By Jade Hilliard


Patrick Gill is the mastermind behind this awkward creation. He launched a new weekly Twitter show for Polygon , called “Please Retweet,” and this is his first episode.

IT’S NINTENDO’S TOAD. WITH. LEGS. HAIRY legs for that matter. And why is he wearing a diaper?! Regardless of what he’s wearing, CLEARLY, Toad doesn’t skip leg day; a lesson I need to learn myself.

What is happening here?!

Others have been joining in on the fun and creating their own version of Toad.

Let’s be honest here. I’m slightly uncomfortable, and I don’t think I can ever choose Toad as my Mario Kart driver ever again.

Patrick Gill is trying SO HARD to get Nintendo to retweet his hairy-legged Toad. What do you think? Should Nintendo grant him the retweet?


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