Evgeni Malkin and Phil Kessel Go At It In Latest Team Prank

Author: Katie Zak

Penguins superstar Evgeni Malkin has been out on injury for several games now (hopefully we will see him take the ice again later this week for the start of the Stanley Cup playoffs), but it seems he just can’t stay away from the shenanigans that go on in the locker room with his teammates…

The Penguins played the Devils in New Jersey on Thursday night and unfortunately for Geno there weren’t enough stalls in the dressing room for him and his equipment to have a proper seat for the morning skate, so he was given a wonderful folding chair instead.

The fans may have never known about this if it weren’t for Stanley Cup Champion Phil Kessel and his Instagram where he poked a little fun at #71 for his situation:

Much like when he’s on the ice, Malkin had to get in the final word.

When the team returned to the arena for the 7pm match-up, Phil Kessel had no idea what he was walking into:

While Malkin’s response was creative and hilarious, I believe his caption for the photo gives him the automatic win.

Get our champion some hot dogs!!

And here I didn’t think I could love our Pittsburgh Penguins anymore.

-Katie Zak

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