By Jackson Dodd

As the holidays swiftly approach, an industry-wide shortage of canned whipped cream threatens dessert everywhere.

According to the Chicago Tribune, there’s a national shortage of nitrous oxide, the gas used to make aerosol canned whipped cream.

An explosion in Florida at one of the main nitrous oxide plants seems to be responsible for this whipped cream deficit.

Conagra Brands, the company behind Reddi-wip, says they were affected by the shortage. “It’s in stores now, but we’re encouraging people to buy it early,” Spokeswoman Lanie Friedman told the Tribune.

Other companies are feeling the effects of the shortage, too. The Coffee Bean explained the situation to customers on Twitter, after receiving complaints about beverages missing whipped cream. “There’s a nationwide shortage of nitrous oxide, the gas used to propel whipped cream,” the company wrote.

“There will be a shortage if people buy at the typical levels during the holidays,” Friedman added.


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