By Melanie Taylor

Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final between the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Nashville Predators was interrupted briefly when Predators fan Jacob Waddell threw a catfish onto the ice.

Tradition or not… we had to get the Nashville Predators fan on Bubba Show to ask him about it. Waddell agreed and gave Bubba Show his first Pittsburgh interview this morning (May 31).

Jacob brought the catfish from Nashville and stuffed it in his pants to get it inside PPG Paints Arena. Once inside, he used a Penguins t-shirt and towel that fans were given as they entered to hide the fish until he threw it onto the ice.

Bubba Show: Have you lost your mind?

Jacob Waddell: Yes, absolutely, I have. What little I have has been lost at this point.

BS: Well, at least you can admit it.

BS: We’ve heard bits and pieces of the story. How does one get a catfish into the PPG Paints Arena?

JW: I drove it up from Nashville, so that it’d be authentic and make it more original.

BS: Did you have it on ice?

JW: I had it on ice and it was soaking in cologne and body spray so that it wouldn’t have that dirty fish smell when I tried to sneak it in. I gutted it to an extent, cut some of the spine out of it because the one I got was entirely too big to try to hide. I ran it over with my truck twice to try to flatten it out.

BS: Wait a second, you ran over the catfish with your truck twice to flatten it out so you could fit it where?

JW: So that i could vacuum seal it and, I thought, put it in my boot. It didn’t fit in the boot, so I got some compression shorts and let’s say, the tail was down the back of the left thigh and the head of the fish was in no man’s land.

BS: So, when did you put the fish in your pants?

JW: I put the fish in my pants right before I entered the arena, so it was in there for 15 minutes.

BS: You threw the fish in the second period right?

JW: Yeah, I threw it in the second period, correct.

BS: So you had to sit through the entire first period of the hockey game and the intermission with a catfish in your pants?!

JW: No. So, that’s the best part. When we walked in the arena, they gave us the towel and a t-shirt. So with their giveaway, we went and found our seats way up high. The guy I was with was drinking a beer, so I took the tab off his beer and went to the bathroom. I got the catfish from where it was, cut it out of the sealed package and then wrapped it in the towel and t-shirt.

BS: You’re like the Nashville MacGyver.

JW: (laughs)

BS: What’s the purpose of the catfish?

JW: You know, we’re southern and the Red Wings threw the octopus or squid with the eight legs because back in the day you had to win eight games to win the Stanley Cup. They came here and were known as the “Predwings” because they took over our arena and we were like, screw this we’ll start our own tradition. Everybody here loves catfish, especially fried catfish, and there’s a lot of it around here so why not throw a catfish?

That’s when the smack talk started between Bubba and Jacob.

Bubba: I just have to say that any team that throws a catfish on the ice doesn’t have a shot in hell at winning the Stanley Cup, I’m just saying.

JW: (laughs) Well, you know a lot of people said we didn’t have a shot to get there [Stanley Cup Final] too.

Bubba: Let’s not forget the most important part of this… Penguins eat fish.

JW: They do. And the bad thing is catfish are bottom feeders man, we’re the 16th seed, we’re the 8th seed out of the west, so we feed at the bottom and the cream rises to the top when it needs to.

According to, Waddell was removed from the arena Pittsburgh Police charged him with “disrupting the hockey game, disorderly conduct, and using the dead catfish to commit the other two crimes.”


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