Millie Bobby Brown Meets Drake in Australia

Author: Jade Hilliard

If you’re a huge fan of the Netflix original series, Stranger Things, then you’re a huge fan of Millie Bobby Brown. The two are one in the same. You can’t love Millie without Stranger Things, and vice versa.

Millie Bobby Brown plays Eleven in the Netflix original, the young girl with intense mind powers who can communicate with “The Upside Down.”

Millie has also been known to rap. Let me rephrase… this 13 year old CAN rap. So hanging out with a famous rapper was bound to happen, right?

Late last night social media blew up with posts from Millie Bobby Brown and Drake HANGING OUT in Australia. I can only imagine how Mike feels right now…

This guy…❤️

— Millie Bobby Brown (@milliebbrown) November 11, 2017

Look at that smile on Drake’s face! He’s as happy as any of us would be if we had the chance to meet THEE Eleven herself.

Two of the most powerfully emotional people have gotten together. That only means one thing… they’re the only ones who can save us from “The Upside Down” in the third season of Stranger Things (just kidding… or am I?!)

If you didn’t believe me when I said Millie could rap, check her out on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon late last month. ENJOY!

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