Barbies, dolls, princesses, Sophia the first, Frozen, jewelry, dress up clothes, lotion, winter, coat, hat gloves, boots, Frozen Bedding/twin
Jerry 1 M Shirt -3T Pants-3T   Shoe-8toddler Winter coat, hat, gloves, boots, bldg blocks, riding toys, cars, toys that light up or make noise, bubbly guppies, Mickey Mouse, diapers size 6, wipes, table high chair, socks potty chair
Kylie 8 M Shirt-8 Pants-8 Shoes -3 playstation games, basket ball, football, race cars, zombie games, bike, Blaze & the monster machine, Spiderman movie, Batman movie, Stuart Little movie, clothes, winter coat, hat, gloves, boots, NY Giants bedding/twin


De’Luise Family
15 year old Danny was recently in an out-of-home placement due to truancy issues for a year. He returned home to his mother and two sisters over the summer and has been doing very well with school attendance so far. Mom is working to support three teenagers with a very limited income and would love to surprise them with a great Christmas together this year!


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Kay F 17 9/10 pants

med shirt

8-1/2 shoe

make up , body lotion, car accessories, pink & black comforter, queen, sheets, queen , towels, clothes, shoes, accessories, Walmart gift card
Dana F 16 3/4 pants

med shirt


make up , body lotion, car accessories, pink & black comforter, queen, sheets, queen , towels, clothes, shoes, accessories, Walmart gift card
Danny M 15 28-32 pants

med/lrg shirt

11-1/2 shoe

Football (Steelers), Ps4 games, Ps4 controller, Ps4 Madden, Ps4 headphones, workout equipment, feather comforter, king, sheets, king, towels, dishes, glasses, silverware, cleaning supplies, Walmart Gift card


The Emery Family
Aria is a sweet and warm-hearted active 10 year old who loves emojis, the color pink, and is a self-proclaimed girly girl. She will spend hours organizing her Shopkins toys, and playing in their world of happiness and wonderment. Aria retreats to her world of make believe because she has been in and out of foster homes since she was five years-old due to her mother battling severe addiction and mental health issues. The most recent time Aria was placed in foster care was when she packed her book bag with toys, candy, and a single coat and ran away from home at age 8 in the dead of winter. Aria has suffered multiple forms of abuse from both her mother, and mother’s boyfriends. Aria is currently residing with her aunt and 6 cousins in a small home. She enjoys living with her cousins, and having the opportunity to connect with new family that she has never known before, but she struggles adjusting from being an only child, to one of 7. Through all of this, Aria has remained a strong and optimistic young girl with a good heart that deserves just a little bit of Christmas magic in order to still believe that there is some left in her world.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Aria F 10 Tops 5 Junior  Pants 16 girls  Shoes 9 Just Dance 2014 Xbox Kinect, Emoji earrings (pierced), Emoji bedding/twin, emoji anything, large toy organization bins, pink or black  sparkle boots, Large shopkins dolls, (Jessicake, Poppette, etc), Ariana Grande (anything)


The Eshman Family
Nona lives with her grandmother after experiencing neglect from her parents. She is highly active and demands a lot of attention, so her grandmother must stay at home to care for her and cannot find steady employment. Both Nona and her grandmother would love to celebrate this holiday season with a few new gifts under the tree!


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Nona F 16 0 Jeans, sweaters, pajamas, Ghostbuster DVD, Superman vrs Batman, Star Wars


The Kleaver Family
These three brothers currently live with their grandmother due to domestic violence. Jackson (12 years) is the oldest. He is the leader of the pack and is a very determined child. He is a tough but loving child. Dalmer (9 years) is the middle child. He is so caring and helpful to his brothers. He makes sure that everyone is taken care of. Eugene (7 years) is the youngest and has so much spunk. He is very active, but he is very willing to be a helping hand. The children are slowly adjusting to their new environment, and any help this Christmas would be greatly appreciated by their Grandmother!


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Eugene M 7 shoe size 1 Nintendo D.S., D.S. batman game, other D.S. superhero games. D.S. driving games, winter boots, Nerf gun, toddler bed super hero sheets
Dalmer M 9 shoe size 3-1/2 Flying drone, robotic dog, Star wars or Justice League bedding, nerf gun, art kit
Jackson M 12 shoe size 3-1/2 Pokeman cards, album to organize Pokeman cards, xbox racing games, nerf gun


Lee Family
This single mom is doing her best to raise her 1 year-old daughter and 2 year-old son. She is currently unemployed and having difficulty finding employment.  The past two months have been extremely challenging for her to provide for her children and maintain stable housing.  She loves her children very much and is saddened by her present situation.  Please help lift this mom’s spirit by giving both of her kids gifts this Christmas.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Astor F 1 6,9,12M Power wheel, Frozen DVD, Barbie dolls, learning toys, talking Minnie Mouse toy, minnie mouse potty, tea party set, food inspired toys, mini kitchen, crib mattress, Minnie Mouse waffle Iron
Manny M 2 3T/4T Power wheel, Spiderman toys, Spiderman DVD, lego men superheros, spongebob krabby potty, Wagon, remote control car, food inspired toys, Spiderman bedding (single), Spiderman curtains, mini kitchen, Mickey Mouse waffle iron


Dayton Moore
Dayton is a 13 year-old boy who has been living in a group home for the last few years.  He enjoys playing football and would love a football to play outside with.  Dayton’s favorite team is the New England Patriots.  He enjoys listening to music and spending time with his friends. Please give him a Christmas to remember this year!


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Dayton M 13 Medium Boys Patriots shirts, footall, gift cards, (Famous footwear, target), sweatshirts, body wash, deododrant, cologne, duffel bag, twin comforter, headphones


Nicely Family
The Nicely family is full of all outgoing little boys with a lot of energy. They come from a low income family so could benefit from many toys to help them learn and grow. Clothing is something that could also benefit these boys to help them stay warm in the winter. Brian has just started kindergarten and is enjoying it.  Brian’s younger brothers, Edward and Noel, attend day care and enjoy the social environment. The children do not have many toys currently so this is something that would make their Christmas even brighter!


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Brian M 5 6/7  Shoes 1 Train track, race track with cars, baseball glove/bat/ball, scooter, night light, DVD player, Orbeez, shirts, pants, shoes
Edward M 4 4TPants  4/ST shirts        size 1 shoes Puppy dog toy (makes noises), Super hero toys, Mickey Mouse toys, basketball, baseball/glove/bat, scooter, DVD’s, pants, shirts, shoes
Noel M 2 2/3T  Shoes 8 Toy cell phone, puppy toy (w/noises), Paw patrol toys, sports balls, leaning toys, scooter, DVD’s shirts pants shoes


Owl Family
Diane is a social five year old girl with some developmental delays. She enjoys socializing with other children and is very excited to start school next year. Diane likes to play in water and take walks outside with her mom and baby sister. She enjoys watching Peppa Pig and Paw Patrol. Diane could really benefit with learning toys to help her learn new and exciting things. Andrea is a ten month old little girl filled with lots of smiles. She enjoys being outside in her stroller walking with her mom and big sister, Diane. Andrea could really benefit from new toys to help her learn as well as a walker to help her get strong and be able to walk all around the house with her big sister!


