By Elista

Before Ed Sheeran had the hottest album on the planet, he covered some of our favorite artists, and he’s seriously amazing.

Sometimes when I’m scheduling music I just listen to random mashups, duets, covers, etc. and yesterday for about two hours I let Ed Sheeran covers pop up.

Daaaaamn I remember him covering songs years ago when we brought him in but seriously he can sing every song out there.

Just appreciate his talent for a minute and enjoy…

Ed + Beyonce

Ed + James Bay

I remember him doing this a few years ago in the Burgh, but it never gets old!

Ed covering Britney Spears’ “Baby One More Time” at Heinz Field

This might’ve been from when he was in our theatre...

Ed rapping Eminem lyrics…

Ed covering 50 Cent…

Ed + Fetty Wap = Cover King…


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