WATCH: Two-Year Old Girl Fights Back Tears For Animated Dinosaur

Author: Jade Hilliard

My heart is BURSTING!

Twitter user, @emilybroderick, shared a viral video that her mother sent her. It showcases her two-year-old niece, Jentree , who seems to be pretty upset!(Love that name, by the way).

Broderick said little Jentree is crying, because the dinosaur fell and lost his mom! MY. HEART. HURTS.

My mom sent me this video of my 2 year old niece jentree watching a movie and crying because the dinosaur fell and lost his mom…my heart 😭

— m (@emilybroderick) September 19, 2017

From the looks of it, the movie they’re watching is Disney Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur . Great choice. Don’t ask me how I know that 😉

Sympathy is not synonymous with empathy. A lot of people have sympathy for others, but not everyone can actually put themselves in the shoes of others and feel their pain. The fact that this girl is feeling empathetic at such a young age is BEAUTIFUL.

EMPATHY!! SO important to teach your kids. Not everyone has empathy, & it is so damn beautiful this girl does at such a young age ❤️😭

— Jade Hilliard (@jadeonyourradio) September 21, 2017

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