By Jade Hilliard

Being a celebrity doesn’t always mean being an above-average person. When they go to restaurants, they tend to act just like any other guest, and these leaked notes are about to prove that.

I spent some dreaded time in the restaurant industry, and these notes may or may not resemble actual notes I’ve written about some past guests.

It’s very common for restaurants to use systems that allow guests to make reservations, but most importantly, lets employees create notes about their guests so the whole staff knows what they’re dealing with.

Restaurant staff’s are like family. They make jokes and do anything they can to get through a hectic dinner rush together. So creating hilarious notes in a PRIVATE system adds to the odd sense of humor most servers have, but the keyword here is PRIVATE.

Hannah Goldfield, an author for The New Yorker, was accidentally sent a spreadsheet from a mystery restaurant with over 30,000 entries about their never-ending A-list guests, according to E!Online. She posted the thread to Twitter, and, well… enjoy.

The spreadsheet talks about several A-list celebrities and continuously refers to them being “86’d.”

In the restaurant industry, “86’d” is commonly used to let employees know what items have been eliminated or have run out. However, when a past restaurant knew I was quitting, the servers wrote “86’d – Jade” real big on the white board. In the case of THIS spreadsheet, “86’d” is used in the context of the latter… the celebs aren’t welcomed back.

And I saved the best for last:

Celebrities went as far as using code names. These people have all the money in the world, yet one only tipped $11 on a $200 bill. To make matters worse, a different guest walked out on a $2,000 check and didn’t pay until the cops chased him down.

Some classy, A-list celebs right here. Now we’re left forever wishing the names were released with the descriptions, too.


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