By Melanie Taylor

Charlie Puth has been working with Pharrell Williams this year. While nothing has come out of the collaboration just yet, Puth told Bubba Show that Pharrell is “one of the best vibes around the music industry.”

Working with one of the best does come at a small price. “He has triplets so he can’t start at normal musician time, so we started working at 6am every day,” Puth said. While a 6am start time may not be high up on most people’s list of things to do, Puth said that because it’s Pharell, it’s all good.

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That early start time could very well explain the 6am reference in this tweet from earlier this year:

Pharrell’s not the only artist Charlie has worked with. One collaboration that Puth said he’ll always remember is working with Wiz Khalifa (“See You Again”). “It happened very unconventionally. I wrote the song in a completely different state than where he was at and then sent it to him and he put his vocals somewhere completely different and we kind of put it together. When I was producing out the record, we took his vocals, I don’t know where he recorded them and we just like kind of Frankensteined together. We were never actually in the same room.”

Charlie will be in Pittsburgh on August 20th for a show with Shawn Mendes at PPG Paints Arena.


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