Lady Gaga Talks To Terry Bradshaw About Her Steelers Nation Family

Author: Elista

Today Lady Gaga talked to Terry Bradshaw at her press conference in Houston, and we learned something amazing about Gaga that will make Steelers fans happy.

Terry said this was the first time he’d taken part of something like this and seemed to be a little starstruck.

“You’re the biggest star I’ve ever looked at,” he told Gaga. ” I did sing with one of the Beatles but I screwed the song up.”

During his Q&A with her, Bradshaw immediately brought up his favorite song, “Born This Way” and asked her if she would be singing it along with “Alejandro.”

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Momma Monster didn’t want to give away her Super Bowl setlist, however she talked about her family, who happen to be huge Steelers fans!

She told Bradshaw, “This is a big, big win for me with my Grandma right now because half of my family are massive Steelers fans and she is wiggin’ out on the couch right now watching this.”

“Hey, is she a single lady or,” Terry quickly asked her and the room filled with laughter. Bradshaw laughed and made it clear that he was just joking.

Gaga got her Grandma, a West Virginia native, a birthday shout out and her Mom “A Pittsburgh Gal” —“Yes she is!” an autographed football.

See! Even Gaga’s family wishes the Steelers were playing in the big game too. HERE WE GO GAGA!!!

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