For states that’re perpetually and unpleasantly frigid for most of the year, it may be difficult to parse who has it toughest. It’s not particularly a list you want to win, per se, but we’ve always been told that if we’re going to do something we might as well give it 110%. So if you’re going to winter, you’d better winter hard.

Thrillist ranked every American state by which has the worst winter and the ‘winner’ might surprise you.

Here in the great state of Pennsylvania, we’re sort of average as far as winters go.

According to Thirllist, “Pennsylvania has something of a split winter personality. In the east, you have more of the sharp-elbowed, horn-honking, battery-in-your-face-even-if-you’re-Santa kind of winter depression. Farther inland it’s a bit more of a Midwestern mentality, a kind of “let’s hunker down and get through this” mindset that leads to stuff like just cramming a bunch of French fries inside a sandwich because you’ve basically given up, and losing count of how many pierogies you’ve consumed before deciding that must mean it’s time to start over and order more pierogies.”

But it wasn’t enough to win. Pennsylvania comes it #23 on the list.

First place goes to Minnesota. So, congrats Minnesota, you’ve got the most difficult winter.

Finishing on the medal podium for silver is Michigan then Alaska comes in third. For Alaska, it’s got to be a disappointing finish. Probably how the USSR felt when they lost Miracle On Ice to the Americans in 1980. Something like that.

The big ‘losers’ here are Hawaii, Arizona and California in 50th, 49th and 48th, respectively. The citizens of Hawaii are likely taking this L hard, sitting on some beach somewhere in their average winter temperature of 81 degrees. Must be tough.

Surprisingly Colorado, a state with a big winter, falls in 47th, ahead of places like Florida, New Mexico and Louisiana that rarely see snow. The rationale is how happy winter is in Colorado rather than in North Dakota. Snow is celebrated and enjoyed.

So remember, next time you’re putting on extra layers to go out and shovel your sidewalk or you’re walking with the wind biting your face, it could be worse. We could live in Minnesota.


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