This Is Us Sneak Peak Of Season 2 Has Me All EmotionalOnce again I'm all emotional. Watch this new teaser of This Is Us here.
What Went Wrong With Bobby & GretchenBubba Show has NO idea what went down today for What Went Wrong! Listen here!
If This Doesn't Make Your Friday Nothing WillThis will just make you smile today. I'm sure you'll watch it more than once!
Billy Eichner On The Street With 'This Is Us' (NSFW)Billy On The Streets takes it to the streets and you will laugh so hard!!
Bubba Show Talks To Sidney CrosbyWe talked to Sidney Crosby today & all the energy is good again for the game tonight!
What Went Wrong With Michael & HeatherWhat truly happened with Michael & Heather since they last went on a date LAST November!
Preds Fan Used Pens T-shirt to Sneak Catfish Onto IceJacob Waddell brought the catfish from Nashville and stuffed it in his pants to get it inside PPG Paints Arena.
Bubba Show Talks To Sidney Crosby AGAINIt happened again! Bubba Show talked to Sidney Crosby AGAIN!
Bubba Show Talked To Sidney Crosby This Morning!We talked to Sidney Crosby on Bubba Show this morning! Listen to it all here!
Nicki Minaj Finally Kinda Confirms Her New Man To EllenEllen always gets the ladies to speak about their crush or their new loves! Listen to her and Nicki here!
Beyonce Is Ready For The Twins!Take a look at these pictures from the Carter party over the weekend!
What Went Wrong With Sam And Allison?What Went Wrong on this date with Sam and Allison? Listen here!

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