"My heritage and my culture are such a big part of who I am."

By Robyn Collins

Former Fifth Harmony member Camila Cabello sat down with actress Diane Guerrero to discuss their experiences and influence as Latinx women, for Teen Vogue.

When asked about opportunities and responses that have come her way since becoming public about her parent’s immigration status, the singer shared, “I think for me, the best part is when you hear from fans. I know one fan specifically who came from Mexico, and I always saw her in New York working to get extra money for her family.

“I love how proud she was, especially to be Mexican and to be somebody that’s trying to create a better future for themselves in the states. I thought that was really special.”

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Cabello discussed how important her culture is, “My heritage and my culture are such a big part of who I am. I’ve just been trying to incorporate it into my music — I’m actually in the process of finishing a song that is about my story and how my family came here. A lot of people didn’t even know that I was Latina before I started talking so openly about it.”

Guerrero made the point that if the minorities joined together they would become the majority. She also said, “We have such a large [Latinx] community. And if we decided that we didn’t want to see this movie anymore because we don’t see ourselves represented, believe me, we could shut stuff down. If little Latino boys and girls saw ourselves as lawyers and doctors and teachers and activists on television, then maybe it would help promote change and advancement in our community.

To which the singer responded, “Honestly, you couldn’t have said it better.”

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