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Andrea F 1y 18 M Fisher Price learning toys (Bright beats), colthing (18 M) , baby walker, wipes, bath supplies, High chair (one that sits on a chair), baby doll, ball pit
Diane F 5 Husky shirts (or small womens), Kids 12 pants clothing, Paw Patrol toys, Peppa Pig toys, V-Tech or Leap frog, shirts, pants, scooter or bike, walmart gift card,,coloring books and crayons


Packer Family
Ms. Packer has 2 children and is trying to find a job to help pay the bills and provide for her children. She is struggling to find steady employment and cannot afford to buy Christmas presents for her children this year. Please help this hard-working mother give her boys a Christmas they’ll always remember!


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Don M 7 Shirt-7 Pants-7    Shoes-1 Minecraft, roadblocks, minecraft,  xbox, clothes, winter coat, hats, gloves, boots, Despicable Me or Minions bedding/twin  Miles from Tomorrowland, bike helmet
Major M 3 Shirt-4T  Pants-4T Shoes -9.5 Trains, Ninja turtles, paw patrol  monster trucks, grave digger, puzzles, Jungle book movie, clothes, winter coat, hat, gloves, boots, Despicable Me or Minions bedding/twin


Patton Family
Alice is a very loving and smart ten year old. She is currently in school and is getting straight A’s and is very proud of herself. Alice has autism but is very high functioning and currently gets services to help her deal with her limitations. Alice enjoys being outside and going to her camp with her family. Alice comes from a low income family and these toys and clothes would brighten her Christmas!


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Alice F 10 XXL (kids)

S junior

XXL kids

3-5 juniors

Shirts, leggings, Littlest Pet Shop, Shopkins, Five nights of Freddies, toy cars, bubble bath, bath toys, body spray, crafts


The Powers Family
Mom has recently moved into a residential program after experiencing domestic abuse. She is unemployed but is looking forward to going to school to improve her family’s living conditions. Two of her children have disabilities that require much of her attention. The children spend a lot of time at home and would greatly benefit from home entertainment and games to continue learning and maturing. Give this family of 5 some much needed activities home!


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Suri F 3 4T jeans, sweaters, Kindle, developmental toys, light and sound toys
Tamara F 10 10-12 girls Kindle tablet, jeans, sweaters, pajamas
Acadia F 9 10-12 kindle/tablet, jeans, sweaters, pajamas
Tillman M 6 8-10 Ghost buster, DVD, batman and superman DVD, jeans, sweater


The Pullman Family
This Mom and Dad have significant limitations that prevent them from working. Because of this, they are on a tight budget and are unsure of how they will provide Christmas gifts for their 10 month old girl. Please help these parents provide a special holiday for their baby’s first Christmas!


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Dextor M 8M 12 M push wagon to ride on, musical toys (Rock N Roll Elmo, etc), snow suit, winter clothes, cardboard picture books, musical table


The Seasons Family
Mom and Dad have two little girls and one on the way.  Due to complications with Mom’s pregnancy, she has been unable to work and Dad’s limited hours don’t allow them to meet the financial obligations of the home. Let’s help lessen this family’s burdens by giving them a worry-free and happy Christmas!


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Brenda F 4 5T /  Shoes -12 Clothes, Sponge Bob toys, Barbie Dolls, Barbie stuff, Kids DVD’s, Alphabet/color/shapes learning toys, coloring books, shoes & socks, Arts & Craft supplies
Katie F 24M 24M/2T       Shoes -size 6 Clothes, anything w/ducks, foam bldg blocks. Socks, sippy cups, size 6 shoes, coloring books, large  crayons and bath toys


Shearer Family
This young family of three consists of a mother, father and their daughter.  This family recently relocated from northern Pennsylvania to be closed to family.  This young couple is currently living with their parents in a tiny house.  They are actively looking for a place they can call their own and raise their baby.  This family is working hard by picking up extra shifts at work to save as much money as possible.  Both mother and father were forced to drop out of school to care for their daughter and are making strides towards earning their diplomas.  This family would be grateful for any help they can get for making their daughter’s Christmas special this year.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Polly F 18M 24M-2T clothes

5 shoes

winter clothes, snow clothes, jackets, jeans, sweaters, pj’s, boots, tennis shoes, hat, gloves, toys, Leap pad and games, Fisher Price Step 2 push around, sled, Sophia the 1st doll, Frozen toys Movies (Disney, Doc Mc Stuffins), Paw Patrol, Sophia the 1st doll, Frozen bedding (toddler bed), sippy cups, kids disher (Frozen/Princess?, DVd player, bath towels, wash clothes, pots & pans, dishes, kitchen spplies, Gift cards, Wal Mart-Toys R Us, art & crafts.


Sider Family
The Sider family consists of 3 young boys and their mother and father.  Their mother is disabled and unable to work and their father has recently been laid off.  The family has been struggling to keep a roof over their head and food on the table.  On top of the financial stress, the family has many mental health and therapy appointments for the 3 boys to keep up with.  The family is working hard with services and the family is applying for new jobs, but they are still down on their luck.  The family and the three boys deserve a much needed break and a holiday full of happiness and joy!


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Dorian M 4 4T Clothes, socks, and underwear, Skywalker Trampoline 48″, tent for kids, PJ’s, Leapfrog Readers, Paw Patrol Bedding/twin, Paw Patrol toys/DVD’s
Peter M 3 2T Clothes, pj’s, Minion bedding/twin, Minion toys/Dvd’s, potty chair, learning toys, (no books or puzzles), underwear, flash cards, play tunnel, portable DVD player.
Patrice M 1 18-24 M             5 diapers Clothes, diapers, wipes, music toys, toddler table & charis, interactive books, sippy cups, toddler bed, socks, toddler dishes and silverware, learning toys, stacking cups, bath toys


The Slimo Family
Mark, Aurora, and Rylan live together with their mom and dad. Ages 8, 3, and 2, these three kids love to play games, watch Lilo and Stitch, and play together.  Mark, Aurora, and Rylan’s parents struggle with mental health issues and don’t have any family or support in the area to help.  Consider these three kids this year to help out for the holidays.


Name Age Gender Size Wish List
Mark 8 M size 8 WWE sincard figure, ninja turtles toys, games, (sorry, jenga), Bey blades, play doh, markers, coloring books, clothes shoes (size 2)
Arora 3 F 3T Frozen movie and toys, bubble guppies, Shoes (size 9), Doc Mc Stuffins toys, Lilo and Stitch movie
Rylan 2 M 2T Paw Patrol toys, cars (movie and toys, clothes, shoes (size 5)


Walk Family
This single mom has one daughter who is currently in foster care. She is working very hard on all of her court order recommendations but is unable to work due to a medical condition. She currently depends on her father financially. Please help this hopeful single mom have a wonderful Christmas morning with her young daughter.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Sara F 5 Shoe-11 Clothes -6 Barbies,/accessories/ barbie furniture, Art supplies, coloring books, markers, crayons colored pensels, Age appropriate games, Candyland, Pie face, Matching games, Purse, Play assessories and make up, Nintendo DS, any girl games and puzzles, winter cost, hat , gloves, winter boots, fashion boots, winter PJ’s (child basically in need of everything to go home to Mom ).


The Wilson-Beg Family
Mom recently became a single parent of two children who have both been diagnosed with severe disabilities. Without support from the father, this single mom struggles to meet her family’s basic needs such as food, shelter and utilities. She certainly has no extra money to purchase Christmas gifts for her two boys, but would be extremely grateful for any help in making her little boys’ Christmas morning one they’ll always remember!


