Clearly, James Corden is a bad influence.

By Hayden Wright

Neil Diamond has been making the late-night rounds to promote his new album Acoustic Christmas and has been willing to get his hands dirty with comedy bits and games. On The Late Late Show with James Corden, Diamond even spoofed his greatest hit, transforming “Sweet Caroline” into “Sweet Christmastime.” The latter is a raunchy retelling of bad decisions at a Christmas party.

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The party begins with shots, eggnog and making out. Suddenly, Fran is touching Stan, sexting Val and kissing Steve.

“Sweet Christmastime—our whole office got so drunk,” goes the ebullient chorus. It’s fun to hear Diamond sing about “hooking up in the supply room,” role play, and “bumping uglies.” Let’s just say it got weird.

Watch Corden and Diamond perform “Sweet Christmastime” here:

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