Support “Hope for the Holidays”, a Christmas Gift Drive For Project STAR of The Children’S Institute.  Project Star serves local foster and adoptive families of children with special needs or circumstances.  These gifts maybe the only thing these children have as part of their new life in Foster Care.

Look through the families’ stories and wish lists, then call 412-353-1173 for Celeste or 412-353-1151 for Michelle to donate an individual item or sponsor an entire family or child. The deadline to bring in donations is 5:00pm on Monday, December 11, 2017.

Gifts must be brought, unwrapped, to:

 Star – Foster Plaza Building #5, Second Floor
651 Holiday Dr.
Pittsburgh, PA 15220

Project STAR at The Children’s Institute of Pittsburgh promotes the right of all chil dren to grow in safe, nurturing, lasting families. We do this through family placement services, family preservation services and family enrichment services.
 Programs focused on adoption and foster care help build families while in-home services strengthen families who are at risk.

All of our programs give parents the knowledge, skills, support and hands-on training that they needed to meet their child’s special needs. Many of our Project STAR families are dealing with extremely difficult issues. Homelessness, mental illness, drug and alcohol addiction, medical disabilities, lack of transportation and extreme poverty are not uncommon for the families we serve. While they struggle to provide even the most basic necessities for their families, they also want to make sure their children experience a joyful holiday season.

To learn more about The Children’s Institute and Project STAR go to .

*** The names of these families have been changed to protect their identity.


This is an intact family with mother, father and three teenage children who recently encountered problems with housing and are now homeless. They are working very hard to obtain housing and both parents are working. The children are all achievers in school and they like normal teenage things like video games, movies and sports.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Rachelle F/W 14   Forever 21 gift card, target gift card, tablet PC, Rue21 Gift card
Corey M/W 17   Video game exchange gift card, DSW gift card, Target gift card,  Tablet PC
Steve M/W 13 Mens Med. Video game exchange gift card, , Target gift card,  Dicks gift card,  Tablet PC, Winter coat


Lilly is a 16-year-old teenage mother to her one-year-old daughter, Natalie. Lilly is a very bright young lady who is trying her best to be a great parent. Lilly receives no support from the father. Lilly’s mother provides support, but is on a fixed income and suffering from her own mental health needs.  At this time, Lilly doesn’t work because she is trying to stay focused on finishing high school.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Lilly F/W 16 Size med-lg junior,   shoes 7 1/2-8 Ugg Boots, Leather Boots, leather Jacket, Black t-shirts, socks, Makeup. Black eye contacts, head phones, Bath and Body Works gift cards.
Natalie F/W 9m 18-24m Onesie and pants, Shoes and outfits, Radio Flyer® 4-in-1 Stroll ‘N Trike – Pink. Fisher-Price Beatbox DLXFisher-Price Baby’s First Block, Anything girly, Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat, Diapers and wipes


This is a loving family of three that has been struck hard by the opioid epidemic this year. Mom and Dad are still struggling to find jobs and could use the help to give their son a wonderful Christmas. During their visits with Steve, they watch him stack his toys on top of one another and think he would love a new block set! Scott also loves to be read to by Mommy and Daddy while he lays down for a nap and could use more stories to help him sleep. Steve also loves to learn new things, but doesn’t have many educational toys that could teach him something new. Steve also loves to drool all over his clothes and needs to be changed quite often throughout the day. His size for shirts and pants is 18-24 months.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Steve M/W 1 18-24m Musical toys, Blocks, VTech® Drop & Go Dump Truck, Bright Starts™ Play Books, Fisher-Price Kick N Play Crib Piano, Baby swing, Diapers and wipes, Winter clothes


Mom is a single mother of three children – ages 4, 8, and 16. She is trying to take care of her children on part-time job income and child support, when she receives it. She is also currently in treatment.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
John M/W 8 9 pants Med shirt , 4 shoes Tablet, Laptop, Star Wars toys, Game Stop gift card, Toys R Us gift card, Bike, Drone, Scooter, Legos, Nerf guns, Winter coat , hoodies, winter boots
Jarred M/W 5 6 Pants    Small shirts, 1 Shoes Tablet, Laptop, Star Wars toys, Game Stop gift card, Toys R Us Gift card, Bike, Drone, Scooter, Legos, Nerf guns, Winter coat , hoodies, winter boots
Heidi F/W 16 XS-S tops  0 or 24inch pants   shoes 7 1/2 ULTA Gift Card, Chi hair straighter, Forever 21 gift card, Victoria Secret gift card, Ugg Boots


Ms. Dean is a single mother of three children – Jean, 5; Charlie 2; and Jerry, eight-weeks-old. All three of the children’s fathers are not involved. Mom suffers from PTSD and depression.  Mom currently is living with family members until she is approved for low-income housing. She would love to give her children a nice Christmas but, unfortunately, all of her money is going to trying to save to move into housing when it becomes available.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Jean F/B 6 12/14 Girls     Shoes 2 Timberland boots, sweat suits , blue jeans,  Disney  princess toys. Nail sets and polish, Tattoos set, Kindle tablet
Charlie M/B 2 3T-4T   Shoes 9 Toddler Timberland boots with buttons , sweat suits, blue jeans, Shirts, Laugh and Learn stage chair,  Little  Tykes, educational toys,
Jerry` M/B 8w 12m Sleepers, Jeans shirts, high chair , swing, infant toys, diapers and wipes,


This family has had a tough year. The opioid epidemic has hit them hard and Mom is having a hard time getting back on her feet. Mom is a hardworking single mom trying to give her three children a wonderful Christmas, but she could use some help. Nate is a 17-year-old who loves to drive around and listen to music. To make his Christmas great, gift cards for GetGo and iTunes would be appreciated. Hailey is a fun-loving 6-year-old girl who loves to play with dolls, Shopkins, and Little Pet Shop. She also loves to play soccer and gets her clothes grass-stained all the time. Her sizes in shirts and pants are both small. Little Danny is a 5-month-old boy who is drooling all over his clothes because he is teething! He wears 6-12 month old clothes and loves the feeling of soft things. He also loves to play with touch-and-feel books when Mommy is reading to him. Danny isn’t picky when it comes to toys, but he loves anything that plays music, and loves to dance when he hears them!


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Nate M/W 17 Shirts xl Socks size 13, GetGo gift cards, iTunes gift cards
Hailey F/Biracial 6 Shirts-S  Pants-S Shopkins, Little Pet Shop, American Girl Doll and accessories ,twin bedding set, Fuzzy bathrobe, and slippers
Danny M/Biracial 5m 6-12m Onesies shirts pants, teether toys,  Play mat, Books and DVDs, Walmart,  Target and Toys R Us gift cards


This family consists of four young children with special needs and two parents working their hardest to ensure that all their children’s medical and behavioral needs are being met. After being admitted in the hospital during her pregnancy, this mother was unable to stay home and help take care of the children. Their father made the only decision he could and moved in with his parents so that he could have assistance. With two children with autism and a newborn with severe medical needs, this family is searching for a home big enough to accommodate everyone. All of their money is going towards medical bills, specialized formula, and transportation to a multitude of doctor’s appointments out of county. Please help make sure these special children have a wonderful and exciting holiday season.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
James M/W 3 3-4T    12 Shoes Twin bedding sets Lighting McQueen, Orbies,  Thomas the train sets,  Lightning McQueen riding toys, Winter clothing, shirts pants and Pjs,
Josh M/W 4m 0-3  3-6 Winter clothing  onzies, sleepers,  Play mat,  Rattles, WubbaNub Infant Pacifier holder,  Crib padding Monkey theme,  Crib and Mattress,  Baby cath supplies, soaps and lotions,  towels and wash cloths, Changing pad,
Jared M/W 2 3T   7-8 Shoes ball pit, bouncy toys,  Melissa and doug puzzles,  paw partol toys and movies,  Thomas the train toys,  Twin bedding set thomas the train set or paw partol,  little tikes toys for outside,  Toddler convert 5 harness booster seat.
Sadie F/Biracial 7 7 Slim   shoes 2 Winter clothes and jacket, school clothes  pants and shirst,  American girl doll and accessories,  baby doll stroller , Hatchemal, craft supplys,  disney movies,  dvd player,  Leap pad and games,


Mother is currently raising her four children by herself, along with helping to care for her brother who is disabled. Two of the mother’s children are developmentally delayed and her youngest was born premature. The children receive services during the week, which makes it difficult for the mother to get a job. The mother could really use some help with getting the children gifts for the holidays.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Aleah F/B 7m 3-6m Fisher-Price Learn with Me Zebra Walker,learning table,LeapFrog Learn & Groove Musical Table
Jessica F/B 12 xl Womans Victoria secret clothing or Gift cards, Rue 21 Gift cards, Bath and body  works, Tablet
Tyron M/B 2   Loves the minions and charlie brown,  Bicycle with training wheels,  Fisher price basketball hoop,
Jada F/B 11   Victoria secret clothing or Gift cards, Rue 21 Gift cards, Bath and body  works, Tablet


The Hacketts are a growing family of five with another on the way. While Dad is working, Mom is home taking care of the kids, one of which has a few medical conditions that has compromised his immune system. With Dad being the only one able to work, it has made it difficult for the family to make ends meet. Ally is a 12-year-old, sassy girl who loves to be creative. Whether she’s making crafts or beautifying herself with makeup, she always shows off her creative style. When she isn’t being creative, she is sitting down with a good book and getting lost reading teenage fantasy stories. Karen is a nine-year-old girl who looks up to her bigger sister. Just like Ally, Karen loves to get crafty and paint. When she isn’t painting, she is watching Monster High videos on YouTube. Four-your-old little brother Zain has a hard time playing outside for a long period of time due to his medical history. While inside, he watches Paw Patrol, PJ Masks, and Star Wars until you make him turn it off. He loves to play with cars and trucks. Zain builds with anything that he can find, so Legos would make a great gift.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Zain M/W 4 size 3 Shoes 10 1/2-11 Paw Patrol toys, PJ Mask toys,  Star Wars toys, Legos, cars and trucks, twin bedding, winter clothes and shoes
Karen F/W 9 Size 8 Shoes 4 1/2 Monster High dolls and toys, twin bedding, girly clothes, shoes, Kindle tablet, crafts and painting supplies
Ally F/W 12 Adult shirts M Pants 10/12 Adult, Shoes 9 1/2 Art supplies and crafts, makeup and nail polish, twin-size bedding, Monster High toys, Kindle tablet, teenage fantasy books.


Maddy  is a 15-year-old who has been the victim of sexual and physical abuse multiple times. Maddy has a younger brother who has severe behavioral concerns. Their mother suffers from multiple physical disabilities and works hard to balance Maddy’s counseling appointments along with her brother’s behavioral needs. The family struggles financially and their mother would love to be able to provide a special Christmas for the two children after a difficult year for the family.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Maddy F/W 15 Women’s 3-5  small in Shirts   shoes 10-11 cheetah Print Quesn sheet set,  Coookie sheets, She loves cats and Unicorns, Blueray dvds,  Winter coat, Bike ,winter clothes, tablet.
 Family       Carpet scrubber,  gift card to walmart.swiffer and cleaning supplies,  gift card to shop and save,
Mikey M/W 5 7/8 Shirts     6 Slim pants 2 shoes Paw patrol toys, track- Rubble’s rescue Playset and race track, Cars the movies, Queen shseet sets,  Winter coat,winter clothes and shoes,  Bike  Bubble machine, tablet


Jake is a 16-year-old male who was just reunited with his father.  His father just had back surgery and cannot work, but wants Jake to have a nice Christmas and would appreciate the help.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Jake M/B 16 Mens med    Pants 32×32 Shoes 12.5m Decoy ripped jeans, beat headphones, Block ops 2 Game for PS3,  PS3 head set and controller, NBA 2K16 For PS3,WWE 2k15-14 for PS3, Call of duty modern warfare 2, Gamestop gift card, Nike elite soaks. Winter clothes,  winter coat hat and gloves, Pittsbugh steeler jeesry, Football arm, sleeves and leggings, walmart gift card.