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Vito M 6 6T jeans, winter coat, books, trucks, developmental toys, kindle
Vitus M 10 10 slim jeans, sweaters, Kindle, Batman vs Superman DVD, Ghostbusters, Star Wars


The Action Family
This family recently transplanted in the US and is now living in a temporary shelter. Mom is recently employed but she does not have sufficient funds to purchase holiday gifts for the family. The two teenagers have a severe form of sickle cell anemia and spend much of their time in the hospital.  The teenagers would like to have kindles to communicate with their peers while hospitalized and to bring some normalcy to their lives.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Chantel F 17 7 Women Sweater, jeans, kindle, Ghostbuster, DVD’s Batman vs. Superman, X-Men
Chanel F 13 10 slim jeans, sweaters, Kindle, Ghostbuster Dvd, Batman Vs. Superman, X-Men


Amare Atkins
Amare is 8 months old and lives with his single mother who works night shifts to make ends meet.  Mom is a recovering addict and is worried about how she will be able to afford presents for Amare’s first Christmas. Make Mom and baby Amare happy this holiday season by surprising them with gifts under the tree!


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Amare M 9M 6-9 M and 12 M Light up toys, musical toys, big blocks, push to walk toys, ride on toys


The Austin Family
Mylene is a 2 ½ year old with a ton of energy and lots of curiosity.  Mylene’s family just got into their very own home after being homeless for 6 months.  Mylene’s parent’s got married in April and graduated from high school in May.  The family has been struggling for many months, especially after Mylene’s grandmother died from breast cancer the day after the parents got married. They are both working very hard to become self sufficient. Dad works full time so that Mom can stay home with Mylene but is worried he won’t be able to afford any additional gifts on top of the daily expenses. He would love to give his little girl some new toys and his wife new household supplies this holiday season!


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Mylene F 2.5 4T clothes       8 youth shoe Paw patrol (anything), stuffed animals, playsets, characters, My little pony play set, PBS DVDs children’s books
    MOM   need household items, mop bucket, dish strainer


The Bidwell Family
The Bidwell family consists of a single mother who is trying to do the right thing for her son.  Due to medical issues, this young boy has been bullied in school for many years.  His school experience has been nothing but traumatic.  The jokes and comments made this young boy dread waking up each morning and getting on the school bus.  His family decided that home schooling was the best option in ensuring he was getting his education without the emotional toll of the bullying.  His mother is currently working six to seven days a week to make enough money to pay the bills and support her son.  Please help turn this young boy’s year around about making this a Christmas he does not forget!


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Cameron M 11 10/12 shirts  14R pants  Size 5 shoes Wii games (Wii sport & Resort), Movies (Scarey Movie 2, Scooby Do 2, Terminator, Predator), Grand Theft Auto 5 poster, Camo bedding( full), Ninja Turtle stuff, clothes, jeans, socks,(black or white), white tank tops, button up shirts, work boots (steel toe),gift cards (walmart, toys r us, game stop)


The Bows Family
This single mom battles diabetes, heart problems, and intellectual disabilities. She recently obtained housing and is struggling to pay her bills, security deposits, and for her baby’s basic needs. Would you help both Mom and baby Darrell this holiday season by showing them some extra love and support?


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Wendy F 30 XL clothes

8.5-9 shoes

hygiene products, clothes, shoes, socks, hat/gloves, cleaning products, paper products, hair products, gift cards for anywhere, crafts, queen size bedding, pillows, hamper, vacuum, smoke detectors, make up
Darrell M 1Y 18 Months diapers (size 5), wipes, clothes, snow suit, toys, hats/gloves, socks, Leap frog , leaning toys, stuffed animal, bldg blocks, toys with lights and sound, Rock and Roll Elmo, baby bath, lotion and power, Zootopia DVD, legos, gift cards for baby food, snack and necessities for baby


The Bunn Family
This fun family of 3 needs your help this Christmas! This single mom was homeless and supporting her children while living in a shelter. She was recently able to obtain her own housing and has been working and going to school to provide for her children, but she is still living on a limited income. She would love to be able to give her children the special Christmas they deserve in their new home!


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Alaina F 6M 9-12 M Teething rings, clothes, Bumbo (girl color), Play mat, Minnie Mouse or Owl bedding (crib), bottles, rattles, 8 month toys, Step 2 push around buggy, wagon, high chair,Kid plates, kids’ spoons, over mitt
Aaron M 2 2T-3T /  9 Shoe Spiderman action figures, Ninja turtles, tricycle and helmet, kids basketball hoop and ball, Spiderman movie, Spiderman backpack, Leap Pad and games, Dinosaur toys, Spiderman bedding (toddler), Paw Patrol toys, cars and trucks, clothes, shoes, stickers, socks, underwear (3T-4T, booster seat for kitchen table, picture frames, kid cups and educational kid movies, flash cards


The Castle Family
Ms. Castle has two daughters, ages 5 & 10. Iris, the 10 year-old, has severe developmental problems and requires special educational classes and services.  Mom is currently homeless and doing everything she can to get back on her feet for the sake of her girls. She would so appreciate some help this holiday season to give Iris and Alice a memorable and happy Christmas.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Iris F 10 Size 10 (Autism child)-Educational toys, reading special education toys, Letter & Word indentification (verbal & written), color & object identification, textural identification, music education toys.
Alice F 5 Size 6 Frozen toys, , female superhero dolls, scooter/helmet, Finding Nemo/Finding Dory toys


The Chadworth Family
Cambria is 4 years old and struggling with mental health. She loves to play dress up with her dolls and create art work that is displayed all over her Mom and Dad’s home.  Cambria always has a smile on her face and gives each visitor art work when they come over.  Mom and Dad could use some extra help this Christmas to make their daughter smile extra big.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Cambria F 4 4T-5T  size 11 shoes tops, bottoms, underwear, socks, sneakers, boots, kBarbie dolls, pretend food, pletes, tea set, crayons, coloring book, colored paper, drawing paper
        shampoo, leaning supplies, mop, bucket, broom, dust pan, clorox wipes, deodorant


Britt Charles
Single mother struggling to raise 8 month baby girl.  Recently, Mom separated from biological father due to constant verbal and physical abuse.  Mom is torn between separating her daughter from the father versus her own safety and happiness.  Mom is currently employed and has been working for several years at the same company.  However, her sudden relocation has left her with more financial responsibilities and hardship.  Please help this single mother who is starting over get back on her feet and provide an awesome Christmas for her baby girl.


Name Age Gender Size Wish List
Britt 8M F 18 M Cothing and shoes, reading books, laugh and learn smart stages scooter, Babies R Us gift card, Toys R Us gift card, Target gift card, V-Tech toys.


The Coble Family
Lisa is a single teen mother of Anna and Alice. She is trying to get her high school diploma while raising two children.  She is unable to work due to full-time school, but would still love to give her two girls a happy holiday season. Mom would really appreciate the extra support as she works hard to graduate from high school.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Anna F 1Y 18-24M Radio flyer, 4-in-1 Trike,Ballpit with balls, carsear, Princess or Minnie Mouse bedset, clothes
Alice F 6M 6-12M Winter clothes, Diapers (size 3&4), Girl jumper


The Cone Family
The Cone family is made up of a single father who is battling addiction while raising his two medically challenged children on his own.  His daughter is a bright and brilliant little girl who was diagnosed with Down’s syndrome at an early age.  His son was born severally premature and spent many weeks in the hospital before being released home on a heart monitor.  This father is struggling to balance his children’s therapy and medical appointments, his counseling and groups, and his job.  All of this father’s extra time and energy is spent making sure that his children are well taken care of.  He has made tremendous progress over that past couple months and is struggling to make his son’s first Christmas special.  These children deserve to have a special Christmas this year!


