The Splat Is Coming: Nickelodeon Channel Airing 90s Classics (VIDEO)
TBT: Crystal Clear Pepsi Is Coming Back!!!If you are like me and are stuck in the 90's then you are probably fangirling out right now, brcause pepsi has confirmed that Crystal Clear Pepsi is coming backkkkk!!!
The Craft is Getting Remade!If you are like me and love anything from the 90's, music , movies, fashion than this will make you happy. Hollywood is re-creating the movie "The Craft", the 90's horror film about 4 witches!
General Mills Announces The Return Of 'French Toast Crunch'! (PICTURE)It's been a LONG 8 years!
WEBTASTIC: A 'Full House' Revival Is Happening! 90's Kids Rejoice!!! Best news I've heard all day!
What's That Song: 3OH!3

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