Rose discusses parenting and explaining to her son what certain body parts do.

By Rahul Lal

Amber Rose has been learning more and more every day on how to be a better parent for her son, Sebastian. Every parent has their own style but being open about sensitive topics such as the human body and sexuality is important to Amber. She discussed talking through things with her son on the latest episode of Loveline on CBS Radio’s podcast network.

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“You’re going to run into so many things,” she said. “My son does it to me all the time. When I go pee, he likes to look under and he’s like ‘mommy, can I watch you go pee? Can I look at it and see it come out?’ It’s just moments like that where you’re like ‘well, I don’t really want you to look under there.’ At the same time, I tell him I have a vagina, he has a penis and I tell him that babies come out, I literally explain everything to my son.”

When children ask these questions there is a genuine curiosity. Amber’s co-host Dr. Chris Donaghue, a licensed sex therapist, spoke about this curiosity coupled with a lack of information leads people to his office later in the life.

“If they had shamed it, said we don’t talk about that, it’s disgusting, don’t touch that, what it looks like 30 years from now is that child in my office as an adult unable to orgasm, not comfortable being sexual with a male or female, whoever they choose. All sorts of horrible things happen because, as a kid, they weren’t allowed to be like ‘what’s that? That’s your b—h—.'”

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