By Melanie Taylor

Bubba and Melanie were so excited to be the ONLY radio station to talk to Frances McDormand ahead of the Oscars. McDormand is nominated for Best Actress for “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri.”

Frances is a Monessen graduate where Melanie’s Mom was her English teacher. She also went to Bethany and Yale colleges. Wait till you hear what she says about Professor Taylor at Bethany college. Bubba also had Professor Taylor at Bethany.

At the beginning of the interview, Frances commented on the fact that she hasn’t yet won a GRAMMY! It’s the only big award she’s missing. Well, she has a very good plan on how to make that happen.

“They also have a category for audio book reading and I want to read a really boring math book and do it so well, that they have to give me a GRAMMY,” she said.

frances mcdormand 2 Bubba Show Exclusive Interview: Frances McDormand

Melanie Taylor, Frances McDormand, and Melanie’s Mom

Frances was truly upset that the Golden Globes kept bleeping her speech when she won the award for Best Actress in a Motion Picture. “I was really not happy with what they did at the Golden Globes,” she told Melanie and Bubba. “I was better raised than that. I’m not gonna swear in public like that. I swore as the character and I swear in my life, but I know better than to it on national television,” she said. “Somebody had a knee-jerk reaction and just assumed I was gonna be Mildred, but I’m not Mildred. I’m Frances.”

Frances gives GREAT advice for aspiring musical theater grads and she talks all about how Monessen shaped her into who she is today. She talks about Melanie’s Mom and another former teacher Mrs. Zeli.


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