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Rachel F 3 4T/  Shoes 5 winter clother, jackets, shoes, socks, shirts, pants snowsuit.  Toddler bed sheets (Frozen or Paw Partol, Pink), Care bear stuffed animals, dolla, bath toys, sippy cups, light up toys, sensory toys, disher, towels, wash clothes
Randy M 11M 12-18M Winter clothes, jacket, sleepers, onzies, socks, pants, shirts, bottles sippy cups, kid dishes and utencils, stuffed animals, bath toys, tething ring, balls, cars, bumbo floor seat, suction toys, crib sheets. Walker, towels and wash clothes


The Corns Family
This family recently became homeless. They are staying in a hotel until they are able to find appropriate housing.  The children are very caring and they try to make Mom smile through their tough times.  Since the kids had to leave behind all of their belongings after becoming homeless, they need a lot of help getting back on their feet.  Mom would so appreciate any help that she can get to ensure that her girls have a great Christmas morning.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Braylee F 4 4T clothes, the Mermaid DVD, mermaid dolls, mermaid toys, portable DVD player, barbie, remote control convertible, Journey girls pets, Journey girls pet set, Journey girls, Pie Face game, The new Annie DVD, Hatchimals, drum set, girl scout cookie oven, bedding, gift cards
Avona F 5 5/6 Clothes clothes, karaoke machine, Furreal friends, Star lily unicorn, portable DVD player, Speak out game, Finding Dory DVD, Ice girls DVD, K’nex, Hyper toss action games, V-Tech smart watch, Hatchimals, talking tom, bedding, craft kits, gift cards


Teresa David
Teresa is a one and a half year old little girl that always has a smile on her face. Teresa was premature at birth but is receiving help to get on track to good health. Teresa is in physical therapy every week and her family’s Christmas wish is that she will have the strength to walk by Christmas day. Toys to keep Teresa active would help her so much and bring an even brighter smile to her face this Christmas season.


Name Age Gender Size Wish List
Teresa 1 F 12-18
boots 3(baby) size, shoes baby 4
Fisher Price laugh & Learn stages chair, V-Tech super star learning table, Kiddleland disney Minnie Mouse Toddler activity ride- o push car, Baby amaze peck & learn doll, Little live pits snuggles, my dream puppy, Minnie Mouse ball pit, button & Bows playland, V-Tech smart shorts sports center, Fisher Price baby’s first blocks  (pink), baby books, shirts, pants, jackets, onesies, FP laugh and learn story book rhymes, boots, shoes, Siz 4 diapers.


The Dell Family
Kagen is a 17 year old mother to a 1-1/2 year old daughter named Rose. Living in a homeless shelter with her mother, Kagen is working on finishing high school and wants the best for her growing daughter. When they’re together, Kagen loves to read Rose stories, play with dolls, and explore the park. This Christmas, Kagen would love to give Rose educational toys to play with and stories to read.


Name Age Gender Size Wish List
Kagen 17 F   Gift cards, electronic tablet, coloring/painting/crafting items, make up
Rose 1.5 F   Educational toys, baby dolls, Diapers (size 4 or 5), potty chair, Radio Flyer 4-1 trike


The Derby Family
This single father has a one year-old daughter who is in foster care and a 13 year-old daughter who lives at home with him. Dad just started a new job and is slowly getting back on his feet. With all of his everyday expenses to keep his home safe for his daughter, he cannot afford to purchase additional gifts for her. He would be so grateful for any extra help this holiday season!


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Adele F 9M 12m-18m V-Tech-shapes & Colors, Leap frog for age 12-18M, outfits, sleepers
Sally F 13 boots 10-1/2 nice chess set, the board game Battleship, The game Matro for Xbox 360


The Dison Family
This young widow is doing everything she can to take care of her two children.  She is putting herself through school to provide a better life for her beautiful boys, while also providing them with a positive role model.  Mom is learning to meet the individual needs of her children, one of whom has autism.  Please help this family have a very joyous Christmas season!


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Dover M 4Y 5T Winter cost, winter clothes, woodn puzzles, cars, DVD’s(-YoGabaGaba)
Adam M 2Y 3T Winter coat, winter clothes, books, wooden puzzles, educational toys, ball activities


The Dolman Family
This single Mom has 3 young children.  Mom recently gave birth to the third child, who has a disability. While she was caring for her new baby in the hospital, her other children’s basic needs were being neglected. Now Mom is working a part-time job to provide for her kids, but is barely making ends meet.  This entire family would be so grateful to be given a few gifts they could not afford on their own!


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Kadir M 2M 3-6 Month Clothes, onsies, blanket, diapers (size 2), wipes, baby lotion, baby wash and powder, socks, jacket, Toys that light up, rattles
Madra F 7 10/12 clothes  2-2.5 shoes clothes, shoes, hair accessories, hat/gloves, socks, The Mermaid movie, Finding Dory DVD, speak out game, V-Tech Smart watch, hatchimals, Monster High dolls, portable DVD player, Furreal friend, Star Lily Unicorn, Monster High, mega blocks, mermaid dolls/toys, gift cards
Cahil M 2/5 yrs 3T clothes, Paw patrol toys, minion toys, talking tom, hatchimals, legos, trucks/card, marvel hero toys, or figures, teenage mutant Ninja turtles, Pull up (size 5), wipes, gloves/hat, snow suit, The secret life of Pets DV, ball
Starla F 26 Small clothes  6/5 shoes clothes, shoes, cleaning product, hamper, towels, wash rags, dish towels/ hygiene products, gift card for home necessities, queen bedding, pillows, dishes, silverware, bathroom things (shower curtain, liner, hooks, accessories,) make up, nail polish


The Donor Family
Maire is a 10 year-old girl who has been in foster care for a few years.  She loves getting her hair done and dressing up.  Maire loves playing outside and watching movies.  She enjoys playing board games with her foster family and would love some new games to play on Christmas morning!


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Maire F 10 12/14 gift cards (famous footwar, target), clothes, arts & craft supplies, jewelry, bath and body works, lotion and body wash, secret diary with lock, doll clothes, board games.


Annette Doors
Annette is a 9 year-old girl who has been in foster care for a few years.  She enjoys dressing up and playing with her baby dolls.  Annette loves to express herself with fun clothes and earrings.  She enjoys doing crafts and playing outside.  Help her celebrate the holidays by giving her some fun toys to play with!


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Annette F 9 10/12 clothes baby doll clothes for American girl doll, shoes or boots (size 2), earrings, winter clothes, crafts/art supplies, Monster High dolls, hair bows, baby doll accessories, bedding (twin size)


The Dorothy Family
Ancel is a six year-old boy who has been in foster care for a few years.  He has a ton of energy and enjoys playing outside.  Ancel loves Spongebob and Spiderman.  He could spend hours and hours playing the memory card game and would be so grateful for his own set this Christmas!


