Pro Wrestler The Honky Tonk Man Had Greatest Time Working With Bruno Sammartino

Author: Melanie Taylor

Former WWE superstar, The Honky Tonk Man said he had the greatest time wrestling Pittsburgh native Bruno Sammartino when he was in-studio with Bubba Show today (June 30).

“We did Pittsburgh, we did Baltimore, Boston, and New York two different times and only had two weeks to promo it, not a whole month to do it like they normally would. Only two weeks and we sold out all of those venues each time I did it with Bruno and it was fabulous. I enjoyed it. He had fun doing it because he had retired and didn’t really want to come back. We’ve had a great rapport since then. He’s just a first class gentleman.”

Honky Tonk said he loved Bruno’s in-ring work too, “He looked so vicious and everything he did looked really, really good and it didn’t hurt you at all.”

At Bubba’s urging, Honky Tonk Man told a quick story of how one wrestling superstar did hurt him. “Jimmy Snuka did chop me across the nose once. And then he picked me up, slams me and does the splash and the blood went everywhere out of both nostrils and the referee came back and he said it looked like someone stomped a tomato.”

The Honky Tonk Man was in Pittsburgh for his one-man show in which he tells behind the scenes stories from the world of professional wrestling. Find out more about the show on his website,

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