Mother and father have completed drug and alcohol treatment successfully and are in the process of working in reunification efforts so that their children can return to their care full-time. The family has been able to move into a house that is more appropriate for their large, young family but that leaves little money for extras. The parents would really love to give their kids a wonderful Christmas together in their new home.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Ally F/W 1 24m  Shoes 6 Paw Patrol toys,  Minnie mouse toys, Winter clothes coat and boots, Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Stroller Styled Walker, twin bedding, Pjs,
Bennie M/W 4 8 Peppa Pig toys,  Toy dirt Bike, Ninja turtle toys, winter coat and colthes and boots,  Leap frog, Twin bedding , PJs
Jack M/W 2 3T  shoes 10 Paw patrol toys  Peppa pig toys,  winter clothing, coat and boots, twin bedding, PJs Tablet


Mahranda is currently pregnant and the single mother of a one-year-old daughter, Maya. Mahranda currently is not working, but receives government assistance. Mahranda has limited family support and her children’s father is incarcerated.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Maya F/B 1 18m Toddler bed and comforter set, Baby dolls and clothes, educational toys, shoes and pant set, winter clothes.


Jones #2
This family of three is having a rough year. Dad has been trying to get caught up on bills so he can give the kids the Christmas they deserve, but it has been hard. Dad has been diagnosed with a gastrointestinal disease since he was born and is in and out of the hospital due to complications. Ryan is a seven-year-old boy who loves to watch WWE. When he isn’t watching wrestling, he is trying to climb the walls like Spiderman and playing with any car that he can. Ryan does not need any clothes. Heidi is his six-year-old sister who can keep up with boys. She loves Hot Wheels like her big brother and the movie Cars. She does not like baby dolls.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Heidi F/W 6 8-9 Pants    7-8 Shirts  12 Shoes Winter Clothes, Twin bedding, Disney Cars,  Cars toys and hot wheels
Ryan M/W 7   WWE Toys , Hot wheels , Spiderman toys , Twin bedding


Dean, who is now 14-years-old, was initially adopted. However, four years ago his adoptive parents split up and his adoptive mother abandoned him.  Dean was living with his adoptive father, however he had no rules, structure or real supervision and he got caught in some minor trouble.  At that point, the adoptive father decided he didn’t really want him back and has made little effort towards Dean since then.  Dean was placed in a youth shelter until his older step-sister and her family took him in.  Since that point he had made significant changes in his life and loves his new family.  His step-sister’s family was already a blended family with 4 children, the foster father is a fireman, and the foster mother also works.  With 5 children to care for, finances are often tight.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Heather F/Biracial 12 Adult med  pants 5-7J Art Stuff, Barbie dolls, Faithgirz Suicide squad, overalls,  Kindle tablet Fuzzy bath robe and slippers, twin bedding set
Leo M/W 10 Kids Xl      Pants 14 Nerf gun and accessories ,  Pokemon cards and toys, Pittsburgh Pirates items, tablet twin bedding
William M/W 8 Kids S  Pants 8-10 Nerf gun and accessories ,  Pokemon cards and toys,magic sets, tablet,  twin bedding
Joey M/W 4 4-5T Kids tools and table,  Fire Trucks, Garbage trucks and Paw patrol  toys,   Leap frog and games
Dean M/Biracial 14 Adult med  pants 30×30 Clock Radio, Best buy gift card, Hunting camo clothes, Kindle tablet, Twin bedding set


This small family is made up of a young single mother and her young son. This mother made the hardest decision by giving custody of her oldest son to her parents in order to better meet his medical needs. She is currently trying hard to ensure that her youngest son is living in a safe and stable home free of domestic violence and drug addiction. With an eviction hanging over her head due to financial issues, this mother is struggling to pay off debts, but also give her son the holiday season he deserves.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Dustin M/W 1 12-18 m   Shoes 6 Shirts, Sleepers, Onesies, Boots and tennis shoes, Spongebob DVDs, Bath toys, Walker, Blocks , car and trucks, Thomas the Train toys, Ball Pitt
 Family       Crib and crib bedding, Towels and washcloths, Baby plates and silverware,  Sippy cups, Baby gate and baby proofing supplies, gift cards to Walmart.


Mr. and Mrs. Maser are a married couple who are underemployed and raising two children with disabilities. The family only has enough money to pay for basic necessities such as electricity, gas and rent. The children enjoy playing on the neighbors’ mobile devices, but would like their own tablets to play Minecraft. The children are also in need of new clothes, coats, and developmental toys.  Jake is 4 and Sandy is 3.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Sandy F/W 3 Size 3T-4T Witner clothes and winter coat, Kindle tablet, VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk,B.® Teepee Tent Teal/Purple/Lime, twin bedding
Jake M/W 4 Size 4T-5T Winter Clothes, winter Coat, Paw Patrol Sea Patrol,Fisher-Price Think & Learn Teach ‘n Tag Movi, Scooter, Twin Bedding,
Mother       Pots and Pans, kitchen towels,  Gift cards for Giant Eagle and WalMart


Aaron and Conner are 8-year-old twin boys who have been in kinship foster care with their grandmother since their mother lost housing. Aaron and Conner are energetic and enjoy spending time outside. Mother now has housing and is the proud mom of a beautiful 3-month-old baby girl named Ella, who is in her care. Mother is working hard with Project STAR to bring her two boys home. Mother would appreciate any help she can get to provide her children with a happy Christmas.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Ella F/w 3M 3-6 months Diapers 2 Diapers and wipes, Jumperoo, Winter coat, Snow suit, Mittens and hat,  Ball pit
Aaron M/w 8 Size 8 or a youth small


Mp3 Player, Tactical Flashlight, Winter boots size 2, Winter coat, Snow suit, Hat and gloves and scarf, Sled, Locking safe box,  pocket watch, a tool belt, gym mat
Conner M/w 8 Size 8 or a youth small


MP3 Player, Tactical Flashlight, Winter boots size 2, Winter coat, Snow suit, Hat and gloves and scarf, sled, Locking safe box, pocket watch, and a tool belt.


Mother has struggled with unemployment for the past couple years. Mother is also a recovering addict who is very active with her efforts to stay clean and sober. Mother lost custody of her three children due to financial difficulties. Mother has been working hard to meet all her goals and has finally been able to secure employment. She struggles financially as a single mother and would love to have help giving her children a special Christmas.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Rodney M/W 7 7-8 boys   Shoes 12W Racing  cars and tucks Mind craft, twin bedding set, pillow Tablet
Fiona F/W 15 Med-lg     4-5 pants Gift card to sepora and ulta,  Bath and body works,  Clothes , twin bedding set, and  pillows black teal or pink, Tablet.
Evan M/W 5 5-6        9W shoes Paw patrol , Hot wheels,  cars trucks and racing,  Dvds , mindcraft, twin bedding set and pillow. Leap frog tablet and games,
 Family       Pots and pans, rugs, Dishes , Glasses,  silverware walmart gift cards, shop and save gift cards,


This blended family includes the mother’s three sons (13-year-old Zain, 10-year-old Joey, and 7-year-old Jake) and her Paramour’s two daughters (14-year-old Natasha and 6-year-old Abigail). The mother was in a relationship where significant domestic abuse occurred and, as a result of attempting to keep her children safe, securing steady employment has been difficult.  She wants for all of the children to have a Christmas.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Jake M/W 7 Tops 9-10   pants 10   shoes 2 Bike, Remote controlled car or truck, DVDs Karate kid and some most recent,  tablet twin bedding
Joey m/W 10 Shirt 6-8  Pants 7-9   Shoes 8 mens Bike, Remote controlled car or truck, DVDslord of the fly,  matrix and some most recent,  tablet twin bedding clothing
Zain M/W 13 Lg Tops   Pants 33/34 Bike , Skateboard,helmet, Tablet, Winter clothing , Twin bedding, clothing
Abigail F/W 6 Size 8 Shoes 1 1/2-2 My little pony toys, Little pet shops, Board games, Twister, dominos, Crafts, art sand,  dvds princess and puppies, twin bedding,  fuzzy robe and slippers.
Natasha F/W 14  Ladies Small   shoes 8 timberland boots or similar style, amazon gift cards, makeup, bath & body works gift sets


Naomi is a young lady who will turn 12 in December, but is very mature for her age. Naomi also has a twin brother. She loves to laugh and enjoys fun humor and appropriate joking. During visits, mom and Naomi cook and/or bake together. Also, they are working hard to eat better and more nutritious foods. Naomi loves music, arts, and some sports. She plays basketball, and is currently learning to play keyboard. Mom is working very hard through Project STAR to reunify with her children.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Naomi F 11   Laptop Chromebook, Sticky fake nails, Women’s medium tops, Small bottoms/pants. Earrings, art sets, Shoot the dollar game.


Bryan is a fun-loving six-year-old who enjoys school. Bryan loves playing outside with his brothers. Eli is a very active five-year-old. Eli enjoys anything superhero. Nick is the youngest at three-years-old. He is a very sweet and loving little boy. He also enjoys playing with his big brothers and likes anything Paw Patrol. The boys’ mother does not have a lot of money and is currently pregnant. Anything would help to give these kids a fun and happy Christmas.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Nick M/B 3 3T    Shoes 10 paw patrol toys, ninja turtle toys. Power ranger toys, Doc McStuffings,Bath toys, crafts, books , winter clothes and shoes, tablet
Eli M/B 5 5/6   Shoes 1 Paw partol toys, Trucks and cars, monkey toy, mickey mouse and elmo toys, car play mat with trucks, power ranger toys, tablet, bath toys, winter clothes and shoes
Bryan M/B 6 6/7   Shoes 2 Remote control car. Teddy bear, super why show toys, skooter, power ranger twin bedding,  Power ranger toys, Toy Piano, shirts with buttons, shoes and winter clothes, Tablet and crafts,


Mother has five children, including two adult children, one teenager, and two children who are ages five and three. Mother’s two oldest children have intellectual disabilities and still live with her.  Mother is currently homeless, but is working towards getting her own home for her and the children.  Mother is also trying to find employment, but is having a hard time. The family would really benefit from having a great Christmas and would appreciate some help.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Bradley M/W 24 L Mens   Pants 34-36   Shoes 11 Winter coat hat and gloves, Boots, Loose leaf tea, steam wallet gift cards, vather book, viriconium book,Gormenghast books, Titus groan Titus alone,  Titus awakes, La Poison movie, touch of zen movie, the shorts collection movie,  Carl and theodor dreyer movies set,  Amazon Gift cards,
jordan M/Biracial 18 xl Tops    Pants 36×32  Shoes 11 Quran, Football, basketball. Soccer shoes,  socks, boxers, winter clothing , winter coat boots  hat an gloves,  Hand held games
Lexi F/W 5 6x    Shoes 12 Winter coat hat and gloves,  boots, Portable dvd player,  Disney movies, little mermaid, kindle kid art supplys, My little pony toys and monster high. Ariel doll and accessories, Babby dolls and barbies,  Hatchimals,  5 night at freddys dolls, Kids makeup, easy back oven, twin bedding,
Donna F/W 25 1xl shirts, pants 18-20   Shoes 10 Colored pencils, Crayons, sketch pad ,  Sdult coloring books, Facebook game gift cards, Amazon gift cards,  Makeup  Jewelry, Diary, Hiking book bag,  Clothes, winter coat hat gloves and boots,