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Ancel M 6 6/ small twin size Spiderman bedding, Spongebob movie, Clothes, memory game (Spongebob or Spiderman), duffel bag, legos, kid’s size football, bike with helmet


The Dunes Family
Unis is a 7 year old girl who has been in kinship care for over a year. She loves Disney Princesses and playing outside. Unis loves arts and crafts and would like some supplies to play with! Dillon is a 6 year old boy who has also been in kinship care for over a year. His favorite show is the Ninja Turtles. Dillon likes to spend time outside and would love a bike to ride around with his siblings!  Zeke is a 5 year old boy who has been in kinship care for over a year. He loves Spiderman and Spongebob! He also enjoys playing outside and would love a bike to ride around with his older brother.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Unis F 7 7/8  size 1 shoes sweaters, dresses, Frozen bed set (twin), bike with helmet, art & craft supplies, socks/underwear/ dolls (Princess Tiana), Disney Frozen microphone, Disney Frozen Trouble game, Cinderella nailpolish set, Winter boots
Zeke M 5 5/6  Size 12 shoes Spiderman twin bed set, winter coat, sweatshirts (Spiderman/Spoigebob, bike with helmet, Card games (GoFish/Old Maid), socks, underwear, Spiderman action figure, Spiderman lunch box, boots
Dillon M 6 7/8  Shoes size 7 Ninja turtles twin bed set, winter coat, Ninja Tutle sweatshirt, bike with helmet, socks,underwear, Ninja Turtle action figure, Ninja Turtles snack and activity tray, lunch box and turtle shell


The Edwards Family
Trey is a loving and energetic six year-old.  He loves Star Wars and playing with cars.  Nick is a curious and active three year-old who loves playing with his older brother.  Nick enjoys playing with blocks and action figures.  Please give these brothers a memorable Christmas!


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Trey M 6 Shirt 7/8  Pants 6/7  Shoes-12 Star Wards, Ninja Turtles, Pokeman, Hero Masher, Jurassic Park, legos, boots, winter coat, pajamas, full bedding, dinosaurs, Hot wheels, Dino, Lego batman game, lego Star Wars, game, bike and helmet
Nick M 3 Shirt 4/5  Pants 4/5  Shoes 10 Star Wards, Ninja Turtles, Paw Patrol, books, wooden puzzles, twin bedding, boots, winter coat, clothes, pajamas, legos, dinosaurs, batman


Amanda Elder
Amanda is an active and intelligent four year-old girl who loves Tangled, Frozen, and has an active imagination. Amanda is never bored and loves to create her own games and tell stories. Amanda is currently in foster care because both of her parents are incarcerated. Amanda shares a small apartment with her Grandmother and looks forward to playing in the snow with her friends this Christmas.


Name Age Gender Size Wish List
Amanda 4 F 4T/shoes 10 Snowsuit, boots, anything Frozen, anything Tangled, small doll house, Bike with training wheels, bike helmet


The Eli Family
Four year old Alate and her 3 year old brother Jabir live with their grandmother in Pittsburgh. Due to drug addiction, their parents couldn’t take care of them anymore.  This Christmas, Alate and Jabir’s grandmother hopes to encourage them to stay active, playing outside, and enjoy each other’s company throughout the holidays.


Name Age Gender Size Wish List
Jabir 3 M 5T/Shoes 10 Sled, Robe 5T, slippers (10 child), matchbox cars, spiderman toys, Paw Patrol toys, trucks, outside toys
Alate 4 F 5/6-Shoes 10 Sled, robe 5/6, slippers, barbie house, barbies, and accessories, Barbie car, DocMcStuffin toys, art/craft items, outside toys.


Fabor Family
Cole and Dale, ages 2 and 4, just moved from a homeless shelter into their first home together. Dale is a curious boy who loves to play with K’NEX and Legos to build all kinds of things.  Dale’s litter brother Cole is just learning to color and just like his brother loves to build with blocks. This holiday season Dale and Cole’s mother is having trouble saving enough money to buy toys for her boys, so consider them this Christmas while you’re at the toy store.


Name Age Gender Size Wish List
Cole 2 M 3T clothes, Little Einsteins, play food, paint blocks, legos, crayons, markers, coloring books, Mickey Mouse, books
Dale 4 M 5T clothes, puzzles, ninja turtle toys, matchbox cars, monster truck, memory game, tinker toys, Kinex, lego kits


Fish Family
Jake is a single father of 5 year-old Sabrina.  Sabrina is in elementary school and enjoys playing with Barbie dolls and dressing up.  She is energetic and loves to play.  Jakes works when he can, but struggles to make ends meet.  The family would greatly appreciate any help with Christmas presents!


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Sabrina F 5Y 7-Shirt            8-Pants Clothes, Barbies, Princess dress up set, Easy bake oven, doll house


Flanner Family
The Flanner family is made up of a single father raising his young daughter with minimal family support.  This family fell on hard times when this father lost his job and the family lost their home.  The family is currently living in a homeless shelter and working towards finding another place to call home.  Father immediately began looking for another job and is working as much overtime as possible.  In the midst of losing their home and bouncing from shelter to shelter, this young girl lost most of her toys and belongings.  This father is saving every penny to make sure that his daughter has a roof over her head by Christmas.  Please help this father put a smile on his daughter’s face this holiday season!


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Mandy F 9 7/8 shirts

10 pants

4-1/2 shoes

Rainbow loom kit, Shopkins (any kind), Lalaloopsy (any kind) Monster high dolls, Hello kitty (clothes, games, twin bedding), art and crafts supplies, socks, underwar, Build a Bear certificate, bike and helmet, stuffed animals


Framp Family
This big family has their fair share of difficulties. Both parents are developmentally delayed and receive services to help them parent and keep their family together.  Fortunately, Mom and Dad are able to pay their bills on time and take care of their children’s needs, but have no room for extra expenses. They would be so grateful for your help this Christmas as they prepare to give their kids a memorable and happy Christmas morning!


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Alley F 5 5T Paw Patrol, toys, bedroom decorations, Daniel Tiger Neighborhood DVDs, Doc Mc Stuffins, snowsuit (6/7), clothes, winter, crayola/art supplies
Jason M 13 XXL shirts

13 mens shoes

42X32 pants

Twin bed comforter set, hoodies, cologne (men’s sprays), foot locker card, clothes, Tanger Outlet gift card
Brad M 11 10-12

Shoes size 3

toy box, ping pong table top set, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, DVD and things, remote control helicopter, snowsuit, snow boots, Med boys winter shirts, sweatpants, jeans, twin bed comforter set (action hero room decorations)
Hadley F 16 large Gift Cards (Rue 21, Old navy, Nike, I tunes), queen comforter set, Loves girly teen things, hair things, make up, nail polish, jewelry, toiletries, perfumes. Large hoodies, sweat outfits, leggings
Jenny F 15 2XL Old Navy jogging outfit, leggings, zip up sweatshirts, pajamas (fun prints, disney, etc), Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood DVD/s, toys/ art supplies/coloring, Disney movies, Child like queen comforter set. XXL winter coat


The Garth Family
Aricea, Avone, Anlon, and Hadi are all between the ages of 6 and 13, living with their parents in a local shelter.  As their parents work to get back up on their feet, these four siblings spend all of their time together playing outside, throwing around a football, and making each other laugh. This Christmas, bring a sprinkle of joy to these four siblings with some gifts under the tree.


