Honor Student Not Allowed To Graduate For Wearing ‘Revealing’ Shirt (VIDEO)

Author: Kelly

Excuse me?

This is Summer! She is a senior in high school, on the honor roll, and has multiple scholarships. Well, she DID until her school principal decided to suspend her for 2 weeks and not let her graduate because she went against the dress code (showing collarbones is illegal, obviously).

Now before you go all ‘this is the school’s rules- she should have followed them’…she was asked to put on a jacket, she did, and when that wasn’t good enough for the principal, once of the security guards said ‘come to the control room to change your outfit or we will ARREST you’.

This is almost too bonkers to handle. This girl worked for 4 years to get a 4.4 GPA and she isn’t allowed to walk across that stage because her shoulders were exposed. Can we all agree this could have been handled another way?!

What do you think?

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