Matty is a teenage mother to three young children, ages three, two, and three months. She receives limited support from the children’s father. She is currently homeless and attempting to find affordable housing. ­Matty has started to set up community resources to help her, but she still struggles to balance everything.  Matty is a motivated young woman who is determined to raise her children differently than she was.  She would appreciate any help to give her children a memorable Christmas.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Tyler M/B 3m 3-6m   Diapers size 2 Teether toys, rattle toys, Plat mat , Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat with Tray – Giraffe, Sophie the Giraffe So’ Pure Teething Ring,Disney Baby Finding Nemo Sea of Activities Jumper, Diapers and wipes,
Katie F/B 3 4T Shoes size 8 Dress up clothes shimer and shine toys , Stuffed animals , Fuzzy Blanket, shimmer and shine twin bedding.  Winter clothes , and shoes, fuzzy bathrobe and slippers,
Megan F/B 2 2T Sunny day toys, Sunny day bedding, Dress up clothes, winter clothes, winter coat, Fleece blanket, Fuzzy bathrobe and slippers


This small family consists of a single mother who is battling odds to help her only son overcome mental health and behavioral issues. After a long year of doctor’s appointments, hospitalizations, and therapists this mother is struggling to make her 4 year old son’s one that he can remember. Please help this family’s holiday season a time where they can forget about the everyday battles and struggles they face.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Tyler M/B 5 9-10 sweat pants/shirts, 8 shirts, 11 Jeans, 4 shoes Dvd movies, Disney cars, lightning MCQueen ,  arts an crafts, leap pad and games, Elec games,  Plastic cups with lids. Winter coat hat and gloves, winter clothing,  sweat outfits, pjs set,
 Family       Leopard and zebra king size sheet sets, Plastic cups with lids, cooper pots and pans, Walmart gift card and Gabes Gift cards,


Christopher is a 2-year-old baby who suffers from Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy and a host of other medical disorders due to a complicated birth. Christopher has five older brothers and sisters who also all have special needs and mental health disorders. The parents struggle to support the family with their limited income. They work hard to balance work and their children’s many appointments. This family is very close and always supports each other. The oldest daughter, who is 15-years-old, is now also pregnant and due in April. The parents would love to be able to provide a special Christmas for their children.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Lee M/W 5 6 kids, 1 1/2 shoes Paw patrol toys,  Paw Patrol twin bedding set, Coloring book and crayons, winter clothing and shoes, dvds, Tablet
Kirk M/W 8 10 boys youth   7 youth shoe Flash toys, Super hero toys,  Flash bedding set, board games, Tablet,  Head phones,  winter clothes and shoes,  toiletries
Hanna F/W 13 15,  Shoes 9W New baby alive,  girly twin bedding set, Tablet,  american girl doll and accessories, Barbies,  Winter clothing and shoes,  Toiletries,
Anna F/W 15 Large, 9 in shoes Laptop, Makeup, Dvds, teen bedding set, Gift cards to walmart, jcpennys and berlington,
Karl M/W 3 3T shoes 11 Paw patrol toys.  Twin bedding set, Coloring books and crayons,  kids games, Developmental toys,  winter clothing and toys,  Crib and pack and play, Crib bedding set,
Christopher M/W 2 24m Light up toys, development toyas Super hero toys, fuzzy blanket,winter  clothes, shoes, Twin bedding set, leapfrog toys and games
 Family Walmart gift cards, Vacuum,


Maggie is a 17-year-old girl and Neil is a 12-year-old boy who are currently living with their grandmother.  Maggie and Neil have been through a lot and would really appreciate a nice Christmas.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Maggie F/W 17 Shirts M     Pants 10 womans,  Shoes 9 Hot topic gift cards, Forever 21 Gift card,Vampire and witch books, Resturant gift cards, Winter coat hat and gloves, Boots Winter clothes,  Makeup, Jewelry, bath and body works perfume,
Neil M/W 12 Shirts l 10-12  Pants 10 Reg    Shoes 7M Five nights at freddys Bonnie Plushie, Zombie games for  Playzstation 3, Bike , games stop gift cards. Camo clothing , Blue clothes, The lochness monster kids books, emoji Movie, Nut job 2 movie, Five nights of freddy twin bedding, Five nights atfreddys poster,


Jamie is a single mother to her daughter named Ally, who is currently staying with family. Jamie recently obtained employment and is learning to balance working, caring for her daughter, and attending medical appointments.  There is no extra money for gifts this year as they are trying to save to obtain their own housing.  This family would be happy for any help so that Ally can have a nice Christmas.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Ally F/W 4 4-5T Playdough sets, interactive pet, Hatchimal, twin bedding set, pillow , you and me chatter and coo baby doll / bottles.stroller. Hi ho cherry oh and other board games, Imafinariu, 2in1 magnetic color drawing board, lego duplo-disney princess palace pets rotal castle,


Katie is the aunt to Josey, who will be five-months-old in December.  She also has two of her own children that she cares for. She is doing everything she can do to take care of her niece and prevent her from going into the system.  Due to health problems, she has limited funds to buy items for her niece and children. She has no extra money for gifts this year, so she would appreciate any help she can get to provide her niece and her children with a happy Christmas.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Josey F/Biracial 5M 6-9M   Diapers 2 or 3 winter clothing , winter coat / snow suit, Diapers and wipes, High chair pack-n paly Stroller  Bedding and blankets, Walker/jumper seat, Onesies shirts pants, Teether toys,  Play mat, Books and dvds, walmart  target tos r us
Issac M/Biracial 17 30 Pants M Shirts Shoes  10.5 Shoes and Socks, Clothes , Book Bag, Anything basketball,Steeler jersey, Necklace, Watch, Video games for PS3 2k18, madden Wrestling, Racing games,
Bonnie F/W 15 18 Womens pants, XXl Shirts Shoes 9.5W Clothing, Craft Kits, painting sets, Art supplys Digital Camera( Batteries and memory card) Any thing for cooking Head phones and a winter coat


Single mother of two was homeless until last week.  Mother lost everything when she was evicted. She only had the clothes on her back.  Mother is trying to start over and is having difficulty with replacing all of her son’s toys.  Mother is currently pregnant and is due 11/10/17 and having a girl.  Mother does not have any baby items to date.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Unborn Baby F   Diapers size 1 Blankets, Bottles , winter cover for car seat, Exersaucer, walker, Bouncer seat Pack n Play, Highchair, Winter clothes 3-6 months, Diapers and wipes
Omar M 4 Size 3T/4T shoes 12 Winter clothes desperately needed,  PJs Fleece footed, Socks , winter coat and hat gloves , Boots, snowsuit ,  Loves CARS, Thomas the Train, Paw Patrol , Puzzles, Bike with training wheels, Transforming Lightning McQueen Playset, Disney Pixar Cars Lightning McQueen 6V Quad Ride-On – Red


This family includes four-year-old girl Denver and her older brothers Andrew (age 9) and Michael (age 8).  The mother is due to have a new baby after the holidays. The mother is employed, but was homeless for a while. She moved into a new apartment that is large enough for the entire family, but is struggling to catch up on her bills.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Denver F/W 4 4-5T Paw Patrol , Peppa pig, Kitchen and play food,Playdough, baby dolls and accessories, Dress up clothes, DVDs paw patrol finding dory and the reef,  twin bedding (Blue)
Andrew M/W 9 14-16 Fishing  Items , Football, Pokemon super heros actions figures, Twin bedding super hero,  Kids movies, clothing
Michael M/W 8 12-14 boys Fishing Items, Soccer ball, Pokemon, super hero action figures, kids moives , origami books and paper, Bedding super hero (red)clothing
 Family       Microwave, Dishes, pots and pans, utensils, Kithen and bath towels.


Jo and Tristen are teenage parents to their infant child, Amber.  They are currently living with family as they care for their infant daughter.  They are trying to learn how to balance going to high school, taking care of an infant, and working.  Jo is learning about cosmetology and Tristen is learning about construction to attempt to learn a trade to take care of their daughter. They would appreciate any help in their journey.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Amber F/W 7M 12m    Diapers 2 or 3  winter Clothes , 18m spring and summer clothes, book bag diaper bag with side wipe holder,  Sippy cups, Infant toys
Jo F/W 17 Pants 11 womans   XL shirts Shoes 7 Highwaist pants , No show socks, boots, make up makeup brush set, Kindle tablet, I phone charger, Bath and body set,  walmart gift cards, gift card to ulta or sephora
Tristen M/W 15 42×32 pants xxl Shirts, shoes 15w Kaki colored pants, constrution tools, winter clothes and shoes, fishing items, ear buds, head  phones, I phone charger old spice set, Crew socks, Gift card to walmart.


This close-knit group of siblings has stuck together through some tough times.  Their mother was in a serious car accident last November and spent a number of months in a nursing home for rehabilitation.  Throughout it all, the group has worked hard to do well in school and keep up with their activities.  Sarah is a senior in high school.  She is looking forward to a career in child development and is doing an internship in a daycare center.  She loves to watch Criminal Minds, curled up with a fuzzy blanket and warm hoodie.  Megan is a talented young woman.  She is a high-honor roll student who plans on attending Duquesne University to become an attorney to represent children in the child welfare system.  She plays the guitar, loves art and enjoys reading.  Daniel is diagnosed with autism.  He has made a lot of progress in the last year and will begin at his school in January. He would like some new clothes for his new adventure in high school. He also loves anime, video games, Dragonball Z and My Little Pony.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Daniel M/W 14 Adult small Infinite Warfare, Xbox 1st Edition, controllers, Game Stop gift cards, My Little Pony Items and Dragon Ball Z , Winter clothes
Sarah F/W 17 2xl Criminal Minds DVD set, Visa gift cards, Leggings, Fleece blanket, Fuzzy socks, Black hoodie, Kindle tablet
Megan F/W 16 Adult small Gift cards to Barnes and Noble, gift cards to Amazon


Ronny was a premature baby born in June. Ronny’s parents have been struggling with homelessness and their own mental health concerns. Ronny’s parents have been working very hard to meet the baby’s medical needs, as well as their own health needs. Both parents have limited income and would love to provide a special first Christmas for their baby.


Name Gender Age Size Wish list
Ronny M/W 3m 6-12M Crib bedding, Baby swing,Bright Starts 5-in-1 Your Way Ball Play Activity Gym,LeapFrog My Pal Scout,Disney Baby Finding Nemo Sea of Activities Jumper,Fisher-Price Kick & Play Piano, Winter clothes,winter coat,  car seat cover,
 Family       Full size bedding set, Dvd player,and movies, Kids silverware and plates, bottles,  Gift cards to walmart Mens coat size L , Womens coat size L


Taya and Tara have been in kinship foster care with their grandmother for a few months. Tara is an energetic 2-year-old, who loves her 5-month-old baby sister Taya. The parents are working hard with Project STAR to bring their children home before the holidays and could use some help to provide them with a nice Christmas.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Taya F/B 5m 9-12m    shoes 3 Witner clothes,  teeting rings,  Diapers and wipes,  Boots,  toys that help with walking and sitting up, play mat leap frog,
Tara F/B 2 4T    Shoes 7 Diapers 5 Winter coat, winter clothes and boots,    Double stroller,  Ball pit, Lego blocks,  leap pad and games,. Disney movies, Princess dress up ,


This family has been through many hardships this year. After having a baby and losing her job, this mother was forced to move her entire family in with relatives. This family of four is currently living in one bedroom with family in hopes of saving money for another home of their own. Father has been working many long hours to save money for a down payment and first month’s rent. Please help their children have a magical holiday season.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Caden M/W 14   Jogging pants Nike, Jordan Air or Nike T-Shirts, Nike sweatshirts, Adidas Low Tops Red and White,  Basketball and football, PS4 Games. NBA2K17 Madden 17, Portable Charger for Iphone5, Phone case, Gift cards to Games Stop, Gift cards to Walmart, Gift cards to McDonald’s, Nike and Under Armour, BackPack,  Anything Carolina Panthers
Addy F/W 9M 18-24M Onesies shirts, pants,  Winter coat, Snowsuit, Walker, Crib bedding Girly, Teether toys, Baby dishes and silverware, sippy cups, High chair, Play mat, Books and DVDs, Walmart or Target or Toys R Us gift cards.