Name Age Gender Size Wish List
Aricia 6 F 6/7 clothes      shoes size 1 Barbie house, barbie dolls and clothing, barbie car, baby dolls, FurReal cuddles monkey, Monkey one piece PJ set/ size 6/7, ddrawing and coloring items, bike w/o training wheels (18″), zoomer meowzies
Anlon 11 M clothes 14/16  Pants 16    Shoes 8adult football, MP3 player, ear buds, basketball, erector bldg sets, lego sets for boy, 26″ mountain bike, PS3 games of gift card for game stop, electronic tablet, magic eight ball
Hadi 13 M Men’s small    Shoes 8 adult Ps4 or Xbox games or gift card for game stop, football, erector bldg sets, Angry bird stuff, emoji blanket/pillows, basketball, 26″ mountain bike
Avona 7 F   Barbie camper, Barbie dolls, ken doll and clothing, monster high dolls, Shopkin’s and accessories, Zoomer Meowzies, Lego for girls, arts and craft items, Jenga


George Family
This family consists of a young couple raising two very young children.  This mother and father are working hard to ensure that their son and daughter live a good life.  This mother became pregnant at a young age and was forced to quit high school in order to take care of her children.  She is currently taking classes in order to earn her GED to eventually earn a degree in the healthcare field.  This father spends all of his time working to make sure that the family’s bills are being paid and the children have food to eat.  Repairs on their home forced the family to temporarily stay with family and friends.  With little hope that their home will be fixed by Christmas, this family could use all the help they can get to make their son’s first Christmas a special one.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Audrey F 2 2T

7 shoes

Minnie mouse dolls and movies, Doc McStuffins toys & movies, Paw patrol toys/movies, baby doll w/stroll,er Fisher Price bubble lawn mower, Bedding (toddler bed), Leap pad or games, kids plates, sippy cups, kid siverward, bath stuff, clothes, winter clothes, snowsuit, jacket, socks, pj’s, boots, tennis shoes
Drake M 4M 3-6M winter clothes, jackets, hat, sleepers, socks, onesies, bouncer, walker, high chair, play mat, boy crib sheet set, bath towels, washclothes, bath supplies, bottle, teething ring.


Grace Family  
The Grace family consists of a mother and her teenage daughter.  They have been through a very stressful and abusive situation that has town their family apart.  Since leaving her husband, this brave mother and her daughter have been bouncing from home to home in search of one to call their own.  They are currently living with friends and saving to get their own apartment.  This single mother has recently started working a full time job and has been utilizing all of her resources to keep her small family together.  She is saving all her money to put toward a security deposit and first month’s rent.  Since they are starting over, this family could use all the help they can get for the holidays!


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Sunshine F 13 Youth M Shirt pants00/Thin Tall  Shoes-8 Clothes, shoes, sketch books, colored pencils, Stephen King books, winter coat, art supplies, bedding/double bed, bath and body works lotion, nail polish, make up
        Needs household items, pots and pans, dishes, glasses, vacum, microwave, cleaning supplies


The Hall Family
Landon is a 6 year-old little boy who has been in foster care since last October. Landon is an amazing little boy who loves to play with toys and play outside. His foster family would appreciate some extra support this holiday season in order to make it a very happy, joyous holiday for Landon. Landon would love to receive a Lego Ninjago or Minecraft lego set. He also loves the Pittsburgh Pirates, fishing and playing on his Nintendo DS. Adara is a 4 year old, sweet little girl who loves playing with Barbies and dress up clothes. She has been in foster care for a year now and is in need of a lot of love and attention. Adara would love to receive barbies, a tricycle, and winter clothes size 6 or 7. Help make the holiday season a little brighter for this little girl in need. Herma is a 3 year old, cuddly little girl who loves to play barbies and pretend with her big sister. Her foster family would appreciate some additional support this holiday season in order to make it a wonderful Christmas for Herma. She would love to receive anything for dress up such as hair ties and bows, and a car and kitchen for her barbies! Show this adorable little girl you care by making her feel special this Christmas.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Landon M 6 size 7 child jeans, scooter, lego ninjajo lego set, minecraft lego set, baseball glove (right hand), baseball bat and balls, Pirates gear shirt or hat, Nintendo DS games 9any), play dough set
Adara F 4 6/7  Shoes 10.5 barbie doll house, plastic barbies, barbie clothes, tricycle, dress up clothes, books about dinosaurs, hooded, zipped sweatshirts, winter boots, winter or spring pj’s, winter shirts
Herma F 3   Tricycle, barbie dolls, car, barbie play kitchen, barbie clothing, books about animals, hair ties and bows, nail polish, toy make up set, Fisher price little people sets


James Heath
James, a 14 year old waiting for a family to live with, loves to build things with erector sets, lego kits, and nerf toys. This holiday season, as he anxiously awaits a family placement, consider picking up a few gifts for James to make his holiday brighter.


Name Age Gender Size Wish List
James 14 M Youth 16 SL Shirt–Adult Small-Waist 29/30 Nerf Zombie Attack, Lego’s, vehicle kits, erector sets, I Pod


The Howard Family
Miss Howard is a single mother with three boys, currently living in a domestic violence shelter.

Her son, Donté, is 3 years old and his two older brothers, Caden and Christain, spend a lot of time playing with him.  Donté loves to play with Tonka Trucks and Spiderman, and his two older brothers like to help teach him to read and play with dinosaurs. A little holiday help will bring this family a sense of hope and cheer knowing that there are people in their community who care.


Name Age Gender Size Wish List
Donté 3 M Shirt 4T  Pants 4T  shoes 10 Gift card (toys r us), Tonka Trucks, dinosaurs, Leap Frog learning pad, chutes and ladders, flash cards, Candyland, Spiderman super hero, Bike/Bedding (twin size)
Caden 7 M shirt 6T        Pants 6T  shoes 2 Gift Cards (toys r us), Trouble board game, DVD player, Dvd’s (Disney movie)0, Leap Frog learning pad, legos, art kit, keyboard, Bike, Bedding (twin size)
Christain 5 M Shirt 5T  Pants 5T   shoes 13 Gift card (toys r us), guitar, bedding (twin size), Batman action figures, Leap pad learning pad, Karaoke machine with microphone, hot wheel card, art kit, flash cards, science kit, bike


Howe Family
This young single mother and her 5 year old daughter currently live with Grandmother. The family is able to meet all daily needs but struggle for all “extras”.  Little Kendra is slightly behind in learning, and is just beginning preschool. She would absolutely love a few fun surprises under the tree this Christmas!


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Kendra W 5 7/8 pillow pet, flashlight friends (seen on TV), school clothes, wet brush, headbands, Kids cup plates, dinner service, kids recliner chair, crayola art activity, art sets/ supplies, trampoline with handle, Paw Patrol, Dora, bedroom decorations, Comforter (twin), Lamp for bedroom, science kits (age Appropriate)


Jackson Family
These two little boys have been through a lot. Since Dad is struggling with a drug addiction, Mom was finally able to get full custody of her boys and they are transitioning into life with her. She works a minimum wage job but struggles to support the boys with her limited income. Both boys are fun and caring and love to play in the neighborhood with their friends. They would be thrilled to have some new toys and games to play with this Christmas!


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Roy m 11 Medium Boys   9/10 pants   Shoes/6 Remote control cars and helicopters, Angry Birds, Star Ward, heavy blankets, twin-sized sheets and comforters, clothes, socks, towels, shampoo and conditioner, soap, Walmart gift cards.
Rand M 9 5-1/2 shoe   Medium Boys  9/10 pants Minecraft, Star Wards, legos, Call of duty, Halo , Heavy blankets, clothes, twin-sized comforter and sheets, socks, towels, shampoo & conditioner, soap, baking sheets


Joiner Family
Emily is an active and outgoing two and a half year old girl. She loves “cooking” in the pretend kitchen and will share her lovely creations with anyone willing to try an orange and mayonnaise sandwich. Emily also loves all animals, from the tiniest of soft mice to the roaring Stegosaurus. Emily will read and listen to any book with an animal on the cover, but won’t sit still to watch them on television. She is currently living with her aunt, as both of her parents have been in and out of rehabs and jail for the majority of her life. Emily has a seizure disorder, and separation anxiety the can cause her to scream and cry for hours until she has exhausted herself.  Emily’s aunt also took in her older sister years ago, and has fought to keep the girls together through recent ordeals, even with two children of her own in the home. So this holiday season may be a bit small for this family, but if Emily helps bake the Christmas feast, it definitely won’t be a bland one.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Emily F 2.5 3T clothes        8-shoes Baby doll with stroller, fake kitchenette, fake pots and pans, fake food, child’s shopping cart, animal books, /no videos please, simple wood puzzles, child’s nail polish/ no makeup


The Kinder Family
This single mom and her two little girls have recently been faced with homelessness due to domestic violence.  Mom is working very hard to create a new life for her and her girls.  The family has limited support and would like nothing more than to have a nice Christmas together!


