Dads Read Texts Between Daughters & Their Boyfriends (VIDEO)This is SO awkward and SO great.
Guy Has To Be Escorted Out Of Haunted House, Too Scared (VIDEO)He is using his girlfriend as a SHIELD!
Web Junk: Parents Recreate Daughter & Her Boyfriend SelfiesThese parents just won the selfie of the year award!
Toddler Loses It When Dad Says She Doesn't Have A Boyfriend (VIDEO)"I DO HAVE A BOYFRIEND!"
Dear Scott: I Got Drunk And Asked Her To Move In With Me, But I Didn't Mean It. Now What Do I Do?
Dear Scott: We Broke Up And He Says I Owe Him All Of The Gifts He Gave Me
Dear Scott: Can I Forbid My Daughter From Seeing An 18 Year-Old Boy?
Dear Scott: Does My Girlfriend Have The Right To Say, "Quit Smoking Or Else?"
Dear Scott: I Told Him "I Love You," And He Said...Nothing. Now What Do I Do?
Dear Scott: He's A Pig. Do I Tell My Sister, Or Let Her Find Out On Her Own?
Girl Dumps ALL Of Cheating Boyfriend's Apple Products In Tub (PICTURE)Rice will not handle this destruction.
Dear Scott: How Can He Say Getting In A Hot Tub With Another Woman Was Not Cheating?

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