The children have bounced around between different foster families, but have finally landed in their forever home. This will be their first Christmas with their forever home and they are so happy to be where they are. The adoptive mother does work, however, money will be tight this year because she has her own biological children as well. Any help to make the children’s Christmas a special one would be greatly appreciated!


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Ella F/W 8 Size 8/10 Winter clothing, Crafts, nail polish kits , polish remover, Hair accessories, makeup, jewelry, anything girly
Nate M/W 10 Size 10/12 Anything sports-related, anything Ninja Turtles and Minion, Winter clothing
Eden F/W 6 7/8 Anything Lisa Frank, Crafts, Dress up clothes, play makeup, winter clothing.


Debby is the mother of four young children. She has struggled with addiction, but has started her brave journey to be clean for her children. She has obtained her own housing and part-time employment, but still has limited income to assist with extra items like Christmas.  This mother would love for their daughters to be able to have a nice Christmas.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Krystal F/W 3 3T Shopkins, Hatcimals. Babrie dolls and car with accessories ,twin bedding set shopkins,  Fuzzy bathrobe,  and slippers, underwear and socks, winter clothing
Karen F/W 4 4T Shopkins, hatcimals monster high dolls and accessories, monster high doll house, Monster high twin bedding, Underwear socks and winter clothing,   fuzzy bathrobe and slippers
Karla M/W 7 5 Hatcimals , shopkins , monster high, Barbies, Barbie house, shopkins or monster high bedding, winter clothes  underwear and socks , fuzzy bath robe and slippers.


Addison is a single mother of two. Yaalon is 14 and Quinn is 17. The family has been struggling financially to make ends meet. This year has been particularly hard due to Yaalon facing a number of serious medical issues, which have required numerous stays and trips back and forth to the hospital. Mom has not been able to work. The family is very grateful and appreciative of any amount of help they can receive this holiday season.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Addison B/F   PJs XL   Robe XL  Pants 18  Shirts XL Underwear 9 Pots and Pans,  Gift cards for Giant Eagle, Carpet Cleaner, Bear Paws boots size 8, Bed sheets king-size,  king-size comforter, Under-clothes socks, belt
Yaalon B/M 14 Shirts Lg Pants 32 Reg, Shoes 9 1/2, Boxers XL, PJs Lg, Coat XL, T shirt Lg. Bike, Exercise weights (Dumbbells), Basketball, Headphones, Remote control truck, Twin bedding set, Coat, Hat , gloves, Shoes, under clothes , socks
Quinn B/F 17 Shirt 3XL, Pants 22 or 24, Shoes 11 1/2, Underwear 10 or 11, Pjs 4XL, Coat 4XL, Robe 3XL, Bear paw boots (size 12), Bike, Purse and wallet, Head phones, Bean bag Chair Jewelry, Small Bookshelf, Scarf, Hat, Gloves and Coat, Shoes, Under clothes, Socks, Pants, and Shirts.


This child was a little boy with a diagnosis of a failure to thrive.  His mother did not have the proper resources to feed him upon birth.  The child began to grow prematurely with deficient growth spurts.  Project STAR assisted the mother in gaining parenting skills and a feeding program.  The child began to respond in a positive manner, but showed signs of no language.  He was able to gain speech with the help of Project STAR support in obtaining community resources for the mother.  Now the child is starting preschool and is enjoying each day with new friends at school.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Zeek m/W 3 3T  Winter clothes, Remote control car red,  Little people race track,  Toy tool set Craftmen and tool table,  Paw partol toys, Twin bedding set, Fuzzy blanket,


Anna is an energetic, bubbly 3-year-old little girl who is currently living with her grandparents while her parents are working on their sobriety and stabilizing their lives. She likes anything glittery and feminine. Her favorite colors are pink and purple and she absolutely loves the movie Frozen. Anna gets to visit her mother while she is in a treatment facility. Her mother is doing very well and is working towards getting back on her feet.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Anna F/W 3 4T      Shoes 9 Likes trolls the movie and characters, Shopkins  play doh,  art sets stickers ,Lego blocks, leap pad. Frozen toys,
 Mother F 23 Jeans size  0   Shoes 6 1/2 Winter coat med juniors, winter boots, Jeans,the weekend starboy CD


 Lucy is 12 years old. She lacks confidence in herself. Other children at school make fun of her. The home she lived in was cluttered and had a strong smell of cat urine. In the past, her teacher had to wash and change her clothes due to the strong urine odor. This child has been abused and neglected. Lucy is very confused on what a healthy lifestyle entails. Not only has she suffered from physically and mental abuse, but she lack basic needs as well. All she wants for Christmas is an Easy-Bake oven and clean clothes.

Deker is 14 years old. He and his younger sibling have suffered from neglect. His biological father has not been in his life. He considers himself the man of the house. He takes on most of the household responsibilities and goes without so his younger sibling is taken care of. When he turns 16 he wants to get a job. He says it’s because him and his family lack income and he wants to make a change for all of them.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Lucy F/W 12 12-14  Shoes 4 Winter clothing, shoes and boots,  Easy bake oven and accessories ,  Stuffed animals, slow in the dark slim, Shopkins, sew crazy sewing machine, Makeup and nail polish,painting and craft supplys,. Fidget spinner, Legos for girls,
Deker M/W 14 Mens M    Shoes  12 Winter clothes, shoes, MTX Marching shoes, Fiction books, Drum sticks , Amazon gift card, Pants and jeans 32-32.  Night goggles,Fidget spinner, Interactive slow t shirt, tablet


This family consists of three children and their great aunt who is their current caregiver. This aunt stepped up when no one else could to help raise three children when their mother was incarcerated. She has done her best to get all of the children caught up on medical appointments, to keep the oldest child in school, and to provide a loving home environment. Since the children were transitioned so quickly to their great aunt, they were unable to take all of their toys and clothes with them. This is the first time these children will be without their mother on Christmas. Please help their great aunt make this holiday full of happiness.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Patricia F/Biracial 2 2T   Diapers 6 Winter clothes diapers and wipes, Potty chair, Baby dolls and accessoires, Toddler bed and nedding, ABC+123 learning toys, Fisher price doll house, Bike with training wheels and helmet, Books, winter boots and snow suit
Payton F/Latino 8 14-16 Boots and winter coat, Winter clothing, Make your own nail polish kits, Make your own jewlery kits. Bike and helmet, earring, tablet
Nate M/Biracial 1 18-24m winter clothes, Diapers and wipes,  Learning toys,  sippy cups , Crib bedding, Booster seat that straps to kitchen chair,  Cars and truck toys,  books . Winter boots and snow suit


This family includes a newborn baby boy named Troy and his 7 ½-year-old sister, Addie.  The family is able to meet their monthly bills, but has little extra to give the children a Christmas.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Troy M/W 2M 3-6m 6-9m winter clothes, wipes and diapers, Infant toys, Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat with Tray – Giraffe, Sophie the Giraffe So’ Pure Teething Ring,Disney Baby Finding Nemo Sea of Activities Jumper,
Addie F/W 7 10-12 Leggings  super hero girl shirts,  Barbie dolls  arts an crafts( no clay and beads)  board games, Dolls DC Fire girl and Ice Girl, Super hero girl twin bedding.
 Family       Boppy pillow and cover, High chair, winter car seat cover, Vacuum and silverware


Child has recently been returned to the parents.  Both parents are in recovery and lost everything.  Both parents have been clean and sober for six months and are trying desperately to provide for their baby, work, and complete all recommended treatments to ensure the child remains in their care.  Parents are unable to hold full-time jobs at this time due to the amount of meetings and ongoing treatments they need to remain sober.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Kaley F 1 Size 12m

Diapers   4


All winter clothing, PJs fleece footed,  snow suit,  Glove and Hats, Minnie Mouse Riding toy, Tickle Me Elmo, Musical toys that light up, Baby doll, baby doll stroller, Puzzles, Books, Diapers and wipes


These young women are setting out on a new journey of life.  Having lost their parents, they are soon to be adopted by their new family.  Kelly is an ambitious young woman who hopes to join the Air Force and become a military lawyer. Kelly loves to read and watch television crime shows.  Sara loves fashion and hopes to go to college to become a fashion designer.  Sara loves creating new styles for friends and family.  Candace loves to dance – she enjoys ballet, hip hop and jazz.  She hopes to pursue a career as a professional dancer.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Kelly F/W 17 Small Tops Black Hoodies, Amazon Gift cards , Barnes and noble Gift cards
Candace F/W 15 Med tops      8 Pants Gift cards to Forever 21 and Hollister
Sara F/Biracial 17 L tops Gift cards to Hot Topic, Visa gift cards


Stephen is a one-year-old preemie who spent the first three months of his life in the hospital. His older brother Sean is an energetic two-year-old. They have a loving, single mother. She works part-time and is going to school. She is only able to meet their basic needs on her income, so she would like some help this holiday season to provide her boys with a nice Christmas.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Stephen M/B 1 9-12 months Shoes and Winter clothes ,Vtech smart, Shot sports center, Bright Starts 3in1 around we go activity center, Infantino Go GAGA activity gym and shape sorting ball pit, High Chair, balls
Sean M/B 2 24 months

Pull ups 2T

Diapers 5

Legos and blocks, Little Tikes toys, A little basketball and hoop. Winter Tops  and jeans, Books


This family is a special, yet complicated family. This grandmother is doing everything in her power to ensure that her grandchildren have a safe and stable home. She has graciously opened home to her two young grandsons, raising them like her own. She is always willing to help anyone out in need and has been the children’s mother’s biggest supporter. Please help this loving grandmother give her grandchildren an amazing holiday season.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Brent M/W 4 5-6T    12 Shoes Winter coat, winter clothes,  boots and tennis shoes,  Spider man and super man toys,   Cars trucks and dirt bikes,  Spidermand or batman twin bedding, Craft supplies, Sport toys and balls,  Walmart and gabes gift cards
Wyatt M/W 2 24M-2T   7 Shoes Munchkin Sippy cups, Musical toys, craft supplys Motorcycle,  spider man toys, crib bedding set sports themed, winter clothes and winter coat  boots and tennis shoes,  Walmart, gabes and biglots gift cards


This family includes eight-year-old Suzy, 11-year-old Jon, and 14-year-old Helen.  Their single father became physically disabled when he was hit by a delivery truck as a child. The father has tried to work, but his physical limitations have made it impossible to obtain a full-time job. The father works as many odd jobs as he can and tries hard to maintain a stable life for his children.  He is able to maintain a home and necessities for his children, but there is very little money for the holidays.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Suzy F/W 8 8-10 girls Tablet, Leggings, and shirts, american girl doll with accessories, My little pony,  barbie with clothes,  winter clothing
Jon M/W 11 14 boys Tablet,  pants and shirts, Barnes and noble gift card, amazon gift card
Helen F/W 14 Adult Lg Tablet,  yoga pants, shirts, crafts activities , Amazon gift cards, walmart gift cards
Family       Bath towels  Blue, silverware , storage containers for food  , Male shirts Large ,  Gift cards to walmart and jcpenny


A young single mother has a two-year-old son that she is struggling to provide for.  He is a pleasant child whose intellectual disability causes him difficulty in communicating.  This mother has faced many obstacles in her life, which have impacted her ability to appropriately provide for her son.  Please help this single mother make Christmas special for her son.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Derek MB 2 2T shoes 6 Disney cars twin bedding set, Music toys,  walmart gift cart, Cars DVD, Leap frog, Winter clothing , Shoes and socks,  Bicycle with training wheels, Bath toys


Fiona is a 15-year-old girl who has been in foster care for a few years. She recently moved to a new foster home and would love a few new things! She enjoys drawing and writing and would love some supplies! Fiona also would like some new sneakers!


