By Kelly

I am not going to lie- I’m a little disappointed my husband’s name isn’t on this list. Puttin’ that out there…

I have no idea what criteria they used in this survey (so take it for it’s worth) but asked 2,000 adults what names make the best husbands and this is what they came up with-

First up, David…then comes Andrew…coming up next is Daniel…followed by Paul…and John…can’t forget William (one of them is a Prince, I mean COME ON!)…and Simon…who doesn’t love a good James?….#9 is Chris….and by the hair on his chinny-chin-chin Stephen comes in at #10.

So there ya go! Is your manfriend on the list? Tweet me @KelOnAir & let me know!

More info on the study and the best WIVES names HERE.


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