WEBTASTIC: Commercial FAIL! Missouri Mall Produces Hilariously Bad Spot! (VIDEO)"BACKPACKS! BACKPACKS! COME AND GET YOUR BACKPACKS!"
WEBTASTIC: Leaked Britney Spears' Audio Without Autotune! YIKES! Never leave home without your autotune, Brit. Rule #1 of being a struggling pop star.
WEBTASTIC: Honey Boo Boo & Family in Bad Car Accident!
Let's Talk... THONG THONG THONG THONG THONGSLet me see that THOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG what what... okay sorry I love that song. Are they really THAT bad for you? Some doctors are saying it messes up your lady parts.
Justin Bieber's Bad BirthdayUH-OH! Looks like someone had a bad birthday...
FAIL! The Worst Death Scenes In Movie History For Halloween

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