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Fiona F/W 15 Shoes 10 White adidas Sneakers, Little+big siter necklace, Makeup kets Perfume , Art Kits, letter writing materials, Target gift card, Foot locker Gift card. Winter coat size XL,


Stacy is five years old and enjoys anything girly. Stacy likes to put on lip gloss and pretend she is putting on makeup. She loves Frozen and really, really wants to see the movie “Boss Baby.” She likes to play house and would love a baby doll with a stroller and a crib.

Erik (18 months) and Joe (2 years) are very fun-loving little boys with lots of energy. They both enjoy anything related to Paw Patrol and Ninja Turtles. Joe loves playing with big trucks, but is not a fan of anything that makes a lot of noise. Erik is just a little guy who Mom thinks would like to have a little riding car to play outside (or inside) on.


The father is currently in jail and Mom is doing everything on her own. The mother does have support from a friend, but she makes sure that she does everything she needs to do for the children and does not fully rely on the system to help. Mom is very independent, but does not have extra money this year for Christmas gifts. She appreciates the help to give her children a very happy Christmas.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Stacy F/Biracial 5 5T    shoes 12 Frozen Toys, Frozen, Finding Dory, Boss Baby DVDs, Baby dolls and clothes, Baby doll stroller, baby doll crib, Play make up, Fingernail polish, Clothes and shoes, Peppa Pig toys, sidewalk chalk, Bike and helmet, play purse.
Erik M/Biracial 18m 2T shoes  7 Bath toys, Riding toys, play cars, Paw Patrol toys, Clothes and shoes, play trucks, Diapers and wipes
Joe M/Biracial 3 5T    shoes 10 Big trucks, no noise please. He loves construction cars, age-appropriate Dvds, PJ Mask toys, Spongebob toys, Paw Patrol toys, Ninja Turtles toys, winter clothes and shoes


Parents are both intellectually disabled and are currently raising a three-year- old who is medically and intellectually fragile.  Mother is currently pregnant and is at high risk of delivering another premature baby.  The family has limited income and would greatly appreciate any assistance with the three-year-old and the new baby.  The three-year-old has several agencies in and out of the home assisting mother with her needs.  The family does not have transportation and has many medical appointments to attend.  The family will need a double stroller for safety reasons.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Amy F/w 3 Size 3T

Shoes 5/6

Diapers 6

All winter clothing , Pjs , socks, winter coat and boots, Hats and gloves, Leapfrog toys , Disney musical Little People house, Frozen riding toys, Frozen toys, Paw Patrol toys, baby dolls, and stroller, toy baby diaper bag, toy baby bottles, frozen plush blanket, Puzzles and books
Unborn     New born Newborn diapers and wipes, bottles, neutral color blankets, neutral-color sheets, Size 0/3 Neutral color sleepers, winter car seat cover, double stroller.


This single mother is disabled and parenting three children who also have disabilities. Mom is on limited income and cannot afford to pay for toys for Christmas. The family does not have technological devices in the home for recreation.  All three children would like their own tablets and new clothes.  Dean, age 8, enjoys playing Minecraft on a tablet; Diana, age 7, likes dolls, makeup, decorations for her bedroom; and Dani, age 6, likes dolls, playing dress-up, and clothes. The children also like tickets to go to the movies and DVDs to play at home.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Dean M/B 8 Size 10/12 WWE Toys, Kindle  HD,  Winter Clothes, Hoodies, Twin bedding
Diana F/B 7 Size 7/8 Nail Polish,  Gift card to Claire’s, Kindle HD, Winter Clothes, Bathrobe, Twin Bedding Girly
Dani F/B 6 Size 6 Baby dolls and Clothes, Baby stroller, Baby diaper bag and bottles, winter clothing , Twin bedding


Mother is a teen parent of two. Mother is trying to get her GED while she is working a job and raising her children. Mother is very mature for her age and wants to give her girls a good Christmas, but her money from employment needs to go to housing and monthly bills.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Anna F/W 15m 24m

Diapers 5

All winter clothing, PJs fleece footed,  snow suit  Glove and Hats, Shrek Movies, Shrek toys, Musical toys that light up, Baby doll, baby doll stroller,  Diapers and wipes
Aleah F/W 2 2T Hoodie, Shirts and pants, Gloves Scarf-Vtech toys, Dolls, Tricycle, Toy box, Kitchen play set with play food,
Jennifer F/W     Walmart and Burlington Gift cards


This family consists of two hardworking grandparents that have taken in their little grandson. This little boy is so lucky to have such loving grandparents to help him at his time of need. His mother is currently incarcerated and his father is actively using drugs. These grandparents were not prepared to take in their newborn grandson and they are still in need of some essential items for him. Please help ease some of their stress this holiday season.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Holden M/W 7m 12-18 months  4- diapers Bath toys and washes,  Snow suit, toys that help with walking and sitting, Nibble sippy cups  winter clothes, diapers and wipes,


Mother is a single mother staying with family members until she locates stable housing of her own. She is addressing her issues of depression, is very cooperative with Project STAR parenting and wants to learn how to be a good parent for her child.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Diana F BI Racial 8m 9-12 Months Winter clothing , Winter coat hat and gloves, Fleece footed PJs , Toys that light up and sing, Rattlers and toys she can chew on, Sippy cups
Mother     Tops l-xl
Pants 20
Winter clothing, winter coat XL, KMart gift cards


This family includes a single mother who has four children — nine-year-old Karla), three-year-old Ike, two-year-old Charlie, and infant Anita who will be four months old around Christmas.  The mother is employed and works 50-60 or more hours to try and secure a new place to live as she has been staying with a friend.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Anita F/Biracial 4m 6-9m 9-12m winter clothes, wipes and diapers, Infant toys, Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat with Tray – Giraffe, Sophie the Giraffe So’ Pure Teething Ring,Disney Baby Finding Nemo Sea of Activities Jumper,
Charlie M/W 2 2-3T Disney Cars, Paw partol, tool toys, and tool bench,, leap frog  Twin bedding,
ike M/W 3 3T Dinosuars, cars and paw patrol leap frog and games,  twin bedding,  sensory toys,
karla F/W 9 14-16 Stretchy clothes, leggings, crafts tablet and barnes and noble gift card


Suzy is 11 years old. She’ been neglected and without food multiple times in her life. Both of her parents have a history of addiction. She’s the oldest of all of her siblings and would take care of them when the parents would leave them unsupervised. She would get breakfast ready and make sure everyone got to the bus stop on time. The only thing that gets her mind off of her home life is music. She enjoys being in the marching band and plays the flute.

Ariel  is 9 years old. She’ been neglected and without food multiple times in her life. Both of her parents have history of addiction. She is the middle child of all her siblings.  She’s very shy and quiet because her father would yell at her for speaking, he would tell her she’s making too much noise and that she needed to go to her room. She now lacks confidence in herself and questions everything she does.

Page is 6 years old. She’ been neglected and without food multiple times in her life. Both of her parents have history of addiction. She was behind schooling, starting school 1 month before the other students. Her father is in the military and she hasn’t seen him in a year. She doesn’t understand why he’s gone and think he just doesn’t want to see her. She is the youngest of all her siblings. None of her medical and dental needs have been met. She says she doesn’t like too smile or show her teeth because she has cavities. When asked what she wanted for Christmas she said a princess tooth brush.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Ariel F/W 9   American girl doll and accessories,  Make up , Nail polish,  Alex toy spa ultimate hair salon ,  Gemmies,  Kitten clothes, Bike and helmet, Skates Nacklace and earrings, Tablet
Suzy F/W 11 10/12 Black jeans and pants Arts and crafts, Earrings, makeup and nail polish, zoomer zupps tiny pups toy dog, American girl doll with accessories, jojo bows, music books for flute, bracelets, Tablet
Page F/W 6   Hatchimals hatchery playset, shinky dinks 3D Butterfly, trolls drawstring bag design kit, Princess tent, earrings, Barbies, Pottery studio clay, Bike and helmet, Easy bake over and accerssories, Princess tooth brush and toys,


Cathy is a 17-year-old with a background of being a victim of human trafficking and truancy has been in a foster home for over a year now, making progress as she catches up with her academics and heals from her traumatic past. She has a beautiful personality and wants to use her story to help others. She loves wearing sparkly lip glosses and has a gift with makeup and doing eyelash extensions. She enjoys applying eyelashes on all of her friends at school. A favorite place to stop is McDonald’s for French fries and a shake.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Cathy F/B 17   Amazon Gift cards, Mcdonald’s gift cards,  Sparkly Lip gloss, Belly ring, Eyelashes ( Extensions) Gift cards to sallys and Ulta beauty,


Parker is a three-year-old boy who has been in foster care since December 2016. He loves to laugh and play. His mother has a little Chihuahua, which Parker loves to run and play with. A few of his favorite types of toys are toy trucks and cars of all sizes. He is fascinated with fire trucks, construction vehicles, etc. According to his mother, Parker likes to be read to at night before going to sleep. Mom is also attempting to get him to engage more in coloring and other arts and crafts activities. Mom is currently working full-time as a hostess, while working through Project STAR for reunification with her son.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Parker M 3   Cars and trucks, Coloring books, Dvds, Reading books, Hot Wheels sto and go. Little tikes cozy coupe, Lego DUPLO Truck & Tracked Excavator, LEGO® Juniors Disney™Pixar™ Cars 3 Smokey’s Garage


Dannelle is only 1 ½ years old and has faced several traumatic events.  She suffers from severe Strabismus, which may require surgery. Her family has a history of financial struggles. As a result, they became homeless, moving from shelter to shelter. At times, little Dannelle slept in the car wrapped in blankets because the car didn’t have heat. This child has limit clothing and toys and is one of three children. Even through the storm, she still continues to be a bundle of sunshine. She’s curious about her surroundings, but may be delayed with developmental milestones. She is in desperate need of educational toys.

Aaron is 6 years old. He has been diagnosed with ADHD, ODD and OCD. He will soon be evaluated for autism. Throughout his life, he has encountered unforgettable tragedies. He and his family were homeless, moving from place to place with no stability. When asked “What would you like for Christmas?” he replied, “All I want is a comfortable bed and a warm blanket. That would be awesome.”

