[PHOTO]: Lady Gaga’s Hiking Outfit Is More Extra Than Your Weekend Attire

Author: Jade Hilliard

Alright Lady Gaga. You did it. You found a way to make me feel terrible about myself for not putting makeup on and dressing like a QUEEN every single day of my life. Just when I thought I was finally trying harder, too…

The internet is freaking out over Lady Gaga’s recent hiking attire alongside her beau, Christian Carino.

If there’s anyone on the planet who would be SUPER extra simply to go hiking, it would be Miss. Gaga. So I’m not even surprised by this.

One twitter user was spot on with his tweet:

Gaga: walks down the street in NY wearing sneakers and a ball cap

Gaga: takes private hike wearing $1,000 Louboutins and couture pic.twitter.com/psjg5Tx7oE

— Little King (@ryanpruneau) June 23, 2017

Seriously though… maybe she got her outfits mixed up because Street Gaga and Hiking Gaga seem to be a little confused about who is who.

Twitter user, @lllchrisllll, posted screenshots of an article from BuzzFeed, and her reaction is all of us.

Gaga is SLAYING this HIKE honestly speechless, letting the captions talk for themselves pic.twitter.com/uvNfPQnxqp

— Kitty Girl (@lllchrisllll) June 22, 2017

If there’s one thing we learn from this it’s that we should slay the day no matter what we’re doing. Do you, Lady Gaga! SLAY BABY!

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