Man Concocts (And Shares) Perfect Tinder Message Recipe

Joe Bagel found a blueprint for an icebreaker on Tinder that’ll always get a response, and it’s wonderful.

It’s not creepy, it’s not boring, it’s not overly nice and it’s not vile– it’s just, simply put, perfect. It does it with poetry.

For all you guys who just sighed, thinking it’s out of your tool box, it’s not. I promise. It’s so simple. It’s a name poem, well it’s technical name is acrostic. It’s just like what you did in first grade when you wrote the initials of your name then adjectives next to it, except bonus points for being a bit more complex.

Check it out.

(photo credit:  Joe Bagel)

(photo credit: Joe Bagel)

It’s brilliantly simple, simply brilliant.

Bagel covers himself by saying they won’t always be 100% positive responses, but he’s seemed to get answers 100% of the time and that’s definitely a win.

Better than just saying ‘hey’, that’s for sure.


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