Bennie is 7 years old and is the oldest of all siblings. He’s recently been diagnosed with ADHD, ODD and OCD. After losing his grandfather, his family fell into financial debt and became homeless.  His grandfather was his role model and someone with whom he felt protected.  Sometimes he cries himself to sleep. All he can think about is how much he misses him. With his grandfather gone, he makes it his job to protect and look after his younger siblings. He says all he wants for Christmas is for his siblings to get what they want and for everyone to be safe and happy.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Bennie M/W 7 10/12 Winter clothing, Laser pegs 6 in 1 Monster truck,  Remote control jeep Blue,  Dream tent tunnel, LED sky board, football, soccer ball,  Perplexus,  Toy cars, Twin bedding set
Dannelle F/W 1.5 24M Ball pit, little castle Baby einstien smart pad, laugh and learn smart pad, Princess toys and blankets,  Prinncess PJs, Pop n play  sensory balls,  Stuffed animals,.winter clothes
Aaron M/W 6 10/12 Winter clothes, Lego set,  Remote control Jeep Green, Dream tent and tunnel. Diggin Active slimeball dodge tag,  toy trucks and cars, Basket ball, Ulta stomp rocket, glow  in the dark skateboard, Magnetic building blocks,  Twin bedding


This family has been having a rough time getting back on their feet. Mom is young and starting all over with finding a job and home for her and her daughter. Mom could use the help to give her daughter an amazing Christmas. Macy is a loving one-year-old girl who loves watching Mickey Mouse, Finding Dory and My Little Pony. Her sizes in shirts and pants are 12-18 months.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Macy F/W 1 12-18 months Winter clothes, Mickey Mouse toys, Finding Dory crib set, Finding Dory toys, My Little Pony toys


This family of six is having a rough year and barely getting by. Mom is taking care of five children all on her own, including a child with autism, and is just now able to finish her high school degree and get her license in order to give them a better life. With five children to take care of, she is hoping to give them all a very Merry Christmas and would love some help. Selena is a sassy 10-year-old girl who has her own style and isn’t afraid to show it off. She only will wear stretchy pants because jeans aren’t a part of her style. She wears a 10/12 shirt, 7/8 pants and size 1 shoe. She also isn’t afraid of being one of the boys and loves WWE wrestling. When she isn’t playing with her sisters and brother, she’s singing karaoke in her room. Sandy is a nine-year-old girl who is just like her big sister. She has her own style, but loves the look that the Monster High girls have. When she isn’t watching Monster High on TV, she is trying to collect as many Shopkins as she can get. Sandy fits into 7/8 shirts, 6-6x pants, and 13 shoes. Sara is a six-year-old girl who loves color. Her biggest wish is to have a big, fluffy unicorn just like on Despicable Me! She also loves to watch the movie Trolls and My Little Pony. Sara fits into a size 6 shirt and pants, and wears a size 12 shoe. Sofia is the shy, little three-year-old who loves glitter and glam! When she isn’t watching Shimmer and Shine, she is watching My Little Pony with her sisters. Sadie wears a size 4T shirt and pants and wears a size 7 shoe. William is the one-year-old brother who just wants a break from all of the dolls! He loves to play with cars and trucks, and even loves the movie Cars. When he isn’t trying to race around the house with a toy car, he is watching Mickey Mouse on TV. William fits in 24 months clothing and wears a size 5 shoe.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Selena F/W 10 10-12 Shirts  7-8 Pants

1 Shoes

Tomboy-ish Leggings and shirts,  Shoes, twin bedding ,WWE Toys and games, Karaoke machine, Kindle tablet
Sandy F/W 9 7-8 Shirts     6 Pants    13 shoe Monster High dolls and toys, twin bedding, girly clothes, Shopkins, Shoes, Kindle
Sara F/W 6 Size 6 Shoes 12 Winter clothes and shoes, Fluffy Unicorn,  Troll toys, troll twin bedding,  My Little Pony toys,  DVDs, Leap Pad and toys
Sadie F/W 3 size 4T     7 Shoes Winter clothes , shoes , My Little Pony toys,  Shimmer and Shine toys, shimmer and shine twin bedding, Leap Pad and games
William M/W 1 24m      Shoes 5 Hot Wheels,  Disney Cars toys and DVDs, Mickey Mouse toys, fleece blankets , winter clothes


This family consists of four young children with special needs. The two parents are working their hardest to ensure that all their children’s medical and behavioral needs are being met. After being admitted to the hospital during her pregnancy, this mother was unable to stay home and help take care of the children. Their father made the only decision he could and moved in with his parents for assistance. With two children with autism and a newborn with severe medical needs, this family is searching for a home big enough to accommodate everyone. All of their money is going towards medical bills, specialized formula and transportation to a multitude of doctors’ appointments out of the county. Please help make sure these special children have a wonderful and exciting holiday season.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Jake M/W 3 3T-4T   Shoes 12 Winter clothing and PJs, Lightning McQueen Twin bedding, Orbies, sensory-stimulating toys, Educational toys, Thomas the Train sets, Lightning McQueen  Riding toys
 Mother       Pots and pans,  Dishes and utensils, cups, plates, kitchen supplies and cleaning supplies, toiletries


James is 7 years old. He is in foster care because he was abused and neglected. He only sees his biological mother once a week and his father’s whereabouts are unknown. He was separated from his other siblings. He frequently asks questions about his past and if he will ever be united with his family.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
James M/W 7 size 6 shoes  2 Winter clothes,  Shoes and socks, Legos, Mega blocks, Teen age mutant Ninja turtles, LED sky board.  Laser target games, V tech  Kids jamz studio. Pop fly game , zoob mobile racer


Alyssa and Matt recently came to Pittsburgh after being displaced from their home in Houston, Texas as their home was destroyed in the storm.  Alyssa is a brand new baby who loves to be snuggled and held.  She loves music and her parents enjoy reading her books.  Matt is a fun-loving toddler who likes Paw Patrol.  He also is a music lover and enjoys dancing to his favorite toddler songs on Pandora.  He also loves big trucks and cars and is a fan of Sesame Street.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Alyssa F/Biracial 1M 3-6m Blankets, Musical toys, Doc McStuffins baby toys, Board books, Leap Frog Dalviolet, Rattle ball, jumperoo, Bumbo seat,  Activity Gym
Matt M/W 18m 24 months Paw Patrols toys, Musical Toys, Red Flyer tricycle, Shape sorter, Playdough set, board books, Toy trucks and Cars,  Sesame Street toys , Sid the Science DVDs


Angel is a 6-year-old girl who currently lives with her grandmother.  Angel is a sweet girl and would be very appreciative of having someone make her Christmas extra bright this year.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Angel F/W 6 Tops 7-8 pants 6 Shoes 2 Baby doll and accessories, Peppa pig toys, Barbie dolls and Accessories,  My little pony toys , disney Princesses dress up , Cailou and arther toys, Coloring Books, Crayons and markers, nail polish,Peppa pig twin Bedding set, Bike and helmet. Sidewalk chaulk, Winter coat hat clothes and boots,


This family includes a 6-year-old little girl, Jacky, and her newborn baby sister Sophia.  The family has secure housing, but when their car was damaged, they lost transportation and now rely on family and friends or limited public transportation.  As a result of not having transportation, the mother’s ability to resume employment is limited.  Any help for this holiday season would be appreciated


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Jacky F/W 6 6x Baby alive  and accessories, coloring books, crayons and coloring pencils, Hair accessories,  dresses, wal mart gift cards,
Sophia F/W 2m 3-6m  and 6-9m Exersaucer, bouncy seat, Diapers and wipes, Baby magic bath stuff Apple blossom, Amazon gift cards,


Evan is a fun-loving two-year-old who loves to play basketball. Evan is very smart and can tell you every color. Evan enjoys being outside playing ball and with his mommy. Mom is currently pregnant with her second child and has been struggling financially and was homeless. Mom has been working very hard to get back on her feet and recently got a home for her and the children to live in. A little extra help during the holiday season would help give Evan a great Christmas.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Evan M/W 2 3T shoes 10 Kids dvds, coloring books, Sports balls, Puzzles, cars and trucks, paw patrol toys, peppa peg toys, Bath toys, books, winter clothes and shoes


This family is filled with three loving kids. Brick is the oldest and watches over his two younger sisters. Brick enjoys music and is currently learning how to play guitar. Brick can’t wait to be in sixth grade so he can join the band! Brick is also interested in superheroes. Bridgett is a very loving and fun six-year-old. She enjoys going to school and loves anything girly. She is interested in watching her mom put on makeup and loves doing crafts. Honor is an outgoing two-year-old who loves anything Minnie Mouse and enjoys playing with her big brother and sister.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Brick M/W 8 8 Boss baby dvd, Super hero toys , cowboy dress up clothes and accessories,  Super hero bedding,  Super hero dvds, Instruments, Books, Winter clothing ,
Honor F/W 2 4T Mickey mouse toys, minnie mouse movies, baby dolls and accsessories, Coloring stuff, Minnie mouse twin bedding, Books and play makeup. Winter clothings,
Bridgett F/W 6 6/7 American girl doll and accessories , shopkins, Frozen toys, Shopkins bedding, Crafts, walk with me puppy toy, (Dvds, Shopkins, moana,ex) winter clothing , Play make up, nail polish, books and a purse,


Two sisters, ages 5 and 4, have been together in a foster home for over two years.  They take care of foster kitties and have a love of nature and animals.  They are full of energy, curious, and friendly little girls who enjoy playing dress up, listening to stories, drawing, and building with Legos.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Heather F/W 4 5-6     shoes 11 1/2 Winter clothing , shoes , Lego Duplo kits, wooden  food toys, Groovy Girl  ballerina and accessories,  Size 6 dress up costumes,  colorful magna doodle, Tot Tutors toy organizer
Amanda F/W 5 7/8         Shoes 13 1/2 Winter clothing, Winter shoes, 20″ Bicycle, books about dinosaurs, nature, animals and  learning to drive, Games- Brain Flakes, Lego friends, boogie board, play and trace activity packs, size 8 dress up costumes,


Luther is 11 years old. He has had issues with truancy in the past. Some of the missed days were due to medical appointments, while the others were him crying and refusing to go. He stated he doesn’t like school because of bullying. He gets anxiety thinking about going. He said he is not able to learn because he gets distracted by the other children; even the teachers have a hard time keeping the students under control. He is now in cyber school and is excelling in every subject; math is his favorite.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Luther M/W 11   Bike and helmet, Mini Hornit Light, Demalition lab, wow wee coji robot, Gravity maze board game, Remote control car, flying drone, Gotcha gadgets, Tech toys, Glow in the dark fidget spinner, slime
 Gabby  F/W  8M   Musical keyboard, Fisher price beat dance and move, Princess castle minnie toys, Stuffed animals. Smart stage scooter,  Baby einstien discovering Music, Playfull pals gift sets. Musical instrement set, peek a boo stuffed animals.


Mother is currently facing eviction and is pregnant. She is working on her own issues to reunify with her child.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Andrew M/W 2 3T Paw Patrol toys and stuffed animals, Hot Wheels stop and go. Little Tikes cozy coupe, Lego DUPLO Truck & Tracked Excavator, Winter clothes shoes and socks, Bubble guppies, Crafts


This year has been extremely rough on this single mother and two sons. After addiction, abuse and housing conditions forced her out of her house and away from her family, this mother has worked long hours to ensure that her sons’ needs are always met. This mother has been able to beat the odds by overcoming addiction and provide a stable and appropriate home free of abuse for her children. She recently became employed and has been working long hours to save up money to ensure that the children have a great holiday season.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Hughie M/W 4 8 Pants   8 Shirts   12Shoes Winter Clothes, Winter Coat, Pants and shirts, socks and shoes, Leap pad and games, Kindle tablet. Mike the Knight and Scoohie Doo DVDs,  Twin bedding, Dinos, cars and trucks
Family       Cups, Utensils, Cleaning Supplies, Wal-Mart and Giant Eagle Gift cards, Curtains and rods, Pots and pans


Ruth is a 2-year-old girl who lives with her mother.  Her mother experienced some grief and loss due to losing her infant daughter and also having a miscarriage.  The family could really benefit from having a nice Christmas.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Ruth F/B 2 24M  Shoes 5t  Diapers 5 Toddler car seat, Stroller, Diapers and wipes, winter coat and hat with gloves and boots, Toddler bed, and Mattress, toddler bedding,  Leap Frog toys, Musical toys,  Stroller, Mickey mouse club toys,  winter clothes.


Jones #1
Aaron is a 14-year-old boy who has been in a group home for the last year. He loves to play basketball and would like a basketball sleeve to help him with his game! He also loves playing video games and would love a Game Stop gift card to get a new game. He likes to draw and is a great artist!