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Olive F 22M 2T Convertible car seat, clothes, V Tech or Leap frog dog, bean bag chair, Doc McStuffin toys, Sofia the first toys, Mickey Mouse toys
North F 10M 9-12M Clothes, Space saver high chair/booster seat, V tech sit to stand learning walker, V Tech super star learning table, baby doll, soft blocks, age appropriate toys


The Klemer Family
The Klemer family is comprised of four children. Breanne (9 years) is the oldest. She is very interested in art and she is a girly girl. Mazee (7 years) is the second oldest and she is a very easy going kid. She is very sweet and helpful with her younger brother and sister. Helene (2 years) is a very curious toddler. She is very warm and will come up to you and interact with you to get to know you. Hadley (1 year) is the youngest. He is an active little one and loves his trucks. Mother shares custody of the children with their father and she is struggling financially to provide for them. The family would really benefit from any help to make this Christmas a great experience!


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Mazee F 7 size 7/8 shoes dize 1-1/2 jeans, winter hat & gloves, winter clothes, girly baskets for her room, nail polish, cow girl boots, legos, art kit
Breanne F 9 10/12 clothes            8 pants      shoe size 2 mirror clock, baskets for her room, smelly markers and other art supplies, winter clothes, winter boots, chapter books, kids movies
Helene F 2 2T clothes     shoe size 8 winter clothes, play grocery sets with buggy, dress up clothes, size 4 diapers
Hadley M 1 18M             shoe size 7 winter clothes, hot wheels, toys, tonka trucks, books, blocks, size 4 diapers
        Walmart gift cards, cleaning supplies


Kubic Family
The Kubic family is made up of a single mother and 2 little girls.  This mother has had to be extremely strong for her 2 little ones this past year.  She and her oldest daughters went through a severely abusive situation and are trying to start their lives over again.  Since leaving her husband, this hard-working mother is struggling to pay her rent each month.  She just got promoted from part time to full time at her job and is working to pay off overdue bills.  After having gone through so much, please help this mom provide a perfect holiday for her two girls!


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Connie F 5 6X  XXs shirt   6X pants  Shoes -12 Clothes, boots, anything Shopkins, My Little Pony toys, arts and crafts, loves to color, easel with paper & Paint, rain coat, Frozen Karaoke machine
Ina F 8M 6-9 Month Clothes, snow suit, headbands, walking toys, educational toys, sippy cups, baby utensils & plates, bath toys, books, stacking toys, baby monitor
        Needs pot and pans, dishes, and silverware, towels, Walmart Gift Card


The Lost Family
Carol Anne is a 10 month old beautiful baby girl. She is always smiling and interacting with anyone she comes across. Carol Anne has been in foster care since she was born. Show your support of both Carol Anne and her loving foster family by helping them celebrate the holiday season with love and joy this year!


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Carol Anne F 10M 12M size shoe size 4 educational toys (bilingual), winter clothes, pajamas, winter boots, snow suit


Olly Major
Olly is a fun loving, nearly one year old boy who loves to play. Olly endured brain trauma early in life and is in need of learning and developmental growing toys to help him progress.  His family would love help this holiday season to encourage him in his growth with toys to keep him active so he can grow up to be a strong, spirited boy.


Name Age Gender Size Wish List
Olly 11M M   Fisher Price Baby’s bandstand play gym, interactive boy toys, Fisher Price Rainforest jumperoo, Sit to stand learning walker


The Mayhew Family
Adley is a very sweet, 9 month old baby who recently entered foster care at the end of July. Adley did not come to his foster home with any clothes and he is need of size 9-12 month clothing or shoes for the winter. He is currently delayed in his fine and gross motor skills and could really benefit from any sort of toys that would make him use his little body! He is a very happy, affectionate baby who deserves so much love and support this holiday season.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Adley M 9M 9/12 M winter jacket, sweaters, pants, long sleeve onesies, Infant teepee activity gym, shoes, Sensory toys


The Monte Family
Dannal is a bright and active 12 year-old girl who is very artistic and outgoing. She loves playing with all of the animals that live with her in her foster home. Dannal has been in foster care for over a year, but she finally seems to be finding happiness and comfort in her life. It would put a huge smile on her face to see presents under the tree this Christmas!


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Dannal F 12 7/8 girls shirts 10/12 pants I pod (5th generation), Pet Smart gift card, fluffy rabbit, I Pod case (gold or pink), winter clothes, Fox tail, nerf rebell, Crossbow, volleyball knee pads, art kit acrylic paints, oil pastels, drawing charcoal


Muncher Family
Mr. Muncher has four children. He has 7 years old twin boys, a 10 year old girl and a 4 year old girl.  Dad works hard and is trying to find a better paying job with a future so that he can do more for his children.  At this time, he is having great difficulties just paying the monthly bills, so it is unlikely that he will be able to afford Christmas gifts. Would you help Dad give his four kids a magical Christmas morning?


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Helen F 4 Size 6 Coat (size 6) , top and bottoms, underwear, Frozen toys, girls bicycle w/training wheels, Sophai  toys
Chad M 7 Size 7-8 Pants, shirts & socks, underwear, Winter coat, bicycle
Harry M 7 Size 8 Pants, shirts, underwear, socks, winter coat, bicycle, electronic learning toys
Charity F 10 size 4 boots- size 10 clothes Pants, blouses, shirts, make-up kit, size 4 boots, tablet/computer


Ovette Family
Mom has three very young children and had a hard time getting a job while caring for her kids, but recently found employment.  She works tirelessly to provide for her children, but has very little money left over for toys or presents this holiday season. Would you show this young mother your encouragement by helping her give her children a happy Christmas this year?


