By Melanie Taylor

Pens fan Rebecca Raetz is from Illinois and she is the BIGGEST Pens fan!  Since 2007 she has been a fan because of her husband.

“My husband grew up watching hockey. He started watching when he was probably 3 or 4 back in the Jagr and Lemieux days and when I started dating him back in 2007, he got me obsessed with hockey,” she said.

She was at Game 1 on Memorial Day and it wasn’t her first Pens game. “We went to Game 1 last year and have been to five other games since then and, I mean, we weren’t going to pass another opportunity to see our guys in action.”

Following the game, Rebecca said since they were staying at the Cambria Suites next door to the arena, they hung out and waited to see the players leave. That wait lasted about 90 minutes.

“Finally the security guards came out and said that Sid was gonna be leaving and that he was gonna pick a couple people to go up and meet him. So he picked two little kids and I think I stared with a pouty face long enough that he picked me and let me come up.”

“I walk up to his car and I hand him a silver sharpie and my black hat for him to sign and my silver marker wouldn’t work. I was trying to think of what else I could have signed because I was wearing a black shirt & black hat.”

She came up with a solution.

“I just told Sid, you’re just gonna have to just sign my arm and as soon as I get home I promise I’ll get it tattooed on,” she said.

“He just smiled and nodded and said ‘okay’ – he’s just so sweet. I couldn’t even think of a lot to say to him because I was so nervous.”

Well, she did!

rebecca Fan Gets Sidney Crosby Autograph Tattoo
(pic courtesy Rebecca Raetz)

Pure perfection babe!

You will hear how much this tat was worth and who did it for her! Let’s just say it was PRICELESS!


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