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Aaron M/B 14 Large Nike Gift card , Game Stop gift card, Hygiene Products, Basketball sleeve, sketch pad, Sketching pencils, Adidas Sweatshirts, Burlington Gift card


This family has been struck by the opioid epidemic and struggling to get back on their feet. Dad works all day long and still is struggling to make ends meet. Dad is doing his best and would love to have some help to give his pride and joy an amazing Christmas. Daniel is a one-year-old and will dance to Wiggles all day long. Daniel has been provided well with regular clothes, but could use some help with winter clothes. When he gives Dad a break watching Wiggles, he watches Elmo, Mickey Mouse and Paw Patrol. Daniel wears a size 18 months shirt and 12 month pants.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Daniel M  /W 1 18m Shirts  12m Pants Wiggles, Winter clothing, winter coat and hat, Tickle Me Elmo, Elmo toys, Mickey mouse toys, Paw Patrol toys


Hank and Susan lost their father to cancer in March.  Hank has stepped up and often acts as his sister’s and mother’s protector.  Hank didn’t want to share what he wanted for Christmas because he wanted all of the gifts to go to his sister.  Hank does love video games.  Hank is also very interested in joining the military and loves to read anything related to military history.  Susan is a sweet young girl with some intellectual challenges.  She loves to do artwork, especially if there is glitter involved.  She also loves to dress up, have her nails done and wear fun makeup.  Susan enjoys playing with dolls and stuffed animals.  Susan wants to work as a veterinary assistant when she gets older as she loves all animals.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Hank M/W 14 Adult small Used game system – any kind, Game Stop gift cards,  hoodies and sweat pants, Winter clothing
Susan F/W 11 14-16 Child Art supplies, Baby dolls and accessories, Nail art, Sparkly clothing, Board games, Kindle tablet


This single mother has been through the most difficult time of her life this past year. She has survived a horrific domestic violence situation with her ex-husband and she came out stronger than ever. She is the sole provider for her little girls and they are her reason for not giving in and standing up for herself. She has begun to create a safe and stable home environment for her little family of three, but the financial difficulty of a single income family is starting to take its toll. This mother continues to get all of her bills paid on time, but she is overwhelmed thinking about how she will be able to provide gifts for her girls this year. It has been a tough year for the entire family, and they could use the extra help to keep them moving forward this holiday season!


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Caitlyn F/W 7 5-6    13 shoes Leapfrog toys and games learning books, Purple twin bedding set, Barbie and monster high shoppkin movies,  Disney movies, Monster high dolls and accessoires,  winter coat 7-8 winter clothes,  winter boots,
Irene F/Biracial 1 18-24M    6T shoes, 4 Diapers,. Crib bedding set, Music toys, ABC and 123 learning toys,  toddler utensils diapers and wipes ,  winter clothes and shoes,
 Family       Vacuum, Walmart gift cards for toiletires ,


Mother and father have six children so Christmas time is a bit of a struggle.  The older children are very active and involved in many afterschool activities.  Both mother and father work, but with 6 children they still struggle financially.  The family would be very appreciative if you could help them have a nice Christmas.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Tracey F Biracial 12 Shirts M    Pants 10 womens    Shoes 8.5w Bike , Helmet, books, Disney DVDs, Winter clothing , winter coat hat and Gloves,  Boots, Cheerleading Items , twin bedding, Tablet
Christa F Biracial 1 18/24M Shoes 6t, Diapers 4 Toddler car seat, Stroller, Diapers and wipes, winter coat and hat with gloves and boots,  Walking toys, Fuzzy Blankets.  Winter clothes, Leap frog toys learning toys,
Trista F Biracial 5 5-6 Girls,  Shoes 12 Girls Bike with traning wheels,Helmet, Minnie mouse twin bedding, Minnie mouse toys.  Leap frog, Dolls and accessories, Winter clothing, winter coat hat, gloves, Cheer leading dress up. Booster seat,
Caitlyn F Biracial 3 3T     shoes 10 Minnie mouse toddler bed with mattress, toddler beding set, Winter clothes , Coat boot and hat,  Gloves, Bike with training wheels and a helmet, Car seat, Cheerleading dress up and minnie mouse toys,.
Daniel F Biracial 11 14-16  Shoes  9 mens Bike and helmet , remote control cars, books , Movies Winter coat and clothing , Hot gloves and boots, Foto ball , Twin bedding, tablet
tasha F/Biracial 10 14-16 Girls    Shoes 6 Bike and helmet. Books movies, Winter coat hat and gloves,  twin bedding , Cheerleading ,Tablet, Learing supplys .


Sara is a 17-year-old girl who is currently residing at a specialized program for teenagers due to a number of issues between herself and her guardians.  She has no significant contact with her biological parents.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Sara F/W 17 2x Shirts   22 pants Adult coloring books,Barnes and noble Gift card, Disney Clothing , DVDS, zootopia,  jungle book, Miss peregrine’s home for peculiar Children, Tablet


Ryan has many special needs and behavioral concerns. He is a sweet and fun-loving toddler who was recently diagnosed with Autism.  Ryan lives with his grandparents, as his mother is unable to provide for his special needs. Ryan’s grandfather is physically disabled and in a wheelchair. His grandmother works overnights as a store manager to support the family with her limited income. Ryan’s grandparents love him very much and work very hard to support his special needs while providing him a safe and loving home. His grandparents struggle financially and would love to have help providing him with a special Christmas he deserves.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Ryan M/ Biracial 3 6/7    Shoes 13 Leapfrog toys and games,  Toddler bedding set, Chalk board and chalk,  Connetixs and legos, winter clothing coat and shoes, Snow suit snow boots Sled, Trapper hat with ear flaps
 Family       Queen sheet set, Carbon Monoxide detector, Harness lease for child,  Towels and toiletries, Gift cards to shop n save, gift cards to walmart,


Noreen is an outgoing four-year-old with lots of personality. She enjoys playing outside with her brother and also playing with her baby brother. Noreen likes Princess Sophia and coloring. Ryan is a three-year-old boy with lots of energy. He and his sister, Noreen, are the best of friends. Ryan also enjoys playing outside with her and anything “superdude” (superhero). Daniel is an 11-month-old baby who does nothing but smile. He has a very bubbly personality and is loved so much by his big brother and sister.

The children’s father passed away less than a year ago and their mother is currently struggling with this loss and financially. Anything would help to make these children’s Christmas a little brighter!


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Daniel M/Biracial 1 12M Push toys to help him walk , Winter cloting,  Todller bed size bedding,  Bath toys, Laugh & Learn First Words Smart Puppy
VTech Drill and Learn Toolbox PlaysetVTech Sit-To-Stand Ultimate Alphabet Train
Ryan M/Biracial 3 3T shoes 8 Matchbox cars,  Trucks , coloring box, leapfrog, super hero toys and action figures, spongebob movie.  Super hero twin bedding, Bath toys, winter clothing, shoes
Noreen F/Biracial 4 3T     shoes 8 Baby dolls and Clothes, Baby stroller, Baby diaper bag and bottles, coloring books, paw patrol movies, princess sophia, dora movie and toys, Twin bedding princess shopia  winter clothing , Twin bedding,  Bath toys,


Ivy and Scott are young children that enjoy watching movies and playing outside.  Their parents recently found housing after being homeless for a period of time.  The father currently works, but isn’t bringing in enough income to pay the bills.  They have a limited amount of income left over to do fun activities or purchase new toys.  The parents would appreciate any help that can be offered.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Ivy F/W 2 3T -4T Princess casper and disney movies, Casper Toys, Dolls with Accessories(stroller, crib and bottles for baby doll) Kids bike with training wheels,  winter clothes socks, Paints chalks and craft Items,
Scott M/W 1 2T Winter clothes, Disney movie CARS , Trucks  Action Heros , Socks and sippy cups , Toys that help with walking ,


This is a single, young, working mother with a beautiful three-year-old daughter. The mother has worked really hard to get everything together to have a wonderful Christmas, but could use some help.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Anna F 3 Size 3T

Shoes 6

Hoodie, Shirts and pants, Gloves, Scarf, tech toys, Dolls, Tricycle, Toy box, shoes size 6 toddler, Kitchen play set with play food


Ms. Parker is a single mother of 7 children, all under the age of 9.  The father is currently incarcerated and is unable to assist the family with any financial means.  Mother has a chronic history of homelessness and has lost everything while in shelters. Mother also suffers from mental health issues due to significant tragedies that have occurred in her life. Mother and children are in a supportive housing program and are now finding some stability.  Mother is currently working and trying to support her children. Completing this list was difficult due to the fact that the children are so used to not having toys; they had no idea what they wanted.  Children are excited to finally have their own beds and want to have nice bedding to sleep on.


Name Age Gender Size Wish List
 Ms. Parker


  F   Vacuum, Towels (kitchen and bath), Cleaning supplies, Toiletries, Queen-size sheets and comforter, Pillow.
Katie 10mon F Size 12/18m

Shoe 5

Diapers 4/5

Winter clothing, Winter coat, gloves, hat and scarf, Fleece footed PJs. Snow suit (size 18 months), VTech® Sit to Stand Learning, Fisher-Price Little People Music Parade, Radio Flyer® 4-in-1 Stroll ‘N Trike – Pink. Fisher-Price Beat box DLX, Fisher-Price Baby’s First Block. Anything girly.
Gene 2 M Size 24/2T Winter clothing, Winter Coat, hat, gloves. Scarf. Fleece footed PJs, winter boots, Ninja Turtles, Paw Patrol, anything Garfield including DVDs. Paw Patrol twin bedding, Pillow, Paw Patrol fleece blanket.
Ryan 2 M Size 24/2T Winter clothing, Winter Coat, hat, gloves. Scarf. Fleece footed PJs, winter boots, Ninja Turtles, Paw Patrol items, anything Garfield including DVDs. Paw Patrol twin bedding, Pillow, Paw Patrol fleece blanket.
Dean 3 M Size 3T

Shoes 11

Winter clothing, Winter Coat, hat gloves. Scarf. Fleece footed PJs, winter boots, Winter snow suit 4T, BEN 10 Twin bedding Pillow, Blanket, BEN 10 DVDs books coloring books with crayons, BEN 10 action figure, BEN 10 Watch, Nintendo DS and games.
Brick 5 M Size 5T

Shoes 12

Winter clothing, Winter Coat, hat gloves. Scarf. PJs, winter boots, socks and underwear, PJ Masks (twin) bedding, Pillow, Fleece blanket, BEN 10 Toys, PJ Mask toys, Books, coloring books with crayons, PJ Masks DVD, Nintendo DS and games.
Glenn 7 M Size 10/12

Shoes 3

Winter clothing, Winter Coat, hat gloves. Scarf. PJs, winter boots, socks and underwear, Hulk or Iron Man  (twin) bedding, Pillow, Fleece blanket, Super hero Toys and action Figures, Xbox360 Games (superhero or cars)
Kara 9 F Size 10

Shoes 3

Winter clothing (leggings and pretty shirts), Black and Blue solid leggings for school dress code. Winter Coat, hat gloves. Scarf.  PJs, winter boots (Fake Uggs from Wal-Mart black and brown) Easy-Bake oven with accessories to bake, Descendants (Disney) twin-size bedding, pillow, Descendants fleece blanket,  Descendants doll MAL, EVIE and UMA, Purse.


