If you can hacky sack, you too can master this dance, according to Ne-Yo.

Do you know how to play hacky sack? Then you can dance like Ne-Yo, or so he says.

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The singer/songwriter stopped by The Trend and showed host Rebecca Granet exactly what he means by that.

The move he’s talking about is featured in his new video for “Another Love Song,” which was released today (July 28).

Ne-Yo gave Rebecca a sneak peek and showed her the signature move that he says everyone will be doing this summer.

“It’s a move that my choreographer found,” Ne-Yo says. “She’s really good for finding what the next thing is going to be… When you see me do this dance, look at the guy to my right! He’s doing it right and I’m doing it wrong as hell—and they kept it in the video. I don’t know why they kept it, cause I’m doing it completely wrong but he’s doing it right.”

We think the World of Dance judge did just fine. Check out Ne-Yo’s new video below.

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