A Hollywood, Florida man was arrested after posing as Adele’s manager.

Justin Jackson attempted to score tickets to see Kendrick Lamar at Miami’s Rolling Loud hip-hop festival this weekend by emailing Lamar’s manager as Adele’s manager, Jonathan Dickens. According to the Miami Herald, Dickens suspected the email was fraudulent and contacted the police, who then set up a sting to catch Jackson. As they tried to enter the concert, Jackson and his wife were arrested for grand theft and identity theft charges.

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According to authorities, this isn’t the first time Jackson and his wife impersonated someone. The conman posed as a rep for Madonna, Oprah Winfrey’s nephew and an aide to Barack Obama, all in the name of scamming free stuff.

justin jackson miami dade police Man Posing as Adeles Manager Arrested, Again

Courtesy Miami-Dade Department of Corrections




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