Matthew is a sweet, eight-year-old boy who is being raised by his single mother Charlotte, and, unfortunately, Matthew’s father is incarcerated.  Charlotte does work, but is struggling to make ends meet and will not have enough money to buy Matthew toys this Christmas. Matthew loves video games, Legos, and action figures.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Matthew M/W 8 1/2 14 Pants    Lg in shirts  , shoes 5 Video games for PlayStation 3, Lego sets, Wresting Action figures, Winter clothes shoes socks and boxers, Hockey Equipment, Roller blades, Bike, Head phones


This family is made up of two children and their parents. The youngest child, only a few months old, was diagnosed with a genetic tumor disorder. With the diagnosis comes many stressful doctors’ appointments and many unanswered questions. These parents are doing everything possible to ensure that both children are being taken care of and live in a loving environment. Please help this family ensure that their children will have a special holiday season during their hardest times.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Desteny F/W 6 7-8 Pants and shirts, 14 shoes Frozen T-Shirts, Pants,  jeans, and leggings, Hoodies, Makeup, Leappad and games, Kindle HD, Shopkins toys, Barbie dolls and doll house, Dora and Shopkins movies, Shoes, boots and sneakers, Frozen bath Towel, Frozen Bedding
Donde M/W 6m 9-12M Onesies, Shirts, Pants, Sleepers winter Coat, socks,  Enflo Stroller, High Chair, Musical toys, Paw Patrol toys, Sippy cups, Baby plates and silverware, Paw Patrol Crib Bedding, Activity mats, Bath soap and shampoo, lotions, toys, Spongebob Blanket, Spongebob towel
 Family       Hand towels, washcloths, bath towels, king-size bedding, Gift Card to Giant Eagle and Walmart.


Mother is currently facing eviction. Mother is working on her issues and parenting while trying to locate employment.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Russ M 6 Size 7/8 Razor scooter, Play dough and tools, Arts and crafts, Paw patrol toys,  winter coat, hat and gloves, Xbox controller, Xbox games and Legos


Emily is a 3-year-old little girl who is very bright and curious. She loves animals and building with Legos. She just began preschool and she is very excited about learning and reading. She lives with her grandmother because her parents are working, but not in a position where they can care for her.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Emily F/W 3 5/6 Shoes 9 Playdoh, art kits, polly pocket. Barbies and accessories , winter clothing and boots, Legos , animal books, educational toys


This family includes a 3 year old little girl, Ginger, and her younger brother Gage who turns two in January.  As a result of housing and substance abuse issues with their biological parents, they are in the care of an aunt and uncle.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Gage M/W 2 2T Fridge magnet activities, Toy shoping cart, Little peopla set, large trucks for todlers. Kids ride on motorcycle,  anything Vtech winter clothing, twin bedding
Ginger F/W 3 3T-4T Baby dolls and accessories,Peppa pigs paw patrol toys, Play tea set and table and chairs,  Vtech learning Twin bedding


Derek is an active 2-year-old who was just returned to his father after father found out he had a son.  Derek’s father works a full-time job and is also very active in the community, but being a first-time father has been a struggle. He would like Derek to have a nice Christmas and would appreciate the help.


Name Gender Age Size Wish list
Derek M 2 24 months   Shoes 7T, Diapers 4 Hat, Scarf , gloves, boots and winter coat, Diapers and wipes,  Cars and tonka trucks , winter clothes,  Sesame street toys,  Toddler bed and mattress,  bedding set. Leap frog toys.


Ava, Landon and Dean live with their grandparent as their father is currently deployed and their mother is seriously ill.  Ava is an artist at heart.  She loves to paint, color, sketch and sculpt.  She is also a budding scientist, and chemistry is her favorite subject.  She plans on being a doctor and already has her medical school picked out.  She also has been known to enjoy a shopping trip to Justice.  Landon is diagnosed with autism.  His favorite thing in the world is lawn inflatables.  He enjoys the inflatables from any season.  Landon also loves to skateboard and has worn his skateboard out and would love to have a new one.  Dean is a future zookeeper.  He loves animals of all kinds and science is his favorite subject at school.  He also enjoys playing with Legos and would love a set or two to build.  Dean also enjoys art and making bracelets and necklaces for friends and family.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Ava F/Latino 11 Childs pants 12 childs shirt 14 Chemistry set, Nail art, Art supplies,  Justice gift card, Kindle tablet
Landon M/Latino 10 8-Pants     10- Shirts Inflatables, Skateboard, Helmet,  winter clothes, Gloves and hat, Sweatpants, Kindle tablet
Dean M/Latino 8 8-Pants     10- Shirts Lego sets, Skateboard,  Art supplies  gift card to Target,  Kindle tablet


This mother is single and raising four children. The mother works hard, but the family only has enough money to pay for the basic necessities.  Kay, age 14, is a typical teenager who enjoys playing on mobile devices and connecting to social media. She also likes tickets to go to the movies.  Alaza, age 6, likes to dress up and play with dolls and developmental toys. She also would like a tablet to play games.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Daisy F/B 11 Size 10/12 Gift cards for Target, Amazon gift cards,  Kindle tablet,  Gift cards to movie theater, clothes, winter jacket
Alaza F/B 6 Size 6/7 Gift cards for Target, Amazon gift cards,  Kindle tablet,  Baby dolls with  clothes, winter jacket, winter clothes
Erin F/B 3 Size 5T Hoodie, Shirts and pants, winter coat,  Gloves,  Scarf, V-tech toys, Dolls, Tricycle, Kitchen playset, VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk
John M/B 3 Size 4T Light up toys, Play cars, Superhero toys, blankets, clothes, Trucks Bike with training wheels, Lego batman movie, Winter coat, Gloves
Sherri F/B mother Med  Size 5 Dishes, Cups, Pots and pans, Towels kitchen and bathroom. (Twin sheet sets 5) queen sheet set. Household things,  Gift cards for Giant Eagle and Walmart
Kay F 14 Size 14/16 Target gift cards, Amazon gift cards, Kindle tablet, Gift cards to movie theater, clothes, winter jacket


Single mom and her two children have been homeless since July and have been staying with friends or at hotels. Mom is working full-time so that she can save money for a permanent home, but it is taking longer than expected. Mom is barely getting by now and is worried about the upcoming holidays and how she will be able to afford even one present for her children.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
John M/B 12 S-mens     Shoes 7 youth Lego sets batman ninja turtles, Playstation 4 games, Gidft cards to Gamestop, Nike clothes,
Annie F/B 6 10-12 Girls    Shoes 3 1/2 Princess dolls and accessoris , She loves gymnastics, Dress up clothes Slime kits,   Winter clothing,


Frank and Beth recently lost their mother and live with their father.  Frank is diagnosed with autism, but has made tremendous progress in the last year.  He is a true Ghostbusters fan.  He loves all of the movies and can tell you everything you need to know about catching ghosts!  Frank loves reading and also loves Judge Judy.  He would be delighted to have one of her books.  Beth has many dreams for the future.  She loves helping people and also loves solving mysteries.  Her current plans are to become a police detective so that she can combine her loves.  Beth also loves Legos and building things.  She is a huge fan of Wonder Woman, Catwoman and Batman.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Frank M/B 9 Adult 2x Ghostbusters Ecto-A car, Slimer toy, Proton pack Ghostbusters toy, Ghostbusters action figures,  Ghostbusters ghost trap, Ghostbusters play mobile set, Multiplication Flash cards and games,  Captain Underpants books, Kindle tablet
Beth F/B 8 Size 10-12 Beauty and the Beast Legos , Science Kits, Hatchimals, Rainbow belt, Leap-pad level 2 games , Kindle tablet, Interactive TV games, Wonder Woman toys, Catwoman and  Batman action figures, police officer costume, art supplies


This small family is made up of a single mother trying her best to raise her young son. This mother is young herself and has made many sacrifices to ensure that her son is well taken care of and is raised in a loving home. After domestic violence issues and being evicted from her home, this mother is temporarily living with family so that her son has a roof over his head. She is currently saving every penny to help get a place of their own. Please assist this mother by taken a little financial burden off her during this holiday season.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Gage M 4/Biracial 4T Clothes     9 Shoes Winter Clothes, Winter Coat, Gloves, Pants, Shirts, PJs sock, tennis shoes and snow boots, Thomas the train toys,  Leap pad and games, Kindle tablet, Kids dvds, Bike with training wheels and a helmet
Family       Coffee maker, Gift cards from Giant Eagle and Walmart.


This family has had a rough year as Mom had a hard time finding a new job. Now that she has a job, she is still having trouble making ends meet and buying a new car so she can get to work. Mom loves her daughter and loves to spoil her rotten, but hasn’t been able to lately and would love some help to give her daughter a wonderful Christmas. Lisa is a sassy but loving three-year-old who has the wildest imagination. She loves to work on crafts with Mommy and loves learning new things. When she isn’t coloring or trying to read what Mommy is typing over her shoulder, she is playing with a doll and creating funny back stories for her characters. She would love some educational toys and books to make her mind grow.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Lisa F/B 3 3T shirts      3-4T pants      11 Youth shoes Dolls and accessories , Crafts, Books, Leap frog winter clothes, shoes, fuzzy blanket


This family may be small, but their love and dedication makes them strong. This single mother has made extreme strides to overcome obstacles that stood in her way. When everyone told her that her addiction and mental health would prevent her from being a good mother, she realized quickly what she needed to do. Although this mother brought her only daughter home from the hospital to a homeless shelter, she never gave up hope that she would reconnect with her family and regain their support and trust. Her family saw her dedication to her daughter and brought her back into their world. Please help this mother make her daughter’s second Christmas with her family one that they can cherish forever.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Melanie F/Biracial 18M 9-12M Shoes 3 Crib bedding Pink or purple, Bath time toys, toddler towel and washcloths, winter clothes, Boots and dress shoes, learning light up toys, Books, baby dolls, headbands and hair accessories
 Mother       Dvd Player, Stroller Small compact one, Bedtime bath soap, Baby Gates, Sippy Cups, baby plates and silverware Bathroom towels and body washes, kitchen towels


Debby is the mother of four young children. She has struggled with addiction, but has started her brave journey to be clean for her children. She has obtained her own housing and part-time employment, but still has limited income to assist with extra items like Christmas.  This mother would love for their daughters to be able to have a nice Christmas.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Katie F/W 8m 9-12M    Diapers 4 Winter clothing, blankets, bath toys, teething toys, baby learning to walk toys  learning table.sippy cups , diapers and wipes


Kim is a single mother of four – Stephanie, age 5; Abby, age 4; Jake, age 2; and Derek, age 1. This past year, the family has experienced domestic violence, which has led to serious health complications for one of the children. Mom currently is not working because she is putting all her focus on her kids’ needs and their health. Mom does not have extra money for gifts this year. Mom would greatly appreciate any amount of help this holiday season.


Name Gender Age Size Wish List
Kim F 25   Baby gates 2, Sweeper, Dinner Dishes, Pots and Pans, Everyday Cups, Queen size bedding (Cheetah or black), Swiffer wet jet.
Abby Biracial/F 4 6 Clothes         12 1/2 shoes TMNT action figure, Spiderman action figure, Remote control car, coloring and art supplies, Hatchimal, Fingerling,Soggy Doggy board game, Pants, shirts, socks and shoes, Full size bedding set
Derek W/M 1 18 mons Clothes  Diapers 4 Pack N Play, Walker, Toddler bed, Bedding, Morning star learning center, Laugh and Learn Learning Happy Apple, Shirts, pants, socks, PJs, Drop and Pop Ball pit
Stephanie Biracial/F 5 6 Clothes         12 1/2 shoes Barbie’s, Barbie car,  Num nums nail polish maker, Hatchimal, Fingerling, Coloring and art supplies, Barbie deluxe stylin’ head, Full size sheets and bedding set, Shirts, Pants, Socks PJs, Boots (GIRLY)
Jake W/M 2 4T Clothes     9 Shoes Diapers 6 Pull ups 3T-4T Potty Chair, Toddler Bed and Mattress, Bedding, Bike (tricycle) Real working Buddies MR Dusty,  Paw Patrol toys, Hey Duggie toys, Pants, Shirts, Socks, PJ, shoes, boots, Diapers, Pullups



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