Pentatonix’s New John Lennon Cover Will Give You Goosebumps

Author: Jade Hilliard

Pentatonix, you did it again. Can someone please hand me the tissues?!

There hasn’t been a song by this group that hasn’t given me goosebumps or teary eyes. Every single one of their covers concocts a recipe for musical bliss, in my opinion.

Pentatonix put a brand new spin on a John Lennon classic, “Imagine”.

It can be tough to recreate a classic without making it sound TOO different, but Pentatonix didn’t struggle with that. They were able to stay close to the original, yet make it beautifully unique.

(By the way, I graduated with a minor in music so I like to think I kind of know what I’m talking about. But just a minor… let’s not get crazy).

Not only is it musically powerful, but the message in the video is very powerful, too.

All in all, bravo, Pentatonix. BRAVO.

Grab a box of tissues and watch Pentatonix perform a powerful cover of John Lennon’s “Imagine”.

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