But what does the meme mean?

By Hayden Wright

The “Om Telolet Om” meme is mystifying to anyone who hasn’t discovered it yet. Basically, the phrase mimics the sound of customized Indonesian car and horns, and the EDM community began sharing it on Twitter around noon yesterday. Some have literally translated it to “Sir, honk your horn, sir!”

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It’s a meme that somehow defies explanation except that people are saying it and the phrase seems to have turned into an open call for people to dial up the volume on whatever they’re doing. Five Seconds of Summer took the meme to Australia last night and realized that folks on the ground there weren’t quite in the loop.

“Just went outside and yelled om telolet om at a bus,” tweeted Michael Clifford. “obviously hasn’t made it to Australia yet.”

Maybe give it a few days to percolate Down Under.

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