Someone Photoshopped ‘DINOSAURS’ into ‘Jurassic Park’!

Author: Maria D'Antonio

OK – I will admit that this made me laugh A LOT harder than it should’ve, but I can’t help it! It combines two of the BEST things from the 90’s in the BEST way!

Remember that show ‘DINOSAURS’?

Some genius on Twitter (@thisjenlewis) took the characters from that show and photoshopped them into scenes from ‘Jurassic Park’!!!

It’s GOLD, I swear! Remember the scene where the guy is sitting on the toilet after the T-Rex destroyed the building around it? WELL, now it’s not a scary T-Rex, but the dad from ‘DINOSAURS’, just standing there, in his flannel, wavin’ hello! LOLOL DEAD.

Check out all the photos below – dare you not to laugh!

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