Ed Sheeran Discusses Sheerios Vs Sheeranators And What It's Like To Write With Taylor SwiftElektra recording artist Ed Sheeran discusses nicknames for his fans. Sheerios vs Sheeranators, either one's fine with Ed, as long as the fans do it themselves.
The Dark Underbelly Of London Was The Inspiration Of "The A-Team"Ed Sheeran was an 18-year-old struggling musician, bouncing from sofa to sofa, when he volunteered at a homeless shelter in London. There he met, Angel, who inspired his hit single, “The A-Team”.
What’s More Nerve-wracking...The Thought Of Winning A Grammy Or Performing With Elton John?Bubba posed the question to Elektra recording artist Ed Sheeran, “Would you be more nervous since you’re performing with Elton John at the Grammy’s or the acceptance speech after you win?”
Scott Warns Asher Monroe About A Crazy Woman Named ‘Taylor’Watch video of Asher Monroe performing “Hush, Hush” at 100.7 Star.
Why Does Scott Alexander Hate Asher Monroe?
Pittsburgh Singer/Songwriter Nick Marzock Performs (And Draws) In Baierl Acura Theater
The Need To Cut Down Your Panties Into A Thong, Has This Ever Happened To You?You can't wear black underwear with white pants, especially under bright TV lights. So what's a girl to do when her lucky undies are black? Have them cut down into thong, of course!
What Does Former Voice Contestant Have In Common With Dolly Parton?Here's Vicci Martinez, former Voice contestant, singing a classic Dolly Parton song, "Jolene" in the Baierl Acura Theater
South African Native Elan Lea Learns Pittsburgh-eseDo Americans have a sexy accent? That was one of the questions asked of South African native, Elan Lea, when he came to 100.7 Star to perform in the Baierl Acura Theater. "It's a cool accent. The thing is, I can never tell where every one's from cause there's like 50 American accents" says Elan.
What Song That You Didn't Write Do You Wish Was A Matchbox Twenty Song?"Aw that's hard, man," Rob tells the audience of the Baierl Acura Theater, "Probably something by either Springsteen or Petty. Maybe like 'American Girl'...or 'Jersey Girl' I'll take one of those two."
"If Somebody's Really Trashing Us But They Do It In A Very Funny Way, We Appreciate It" -Rob ThomasThe guys in Matchbox Twenty really do like to read their bad reviews. "If somebody's really trashing us but they do it in a very funny way, we appreciate it a little more than just somebody just saying nasty things" Rob Thomas tells the audience of the Baierl Acura Theater.
Leave It To Melanie To Discuss Shoes & Hair Styling Products With Rob & Kyle Of Matchbox TwentyHere are Rob & Kyle performing the next single from the Album, North, "Overjoyed" live in the Baierl Acura Theater.

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