Dad Syncs Baby’s Morning Routine to Music (VIDEO)

Author: Jade Hilliard

Baby Kaden LOVES being swaddled while he sleeps, and his daily morning stretch is all of us when we first wake up.

Kaden’s dad, Kent Siri, compiled an adorable video of his son’s daily stretch and synced each morning perfectly to a different tune. The songs and sounds clips are so fitting it HURTS.

Kent posted a comment on his son’s viral video explaining how Kaden has a strong startle reflex, or Moro Reflex, which causes him to jolt at night. Every time he jolts, the poor bugger wakes himself up resulting in a grumpy baby. Kent claims that ever since he began swaddling him, he sleeps so much better!

So keep stretching away, Baby Kaden! We’re so happy you’re sleeping better, and that you blessed us with this adorable video.


– Jade

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