"Who the f--- told you that I had no chill? Who the f--- told you we was splitting that bill?"

By Hayden Wright

Nicki Minaj’s new app Nicki Minaj: The Empire arrived early, and downloaders get to enjoy a never-before-heard track, “Ain’t Gone Do It.” The poppy rap number doubles as a feature of the game, which prompts users to record their own raps over various beats and backing tracks. “Ain’t Gone Do It” is just one of the songs fans can choose from as they play by Nicki’s rules.

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Minaj posted a screenshot from Apple’s app store on Instagram to announce the game’s arrival and it seemed to take her by surprise: “Looks like my game/app came early. Honestly didn’t know til a few mins ago.”

The game, which is free to download and features in-app purchases, encourages players to style their own wardrobe, network among Hollywood big wigs, and lay down tracks to build their own “empire.” At least Nicki’s sticking to what she knows best.

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