Woman’s Ex Still Sends Their Dog A Birthday Card Despite Divorce

Author: Jade Hilliard

Animal lovers… our pets hold near and dear to our hearts. There’s no denying that. They’re our furry little children, am I right?!

My 12 year old cat, Oreo, is EVERYTHING to me. My boyfriend and I live together so he jokes that if we were to split up, he’s taking the cat. Which is funny because we didn’t adopt Oreo together. I got him from a friend when I was 11 years old… nice try though Jason 😉

For this couple, however, that’s not exactly the case.

Rebecca and Frankie Hernandez unfortunately split in 2015. No children were effected thankfully, but their puppy child was. Apollo, a stunning pit-bull mix, was adopted by Rebecca and Frankie in 2012 when they first got married.

The split influenced Rebecca to move back to her hometown Mercedes, leaving Frankie in Houston, Texas. The couple then had to decide who was going to take Apollo. Mom was lucky enough to win that battle.

But Frankie didn’t let the divorce and distance get in his way from showing his pup some love.

My ex and I split up two years ago and he still sends our dog, Apollo, a birthday card and gift card to petco on his birthday.💙🐕 #NoBadBlood pic.twitter.com/awUplbnTzC

— RebeccaAlyse🌺 (@BeckzLove) April 18, 2017

Frankie has sent Apollo a card and gift on his birthday for the past two years, and the internet is freaking out over it.

@BeckzLove Lmao that made me tear up

— tatiana. (@teacuptati) April 18, 2017

@BeckzLove I don't know why I'm crying in the club right now. pic.twitter.com/1XURCAJu0B

— ninza nevaeh (@smaxxlls) April 19, 2017

@BeckzLove Me trying to act like I didn't zoom in, read the card, and cry my eyes out pic.twitter.com/e6mzzqP0Ra

— Essence All-Smiles ✿ (@Ess_All_Smiles) April 19, 2017

A PetCo gift card, a cute picture of a puppy dressed as a pirate, and an EXTREMEMLY well thought-out card. I’m speechless. Go big or go home, Frankie!

(Photo Courtesy: Twitter / @BeckzLove)

(Photo Courtesy: Twitter / @BeckzLove)

Rebecca told The Huffington Post, “We both love Apollo. He is our child. It sounds silly to people who aren’t animal lovers, but to us he is family. Our family.”

The internet started begging for this couple to get back together.

@BeckzLove pic.twitter.com/AzUHwbbD3F

— Katee (@KBatee) April 19, 2017

@BeckzLove I can't handle this …get back together please pic.twitter.com/JUUoGgDb7L

— ari🐶 (@Love_Ariii) April 20, 2017

After Rebecca’s post went viral, it gave her the opportunity to have a nice, long phone call with Frankie.

“We haven’t spoken this much in a long time,” Rebecca told The Huffington Post. “It’s just weird how this is bringing us closer again.”

And guess what?! Twitter worked it’s magic and THEY’RE BACK TOGETHER!!

👀 #TwitterHelpingMendMarriages ??? pic.twitter.com/7K7V0Rtvvc

— RebeccaAlyse🌺 (@BeckzLove) April 22, 2017

Seriously, thankful he is back in my life. Get you a man who hypes you up like this! Just not my man.😪💗😍 pic.twitter.com/tleGfUJ1Yu

— RebeccaAlyse🌺 (@BeckzLove) April 29, 2017

Twitter LITERALLY mended a marriage. The bonding between her post going viral and their dog child actually worked. Congrats, Rebecca and Frankie! This is a modern love story at it’s finest, folks.

– Jade

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