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Tony M 2 Shirt-3T



winter coat, hat , gloves, boots, Minions, Minion bedding-toddler, cars, trucks, Mickey Mouse, Goofy, bldg blocks, balls, dinosaurs, clothes, learning toys, Minion book bag, diapers (size 5), wipes, sippy cups, coloring books/crayons, towel & washcloth
Kalie M 8M Shirt-9/12 Month

Pants-9/12 month

coat, hat, gloves, toys that light up, learning toys, diapers (size5), wipes, toddler car seat, pack & play, clothes, books, blankets, bibs, sippy cups, baby spoons, bowls, towl & washcloths, high chair
Donald M 3 shirt-5T, pants-5T, shoes-11 Dinosaurs, batman, ironman, dragons, winter coat, hat, glove, boots, tools, dinosaur bedding/twin, boos, clothes, bike, bike helmet, leaning toys, dinosaur book bag, towel & washcloth


Palmer Family
This family is made up of a single disabled mother and her young autistic son.  This mother recently received news that she will be evicted from her house.  Looking for affordable and accommodating housing on a very limited income has been difficult for this mother.  She has also had a constant battle with getting her car up and running to attend all her medical appointments.  Despite this, she has been working hard in making sure that her son receives all of the therapies he needs in order to learn basic living skills and behave appropriately.  With the eviction and medical bills, this family could use as much help as possible this holiday season.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Terry M 4 Sweat 8/9

7 shirts

8 husky jeans

size 13 shoes

clothes, sweat outfits, pj’s, t-shirts, boots, socks, jacket, Leap Pad and games, Movies (any cartoons, car), remote control car, bike and helmet (training wheels), Lightning McQueen cars bedding set(twin), matchbox cars, race sets, toy box, gift cards (Walmart, Target) bath towels and wash clothes, pot and pans, King size bedding


The Pry Family
This family is struggling to provide for their new baby girl, Aubrey. Mom works a part time job, but Dad isn’t able to work due to intellectual disabilities. They recently moved into a trailer, but have tons of bills and everyday expenses to care for their baby girl. Please help these hard-working parents give their baby a great first Christmas!


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Aubrey F 8M 24 Months Diapers (size 4), wipes, clothes, snow suit, walker, toys that light  up make sounds, socks, blanket, gloves, hat ,learning toys, stuffed animal, baby bath, lotion, power, etc.  Gift card for baby food, snacks, necessities for baby.


Lily Reader
Lily is 16 year-old girl who has been residing in a group home for over a year. She loves listening to music and watching Anime movies. Her favorite is Dragonball Z. Lily would really like some nail polish to paint her nails with. Lily would also like a new pair of hat and gloves to stay warm with this winter!


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Lily F 16   Google play gift card, Body wash, body lotion and perfume, toothbrush with cover, nail polish ,big stuffed animal, Anime movies, My Little Pony blanket, winter hat & gloves


Alanis Robson
At 4 years old, Alanis can often be found playing with legos, begging to play in the snow, or pretending to help her mom make dinner. Alanis’s mom recently became unemployed and as she searches for employment and child care, Christmas gifts are hard to come by. This holiday season, consider helping Alanis’s mom bring a glimmer of hope under their tree.


Name Age Gender Size Wish List
Alanis 4 F 4T/shoes 1 0 Snowsuit, snow boots size 10 toddler, underwear, socks, baby doll & accessories, Duplo Lego sets, play kitchen items, food pot/pans, puzzles, Amazon gift card for educational games, ABC Mouse Subscription for Kindle, Shape sorter, Mr/Mrs Potato Head, Chalkboard/chalk, Child bike seat


The Russell Family
This single mother is trying to find employment and housing for herself and her three year-old. She is working diligently to get back on her feet and provide for her child, but she is worried about being able to provide gifts for her daughter this Christmas.  Please help this mother provide a memorable Christmas for her daughter!


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Doreen F 3 Size 9 shoes/boots Paw Patrol actions figures/toys, Tennis shoes (girlsy, sparks, Princess or Frozen), eductional toys, Ninja turtle toys, farm animal set, sled ,winter boots


The Samuels Family
Antonio is a medically fragile 9- month old who underwent heart surgery and will need another surgery in the future.  He has been in foster care for a short time and his foster family would appreciate some extra support this holiday season.  Antonio would benefit from receiving Fisher Price and V-Tech toys.  Show your kindness this holiday season by giving this baby a great Christmas!


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Antonio M 9m   Fisher Price Dance and Move BeatBo, V-Tech 2-1 Discovery table, Books (hard bound), any baby toys NO CLOTHES PLEASE


Shower Family
This family has had a rough year. They recently lost their 18 month old son who passed away from complications of prematurity and are having trouble pay for all of the funeral expenses. Mom is battling depression and struggles to care for her other children. Both parents are doing their best for the sake of their children but could really use some encouragement and hope this holiday season.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Neil M 3 Clothes 4T winter at, gloves , winter coat, winter footed PJ’s, Batman underwear, socks, books, coloring supplies (anything Batman), Batman figures, toys, puzzles, Batman VS Superman Big figs, Batman plush throw, Batman cuddle pillow, Anything Batman
Olivia F 19M Clothes 18M winter clothes, winter footed pj’s, winter coat, hat, gloves, socks, Musical Rainbow Tea Party, GoGo Smart friends enchanted Princess Palaca, Mini Mouse Twinkle bows, 2-1 play vacuum, Fisher Price Mega Blocks, First Builders, 150 Pieces , books, Mini or Elsa Plush blanket and cuddle pillow


Vern Family
This family consists of two grandparents and 2 young boys.  These wonderful grandparents took in the two boys when no one else could.  The parts of the boys are going through a difficult situation and needed the support of their family.  The grandparents have been struggling financially, but they would never turn their grandsons away.  Since being with their grandparents, the boys have thrived!  They have been enrolled into necessary therapies, the oldest has started school and the youngest (who has previously failed to thrive) is gaining weight and making all of his medical appointments.  These grandparents have really stepped up to help their family and any help they could receive this holiday would be priceless.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Jack M 5 1-2 Shoes        5T Clothes Toddler bed sheets, Super hero, 1-2 winter boots, Snowsuit, size 5T, blackets, superhero, clothes, Paw Patrol toys, Leap Frog, reading toys, Car and race track set, Bug catching kit, games, model car kit for kids
Gage M 2 2T                     9-10 shoes Super Hero toddler bed sheets,9-10 winter boots, snowsuit size 2T, wooden puzzles, child proof cabinet locks for family, Super Hero Blanket, books, outside toys, helmet, clothes, Super Hero toys


Terry Family
Mom, Dad, and baby Sybil have not had an easy path. Sybil was born with a lot of medical issues, which required Dad to stay home and help care for her. Now that Sybil is a bit older, Dad was able to find a new job, but much of his income goes towards his daughter’s medical needs. They would be so grateful for a little extra help this holiday season.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Sybil F 6M 6-9 Month/12 month Clothes, hat, baby swing, high chair, diapers size 2 &3, wipes, sippy ups, baby spoons, plates, and bowls, bouncer, books, bibs, light up fish tank for crib. Bathtub, baby bath soap, bath rags, towels, activity mat. Fleece blankets, soothie binkies22-vent, wubba nub binky holder.


Marsha Vansol
Marsha is a happy and adorable 1 year old. Marsha has spent the entire first year of her life in the hospital. Despite her laundry list of medical issues, she still remains in great spirits and very engaged with anyone who interacts with her. She loves to dance to any music that she hears. Make this fun-loving baby girl extra happy this holiday season!


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Marsha F 1 18M winter clothes, winter coat, educational toys, musical toys


Wells Family
The Wells family is a small family made up of a single mother and her infant daughter.  This mother had a rough childhood growing up and is working hard to make sure that her daughter has a better one.  Over the past few months, this mother has been down on her luck and was forced to bring her baby home from the hospital to a homeless shelter.  With a fast full of addiction and abuse, this mother has made extreme process in providing for her daughter.  She has proven that she is willing to do whatever it takes to find a safe and stable home for her family.  This mother would be beyond grateful for any assistance this holiday season!


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Maddison F 4M 4-6 M walker, stroller, high chair, pink/purple crib sheets, blankets, clothes, jackets, heavy sleepers, snow suit, onesies, bibs, Baby Einstein, caterpillar and friends activity gym, teething rings, diaper bag, carseat cover, avvvent bottles, Leapfrog My Pal Violet, towels

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