NSFW Orange Is The New Black New Trailer For Season 5

Author: Melanie Taylor

I don’t want to rush the next few months!  I mean life moves too fast to begin with.  But, on June 9th Season 5 of Orange Is The Black is out on Netflix!

Let the binge watching begin for me!  I have issues.  I know.  It is good to watch other peoples issues!  HA! I just finished Breaking Bad, 13 Reasons Why, Top Of The Lake, Doctor Foster and now I’m on Shameless.  I do have a life and kids and I am busy, but somehow someway I find 45 minutes to an hour before bed (sometimes I fall asleep and have to rewatch it) to watch!

Hoping I can get OITNB Season 5 done in no time!

Here is the new trailer for it!  Watch it here.





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