‘Ashley’ / Ondrea Confronts Her Mom On Bubba Show

Author: Melanie Taylor

Last week we talked to Ashley.  She chose to give us a fake name since she was telling pretty personal business on the radio.

Ashley is from VA, but a new Bubba Show listener.   She needed our Bubba Show family to give her advice.  She heard from a great friend that her EX boyfriend was NOW dating her Mom.  She wanted to know what she should do.  Let it go, confront Mom etc.

Well, today she came back on the show LIVE with her Mom.  Her Mom live from her home in VA thought she was playing an on air radio game called “How well do you know your Mom?”

Mom said first and foremost that Ashley’s name was NOT Ashley, but Ondrea.  So, Ondrea proceeded to answer some questions and then the REAL BIG question was asked.  Listen to how it all went down here.

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